The Bloodline System - Chapter 429 - Hiding Bloodlines

Chapter 429 - Hiding Bloodlines

Chapter 429 - Hiding Bloodlines

Gustav and Angy suddenly heard their names being voiced out by the AI installed within the building.

"Head to the theater for your Strengthening Operation,"

"Uhm?" Angy exclaimed with a surprised expression on her face, but she quickly stood up.

Gustav, on the other hand, showed no emotions whatsoever and stood to his feet before walking towards the south side of the waiting room, which was where the doors to the theatre room were positioned.

He and Angy walked in together and found themselves in a massive laboratory. There were robotic structures moving loads of chemicals around and some assisting scientists in white outfits with their tasks.

There were two exalted massive containments up ahead. They were spherical shaped and transparent with glowing golden liquid within them.

The walls of the lab were laced with reflective silver panels, which not only made the place look exquisite but also had some functions like preserving and protecting.

A massive holographic projection hung up above, and a massive blueish crystal was stationed on the southwest area planted against the wall.

Two special class cadets could be seen coming from up ahead. It was obvious that these two had just finished undergoing bloodline strengthening.

Gustav wanted to activate God Eyes to observe if anything was different about them compared to before, but he realized he didn't even know the state of their initial internal structure since he hardly paid attention to people.

"Over here you two," A middle-aged looking man with one eye on his face called out to the both of them. He was standing in the midst of a young male and female in laboratory outfits as well.

Gustav suspected those two to be senior year cadets who were in the scientific department of the MBO camp.

Gustav and Angy passed by the side of the two cadets as they moved forward, who both greeted them.

"Welcome Gustav Crimson, Angy Vil- Vila- drop... How do you pronounce that again?" The middle-aged man had a weird look as he tried and failed to pronounce her name.

"It's Vilandrobadia," Angy corrected.

"Oh, alright... I'm Dr Levi. These two are Simeon and Cirina," He introduced himself without much further ado and proceeded to say,

"Now I'll need you both to take off your uniforms and underwear before putting these on," Dr Levi said to them both as Simeon and Cirina passed a kind of white cloth to them.

"Erm where exactly are we supposed to change?" Angy asked after looking around and not seeing anywhere secluded, like a room.

"You both can go over there," Dr Levi pointed in the direction of the massive spherical transparent containments.

"Go change behind the containments... That's enough covering for you both," He added.

Angy and Gustav shone confused expressions on their faces as they heard that.

The glass-like spherical containment was transparent with light gold liquid within.

"It's transparent..." Gustav reminded.

'Or maybe it's not?' This thought came to his mind as he stared at the expressions of the three wearing laboratory vests.

"That's the neutrivicial liquid... The glass containment is transparent, but it's not. You can change right behind it," Simeon, the male scientific cadet, explained.

Angy and Gustav now had looks of understanding on their faces.

"You go first," Gustav said to Angy and decided to wait behind.

Angy was also about to say the same words, but her mouth hung open as she saw Gustav's dismissive expression as he balanced himself on one of the tables crossing both legs.

Angy turned around and headed towards the far end of the lab.

"Hey, what are you doing boy? Don't sit your ass on my chemicals! You'll ruin my experiment," Angy could hear Dr Levi's loud voice from up ahead as she moved towards the massive containment.

She could already imagine how Gustav would respond nonchalantly to that exclamation. A small smile appeared on her face.


Few minutes later, Gustav and Angy were standing on a rectangular panel behind the massive spherical containments dressed in whitish skin tight clothes with a black circular mask covering their mouth and nose.

"Are you both ready?"

Dr Levi voiced out from up ahead.

Both of them answered affirmatively, and their voices were heard across the lab.

"Begin Insertion Process," Dr Levi said to Cirina, who nodded and pressed some keys on the holographic computer in front of them.

The bluish crystal on the southeast side of the lab brightened up, and some weird tentacle-like extensions shot forward and stuck to their bodies before lifting them up.

Gustav noticed that the tentacle-like extensions were lifting them towards the containments. He was moved towards the left and Angy towards the right.

Fwwbbwwwoo! Fwwbbwwwoo!

They both got immersed in the golden liquid as more and more of these tentacle-like extensions shot out of different parts of the containment and stuck to separate areas of their bodies.

Gustav could not see anything within this sea of bright golden liquid. On the outside, it looked transparent, but it actually wasn't. He also felt like his perception was restricted here.

-"Initiating Bloodline Examination,"

They could still hear the voice of the AI as their bodies remained in the golden liquid.

On the projection up above, two internal body structures were displayed.

Obviously, they belonged to Gustav and Angy.

("I'll have to hide all the other bloodlines in your body right now... This technology can see through and it's trying to compute information on your bloodline,") The system suddenly voiced out in his mind.

'Oh, alright go ahead,' Gustav responded.

On the projection, Angy's bloodline information was already being computed and listed out, but Gustav's was still in the process of initialization.

"A bloodline with the ability to gather nature's force... She's not just blessed with speed," Dr Levi nodded as he stated the properties of Angy's Bloodlines one after the other.

"Why is it taking so long for his bloodline information to be revealed?" Cirina, the senior female cadet, questioned with a look of confusion while tapping on the keyboard of the holographic computer repeatedly.