The Bloodline System - Chapter 436 - Stubborn Special Class

Chapter 436 - Stubborn Special Class

Chapter 436 - Stubborn Special Class

Zwwhiiishhhh! Zwwhiiishhhh! Zwwhiiishhhh!

Everyone flew forward with full force towards the opening they had just created.

Booom! Booom!

Explosions went off in two different places the instant they went in.

Gustav smiled as he noticed the opposing crew, all ready to counterattack them the moment they went in.

However, when the other explosions went off, most of them had hesitant movements, not knowing how to react to them.

Gustav instantly dashed forward in the midst of the large numbers of opponents as his body expanded in size.

[Beast Transformation Bloodline Activated]

The suit expanded to meet his body size.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the process of doing that, he swung out his arms repeatedly and took down three opponents in one fell swoop.

This caused them not to branch out like they would have and messed with their formation as a battle began.

Some cadets conjured up walls and defense forts with their bloodline abilities to trap the troop in front of them from leaving.

The whole opposing team wasn't here, but around seventy percent of their forces were present, which was why Gustav was trying to make sure to keep them here, so the other sub-teams could perform their tasks without issues.

Even though Gustav and his team tried to keep them in the encirclement, some of them still managed to break off due to their massive numbers.

A subgroup from Gustav's team came over from behind the opposing forces to assist due to the numbers and was able to prevent more of them from leaving the encirclement.

Attacks were sent flying all over the place as this part of the spacecraft turned into a crazy war zone.

Although Gustav's team was pretty powerful with their attacks, they were still outnumbered, so a number of them had already been knocked out.

Gustav was practically like a ten in one force among them as he took out one opponent after the other.

[Combination has been activated]

[Size Manipulation + Overhaul]

As Gustav's left arm increased in length, blue circles appeared all over it.


It travelled forward with speed and slammed into rocky structures used as a cover-up ahead.


The instant contact was made; a small explosion occurred that doubled the effect of his punch.

Shattering apart this structure, it still travelled forward and slammed into four more participants, blasting them away into the distance and sending them out of commission.

At this point, everyone had pretty much recognized that this was Gustav and was now panicking, afraid of going up against him.

On the other side, the special class cadet, who was the captain, saw the amount of destruction Gustav was causing and darted towards his direction to confront him.

He had been one of the few here that had managed to put a lot of Gustav's subordinates out of commission since he was pretty strong.

"Captain Fin, the main control room is under attack, we need more manpower!"

He suddenly heard that call from his comms, which put him in a dilemma.

He had about two special class and a few more normal powerful cadets placed in the main control room, so he was surprised that they would still call to ask for backup. All his teammates that were initially in his current location fighting with him had been taken out by Gustav and the other special class with him.

The only special class cadet left here with him was the strongest one but also the most stubborn, and he wasn't sure if he'd listen to instructions.

The person he was referring to had also noticed Gustav and was currently moving towards him while easily clearing Gustav's troops standing in his way.

As he closed in on Gustav and was about to activate a special attack...


He heard the voice of the captain's special class cadet in his ears.

"What?" Endric paused his footsteps and voiced out with an irritated expression.

"I need you to move towards the main control room ASAP. They need more manpower," He voiced out.

"I need to take Gustav out, who cares about some dumb main control roo?" Endric voiced out as he started moving forward again.

"Don't worry about that, I'll handle him myself..." Fin stated.

"You'll handle him yourself? What a joke," Endric scoffed as he heard that and prepared to keep moving again.

"If they take over the control room that would be the end! Do you want us to lose?" Fin said while slapping a cadet away with his fiery wings.

Hearing that was like a trigger for Endric as he turned around, 'I won't ever lose to him,' Endric said internally as he dashed forward with immense speed towards the enclosement in front.

Gustav finally noticed him in the distance as he broke through the enclosement easily just by pushing out his hands.

"You'll have company in the main control room soon... Be ready," Gustav said in the comms.



Gustav swerved to the side as he dodged a swirling mass of brown flames shaped like a crow.

Unfortunately, this slammed into some of his teammates battling behind, sending a few out of commission.

At this point, even though only about forty percent of the opposing troops were left, Gustav only had around twenty percent of his original group of twenty. On the bright side, another sub-team was still stationed behind, keeping the opposing team from leaving the encirclement. Even though this couldn't truly keep the very powerful ones in, it had managed to prevent many from leaving.

And they had also taken quite some casualties while dealing with that task.

Gustav looked forward and counted the numbers they had to go against here. He noticed the cadet charging for him with fiery wings but in a manner of milliseconds, and he had already completed his calculations.

He only had four more on his side while the opposing force in the encirclement still had around twenty-seven opponents.

Now, they were the ones being encircled, and the captain didn't really seem to care about sending more troops out of the encirclement to assist in the main control room.