The Bloodline System - Chapter 434 - Discussion With Mara

Chapter 434 - Discussion With Mara

Chapter 434 - Discussion With Mara

Since Gustav wasn't restricted like the others, he planned to visit, but the problem was even he had doubts about being able to handle mixedbreeds that could easily destroy first step Martial rank mixedbloods.

Most of the seniors who had been here for three years already were at the Falcon ranks. The strongest ones had already achieved Echo rank, which was why they were allowed there for training.

Gustav decided to push this to the back of his mind for now and wait till he was at the peak of Gilberk rank before deciding to visit there.

Right now, he was at the second step, so he calculated that he should be able to reach the peak in about two to two and a half months.

Normally, it would take longer, but he still had a higher bloodline channeling speed due to the effect of accumulating Syrrhavo.

Gustav decided to continue channeling his bloodline after resting for a bit.

In the next two hours, he opened his eyes and moved towards the living room.

He made a gesture for the door to slide open.


In front of the door, E.E could be seen standing in place with his right hand raised up, and fist tightened. It was obvious that he was just about to knock.

"Hey how did you k..." Before E.E could complete his sentence, Falco interrupted from the side.

"It's Gustav, of course he'd know," He said while walking in.

"Hey Gus," Aildris greeted from behind also with a wave as he lowered his head slightly while walking in so he wouldn't hit his head on the doorframe.

E.E also walked in after that, and another round of discussion began between them.

"Yeah I heard that Elevora is now a peak Gilberk rank," E.E voiced out.

"Damn, the bloodline strengthening boosted her r