The Bloodline System - Chapter 430 - Bloodline Strengthening Complete

Chapter 430 - Bloodline Strengthening Complete

Chapter 430 - Bloodline Strengthening Complete

Even after two minutes went by, Gustav's information had not been displayed, and they needed it to properly conduct the operation for bloodline strengthening.


The instant the system voiced out in Gustav's head, the information on his original bloodline started being displayed.

"Hmm, Genetic Transformation?" Dr Levi voiced out with a look of astonishment.

"The girl is spectacular but this one... This kid's bloodline is really one of a kind," He added as he checked out the properties.

"This states that at full potential... He can literally achieve anything," Simeon had widened eyes as he spoke.

Both Dr Levi and Cirina also had looks of astonishment.

"Simeon, Cirina... Make sure you keep this information a secret. Clear out some of the data on his bloodline before storing on the database," Dr Levi instructed.

Both of them nodded and did as they were told.

"Don't forget the footage..." Dr Levi added before moving forward.

He stared at the massive spherical containment Gustav was currently floating within.

'This kid... He is the embodiment of what I have been searching for all these years,' Dr Levi old eyes sparkled with interest as he looked forward.

'I can't wait to see how he'll turn out years from now... Gustav Crimson,' He voiced internally before turning around.

"Begin Bloodline Strengthening Process!"

He voiced out solemnly.

«"Commencing Bloodline Strengthening!"»

The voice of AI reverberated across the entire place.

Gustav could feel foreign energy start to invade his body at this moment.

Although it felt uncomfortable, he didn't sense any danger from it, so he allowed it.

("Don't worry I'm with you... The instant I sense any malicious force I'll block it's entrance,") The system also reassured him.


About ten minutes later, Gustav and Angy were being brought out of the glass containment.

The instant their bodies were dropped, the tentacle-like extensions began to detach from their bodies.

Gustav's visibility returned to normal as the golden liquid dripped down his body.

"Did I just become a Gilberk ranked mixedblood without any effort?" Gustav raised his hand with a look of surprise as he voiced out.

He could sense his increase in his strength.

"Congratulations you both, your bloodlines have been strengthened... Gustav you now have a double B+ grade bloodline while you Angy now have an B grade bloodline," Dr Levi announced.

Gustav could sense Angy's bloodline energy now. Initially, it was hardly there, but now he could sense it properly, which was practically proof of her increase.

Angy could also sense the suffocating force Gustav was currently circulating.

"I'm sure you both must have also experienced an increase in your bloodline rank," Dr Levi said with a look of satisfaction.

"Yes, I was initially in the first step of serial rank but now I'm third step... and I can feel I'm closing in on the fourth step already," Angy said with an excited look.

"That's not the only addition... You also experience less restrictions as you increase in strength and reach higher ranks. You'll see the rest of the benefits when you activate your bloodline during battles," Simeon voiced out from behind.

"What about you Gustav?" Dr Levi asked.

Angy turned to the side as she was also curious about Gustav's improvement.

"Hmm, same I went up by two steps," Gustav responded without hesitation.

"How long did you last during your accumulation of Syrrhavo?" Dr Levi asked.

"About four hours," Gustav replied instantly, causing Dr Levi and the two cadets to open their mouths in surprise.

"What about you Angy?" Dr Levi proceeded to ask Angy too.

"Two hours," Angy said with a wry smile.

Dr Levi turned to look at Gustav with a suspicious expression after hearing that.

"Are we done here?" Gustav asked.

"Hmm of course," Dr Levi said as he tapped a button.

The announcement was made for the next set of cadets to move in.

Gustav and Angy started moving towards the entry point together.

"Gustav," Dr Levi suddenly called Gustav back.

He turned around and started heading back towards Dr Levi.

"Here take this... Whenever you feel like talking about anything you can visit me," He said while stretching out a black card to Gustav.

"Not needed..." Gustav said before turning around to leave.

Dr Levi's face squeezed up a bit, "This kid... I heard he was hard headed... Didn't know it was this bad," he mumbled with a sigh while lowering his hand.

"Erm, he's an officer, so he has access to everywhere, this place included... He doesn't need your card," Cirina stated from behind.

"Oh... Is that so," Dr Levi said with a slightly embarrassed expression as he scratched his head and laughed.

"I'll see you around kids," Dr Levi voiced out loudly from behind.

Gustav raised his hand in response as he kept moving.

He soon reached Angy's position back, and they continued heading towards the door.

"Dr Levi," Simeon called out from behind.

"Gustav..." Before he could complete his sentence, Dr Levi interrupted.

"I know... The effect of accumulating Syrrhavo for that long should have tripled the effects of his increase in rank. Turns out he has decided to hide it," Dr Levi said with a wry smile as he stared at Gustav's back in the distance.

"We can only leave it at that if he has refused to spill," He added before turning around.

As Gustav and Angy arrived at the door area, Angy moved closer to Gustav and quickly put a note in his pocket before moving out.

Gustav was taken aback by her action and paused for a few moments as he put his hand in his pocket and looked forward.

Angy had already gone past the door. He decided to leave the note in his pocket and not check it out in the meantime.

He arrived outside, and the special class cadets waiting for their turns stared at him with looks of astonishment.

They felt Angy's presence being more vibrant than before when she walked into the room, but Gustav's presence gave them a certain kind of pressure.

This made them more interested in having their turns as they was no doubt that they both had increased in strength.