The Bloodline System - Chapter 433 - Dungeon Dilemma

Chapter 433 - Dungeon Dilemma

Chapter 433 - Dungeon Dilemma

"Young lady, can you tell us what went down here," Another one said while gesturing at the destruction in the vicinity.

"Huh? Oh," Angy's face showed a tinge of embarrassment as a wry smile appeared on her face.

"It was me,"


About seven hundred feet towards the southeast of Angy's and Gustav's location, a young-looking kid with curly black hair opened his eyes.

He was currently sitting at the top of the tall tree.

"So it turns out it was just a facade... You still care about that bitch," A smirk appeared on his face as he voiced out.

"This new ability is pretty convenient... I can easily stay out of his range of detection and still see what's going on,"


Gustav arrived in one of the training centres a few minutes later and joined the others for personal training.

Chad happened to be somewhere in the vicinity waiting.

"Hey, accept my challenge if you're man enough... We'll have our duel two weeks from now," He voiced out the instant he saw Gustav and walked away.

"Hmm?" Gustav wanted to make more enquiries about the sudden declaration, but Chad had already disappeared from his line of sight after voicing out.

"What was that all about?" E.E voiced from up ahead as he moved towards Gustav.

"Something about a challenge... Turns out he wants to battle me," Gustav said while walking forward.

"Ah, so that's why he has been here all this time...Wait... A battle!!!" E.E suddenly shouted out the last words as he realized.

Falco and Aildris turned to look behind with confused expressions as they heard that.

"What battle?"

They all moved towards Gustav to listen to his explanation.

Gustav rolled his eyes before repeating what Chad had said, causing a loud uproar among the group.


Just like that, several days went by.

In the last few days, it had already spread all across the MBO camp that two special classes were going to be battling each other.

Most of them were very interested to see how it would turn out.

They weren't too surprised after finding out that Chad was the one who issued the challenge. Chad was formerly the third strongest special cadet, but now he dropped to the fourth position due to Gustav, so everyone could tell that this was him trying to regain his position.

Everyone knew how Chad always acted high and mighty with the way he looked down on everyone, so it was expected that he wouldn't be so accepting of his decrease in the rankings.

Some cadets predicted that he would win, while others were on Gustav's side.

Gustav's popularity continued skyrocketing all across the camp because, for one reason or the other, he would be trending practically every week.

Gustav just ignored the discussions and opinions of everyone on this matter and focused on his training in the past few days.

At the moment, he was within his room channeling his bloodline.

Today was a Sunday, so it was practically a free day for everyone.

He had decided to spend the entire day channeling his bloodlines, but he would have to complete his daily task in a few.

Gustav stood to his feet after a few minutes and started moving out.

He checked his daily task for the day once again. Fortunately, they weren't really tough...


[Daily Tasks]

<Description (1/3) > Run Three thousand kilometers>

<Description (2/3) > Knock a group of cadets out using Yarki>

<Description (3/3) > Socialise with others for at least an hour>


Gustav would have initially found the third daily task to be cumbersome, but now he knew the people he had to meet to complete that.

As for the second one, he shook his head, wondering if the system was trying to get him exposed.

It wouldn't be much of a problem, but now he had to find a well-secluded area where cadets could be found and activate Yarki while in hiding.

Gustav went on, to begin with, the first daily task and started running all across the MBO camp. He had to even visit places that he usually wouldn't.

All in all, he was still grateful the system hadn't given him a daily task that he wouldn't be able to complete due to the environment.

That would be a disaster, and he was hoping it never happened.

Two and a half hours later, Gustav was back in his apartment after completing the three daily tasks.

He had been gathering a lot of credit points recently because he planned on getting some battle techniques from the shop.

Also, after finding out that he could combine more than two bloodlines when recreation evolved, he wanted to try it out.

The only problem was the fact that he would have to stay put within his room, and he had no idea what type of effect his body would undergo while in the process.

Gustav was interested in pairing the bloodlines he didn't really make use of to one of his major bloodlines.

Although this was quite risky, he had made enquiries about using recreation repeatedly, so he already had in mind the bloodlines he was going to pair.

However, in the meantime, Gustav wouldn't try it.

He sat down on his sofa and decided to place points in his desired category.

After he was done, he checked out his progress so far.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 30

-Class: Sub-Parallel Being

-Exp: 1,637,800/6,360,000

-Hp: 16,590/ 16,590

-Energy: 8,250/8,250


┬╗Strength: 107

┬╗Perception: 104

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 105

┬╗Agility: 104

┬╗Speed: 103

┬╗Bravery: 103

┬╗Intelligence: 103

┬╗Charm: 74

┬╗Defence: 106

┬╗Vitality: 105

┬╗Endurance: 104

{Attributes points: 42}


He was satisfied with his progress in almost a year of having the system, but he wasn't fine with the progress of his level.

"I'll have to visit the dungeon soon... Need to acquire EXP," Gustav muttered as he sat up.

The dungeon was off-limits to the first years due to the powerful mixedbreeds within. According to the rumors, the first years were not yet powerful enough to go against them.

Since Gustav wasn't restricted like the others, he planned to visit here, but the problem was even he had doubts about being able to handle mixedbreeds that could easily destroy Martial ranks mixedbloods.