The Bloodline System - Chapter 432 - Angy's Improvement

Chapter 432 - Angy's Improvement

Chapter 432 - Angy's Improvement

He had decided he would meet Angy for a few minutes to hear her out before deciding to head to the training centres.

Gustav left a note in front of his door to let E.E and the rest know that he would meet them because he already knew they'd come looking for him.

He was dressed casually as he moved out of the residential area with a hoodie covering his head.

Gustav followed the map on his pass to the location mentioned in Angy's letter.


After about two minutes of dashing across the place, he arrived at a part of the camp that was kind of secluded with trees, plants and all kinds of lush greenery in the vicinity.

Cadets barely visited this area, but most of them who did always came here together to avoid missing themselves because it was pretty large.

This was also the same area that led to one of the restricted areas in camp.

The instant Gustav moved a little forward, he noticed Angy's figure up ahead on one of the pathways in the middle of the lush greenery.

"Y-yo-u came," She stammered slightly as she voiced out after noticing Gustav's figure.

"I won't be here for long... Why did you want to see me?" Gustav went straight to the point as he arrived in front of her.


Angy suddenly dashed forward while swinging out her leg towards Gustav's face.


Gustav raised his left arm in response, causing her foot to collide with it.


Gustav was sent sliding back by thirteen feet as he slowly dropped his raised left arm and stared at her while raising one eyebrow up.

"What are you doing?" He questioned.

"I'm just showing you my progress... Tell me how that kick felt?" Angy said while dropping her raised left foot.

"You didn't put your back in i..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence, he suddenly felt a searing pain in the same left arm he just used in blocking the attack.

Angy noticed the expression on his face and smiled, "You won't be able to move that arm for at least a minute or two," She said.

Gustav could feel his left arm had turned numb like the sensitivity within his arm had been disconnected.

"Hmm? Not bad but..." Gustav said as he slowly raised his left arm.

The numbness was starting to recede after a few seconds.

Angy eyes hung open a bit as she saw him rotating his left arm.

'Was my attack off?' She wondered.

"You didn't do anything wrong... But you must have forgotten about my regeneration ability," Gustav reminded her.

Angy had a look of understanding on her face as she facepalmed herself.

Gustav did feel the attack and couldn't move his arm just as Angy expected, but the instant his regeneration ability activated, it returned back to normal in a few seconds.

"I have learnt various leg strike techniques with dangerous effects... This was one of them," Angy explained.

She then dashed across the place, swinging out her leg repeatedly.


In three seconds, five trees in the vicinity were blasted apart in different ways.

One had a massive hole within its trunk that was cut through in a very clean way. Another split into two from the middle upwards. Another one was chopped into several ten pieces, and the last one just blasted into a cloud of sawdust.

She arrived back at her initial position like nothing had happened.

"Hmm okay but what is the point of all these?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

The place was now in shambles due to her attacks which Gustav deemed unnecessary.

"To show my improvement," Angy responded.

"You didn't even attack me with full force earlier," Gustav stated while folding his arms.

He wanted to react to her attack, but originally she was so fast that she'd probably manage to hit him twice before he could barely start reacting to her speed.

"You're not an enemy, so there's no way I'd use full force," Angy responded.

"Doesn't matter... Whoever your opponent is, friend or foe, so long as you have decided to attack, go in with full force," Gustav stated with a strong look.

Angy; "..."

"You know all this changes nothing right?" Gustav said as he turned around.

"Wait... Are you really going to keep ignoring me until I kill?" Angy voiced out with a crestfallen expression.

"Are you slow? Isn't that what I've been doing lately?" Gustav questioned with a slight expression of annoyance.

"Increasing your skill level and being more forceful when it comes to the use of your attacks doesn't change the fact that you might still get cold feet when faced with a situation of life and death... You passed out from seriously injuring an opponent. Your reaction to death will be even worse if you ever built up the conviction to go through with it," Gustav said and began to move forward afterwards.

"What do you suppose I do? I can't just..." Angy was a little speechless.

Gustav paused for a bit and turned around.

"You just need to find a reason... If there's a specifically legitimate purpose behind your reason for doing it, your body might not react extremely in your first time," He voiced out and turned around to keep moving forward again.

"Gustav," Angy called out to him again after moving a few steps forward.

He paused his footsteps and turned to the side.

"Be careful," She said with a tone of worry.

Gustav turned to look forward after hearing that, and a small smile appeared on his face, which was hidden from Angy's view.

"You too," He responded before resuming his steps forward.

Angy sighed as she stared at his back, becoming more distant.

Twwhii! Twwhii! Twwhii!

Three officers suddenly appeared in front of her.

"This is the location of the disturbance..." One of them voiced out as he looked around.

The broken pieces of trees in the surroundings caused them to squint their eyes with suspiciousness.