The Bloodline System - Chapter 431 - [Bonus ]Meeting Request

Chapter 431 - [Bonus ]Meeting Request

Chapter 431 - [Bonus ]Meeting Request

Elevora stared at Gustav from her sitting position, sizing him up, 'Such intensifying bloodline energy... Are we now on the same level?' She wondered as an expression of excitement was slowly forming on her face.

However, when she remembered that it was gonna be her turn soon, she realized that she would also receive an increase in strength.

'Hmm, I know he's still hiding a lot of strength within... It would be wrong of me to use void eyes without his permission,' She dismissed an idea that came to her head.

Gustav bid farewell to the boys saying he wanted to go check out his improvement.

They agreed to meet later in the evening to train together.

Gustav started heading for his room afterwards while Angy still decided to wait for the girls.

"Did you do it?" Glade whispered into Angy's left ear after she sat down.

"Hnm, but he didn't bother checking it... What if he never checks it?" Angy responded with a frantic expression.

"Don't worry... He will," Glade assured.

"From what I know... He still cares about you, so yes he will check," Matilda also added from the side.

"I don't know about that," Angy said with a slightly crestfallen expression.

"Don't worry I'll beat him up if he doesn't check it," Glade said with a strong tone.

"No offense Glade, but it's probably going to be the other way around," Matilda said with a wry smile.

Angy laughed lightly after hearing that while Glade pouted.


Few minutes later, Gustav arrived back in his room and instantly fell on his sofa.

He felt exhausted for some reason.

("You could have just told them the truth though... I don't sense any form of malice from them,") The system suddenly voiced out in his head.

"Nah... How do I explain going from third step of Serial rank to second step Gilberk in a single go... I can feel that I'm almost at third step," Gustav said while holding up his hand.

("The accumulation of Syrrhavo caused the effect to triple... And they already know that so you have successfully hidden nothing,") The system stated.

"What?" Gustav now understood why they asked how long he was able to accumulate Syrrhavo.

"That sneaky Doc," Gustav muttered.

"Well... They can only assume, there's no way for them to know the exact state of my improvement," Gustav calmed down as he said this.

"Gilberk ranked... I never expected to be this fast. It's not even two months yet," Gustav said with a look of disbelief.

The amount of strength he felt bursting through his body at the moment was so crazy. He could tell that it would take him some time to get used to this amount of strength since he just achieved it in one go.

("Don't get too excited... According to the stats, after Martial rank comes the rank that most mixedbloods are stuck in their entire lives. So expect your growth to slow down after getting to that point,") The system reminded him bluntly.

"Yeah, I know..." Gustav replied with an unbothered expression even though he was kinda bothered.

"But I still got more than four years," Gustav added.

He suddenly thought of something and shook his head, "The monthly cadet challenge will practically become pointless... Every special class cadet is going to receive this boost which will make it harder for normal cadets to keep up. Challenging even the weakest Special class would still result in loss," He voiced out.

"It's gonna be harder to make Vera win a special class," This was the only downside Gustav saw to this whole improvement.

"I wonder just how much Elevora would improve since she lasted as long as I did in accumulation," Gustav said with a contemplative expression.

("She won't improve as much as you did... Did you forget I doubled the Syrrhavo effect and also her bloodline rank was higher than yours which definitely means a lesser increase,") The system responded.

"Hmm," Gustav suddenly remembered something and reached into his pocket.

He brought out a small crumpled piece of paper and opened it up.




These were the words written on the paper Angy passed to him.

"Hmm?" After reading the letter, Gustav had a look of dissatisfaction on his face.

"What makes her think I'll agree to meet her?" He voiced out.

("Hmm, let's see for many reasons like... You're in love and still a retarded virgin,") The system responded.

"What the fuck are you saying? Who's in love? Have you gone crazy?" Gustav hardly cussed nowadays, but this time he couldn't stop himself from cursing.

("Oouu your reaction shows that I'm right... Why is there a tinge of red on your face?") The system teased with its babyish and girly voice while laughing.

"Shut the fuck up!" Gustav shouted out.


"Tch! So annoying," Gustav grumbled.

("What are you gonna do now? Isn't that the same time you're supposed to meet up with E.E and the others?") The system asked with a curious tone.

Gustav sat there with a confounded expression while in thought.

("Hehe thinking about it for so long makes you even more suspicious... Shall I remind you of the old term used on earth by males? Bros before hoes,") The system voiced out.

"Shut it! Angy's not a hoe," Gustav said with a tone of annoyance as he sat up.

("Haha your reaction was priceless... See how you defended her... You've fallen madly in love whether you chose to admit it or not,") The system responded while laughing.

Gustav; "..." 'Today seems like a good day to commit murder but you live inside me... *Sigh*.'


Hours went by in a flash, and during this time, Gustav had been busy channeling his bloodlines.

He was still in disbelief after the improvement of his bloodline and felt the urge to let off some steam, but he had to wait till seven.

At the moment, it was only a few minutes to seven pm, so Gustav got up and prepared to go out.

He had decided he would meet Angy for a few minutes to hear her out before deciding to head to the training centers.