The Bloodline System - Chapter 428 - Aildris Opens His Eyes

Chapter 428 - Aildris Opens His Eyes

Chapter 428 - Aildris Opens His Eyes

"Hey Teemee what exactly does that bloodline of yours do?" E.E. asked with a look of curiosity as they sat together.

It was quite hard to understand the abilities of Teemee's bloodline, which was one of the reasons any opponent would be caught off guard.

"Hmm, how to describe it... It deals with acceleration and deceleration," Teemee responded while raising his left hand.

It glowed crimson, and he proceeded to pick a twig from his storage device.

The instant he touched the twig with his left hand, it shrunk and turned darker.

"Did it just age?" E.E. asked.

"Yes... Observe," Teemee responded and touched it again.


The twig returned to its initial size and looked even healthier than before.

However, that wasn't the end. In a few more moments, it started to grow more branches out of it and eventually grew out a few green leaves.

"Wow, that's insane," E.E. said with a look of astonishment. Falco and Gustav already knew about this since they knew Teemee earlier than E.E. did.

"Also, he's able to absorb energy from such and store them, right Teemee?" Falco asked.

"Hnm, however I can't always do that... A part of the energy gets wasted. It's hard to explain," Teemee said while dropping the twig.

His palms went back to normal.

"Really nice... Now I understand a little," E.E. said before turning to the side to stare at Aildris.

"Aildris... I still don't understand yours. You said colors speak to you and your eyes are always closed man," E.E. said with a look of curiosity.

A wry smile appeared on Aildris face as he turned to face E.E., "Opening my eyes will affect everyone in the surroundings, so I refrain from doing that," He voiced out.

"Hmm? Just a little sneak peek would do... Come on," Falco said while waving his hand in front of Aildris' face.

"Do you even know what I'm doing right now?" Falco said.

Aildris caught his hand before responding, "Yes, it's quite disturbing," Aildris replied.

Falco lowered his hand with a wry smile plastered on his face.

"I'll open my eyes for a few moments... Brace yourselves for what comes next," Aildris finally decided to compromise.

E.E. and Falco had excited looks as they heard that.

Gustav was also quite curious even though he never voiced it, so he turned to the side also, with Teemee.

Aildris eyelids repeatedly twitched as he slowly separated both eyelashes after so long.


As Aildris opened his eyes, the colors in the environment slowly disappeared as everywhere within the vicinity turned white and black.

Gustav and the others were extremely surprised as they stared at Aildris' eyes.

They had never seen a pair of eyes so beautiful in their lives.

Every color could be seen within those eyes, and they were arranged in such a way that even the beauty of the stars up in space would be called trash compared to his beautiful glittering eyes.

It was as if every color that existed in the universe was living in that pair of eyes. Everyone felt very uncomfortable being in this environment of black and white. They could feel their bloodlines being affected.

"Just what in the world...?" One of the special class cadets in the vicinity voiced out while staring in Aildris' direction.

Same as everyone, they already knew that Aildris was the cause of the weird phenomenon after seeing his eyes open.

'I thought he was blind,' Practically, almost everyone here had this thought.

Aildris closed his eyes back a few moments later, and color returned back to the environment.

Everyone felt the pressure on their bodies, and bloodlines disappeared afterwards.

"And I thought Gustav was the only charming devil in our midst," E.E. broke the silence.

"Haha he is... I'm just plain," Aildris replied with a light chuckle.

The cadets who had just witnessed this could not imagine what exactly that power was supposed to do, but they knew that if he ever used it in a battle, whoever the opponent was would be in deep shit.

The amount of pressure they felt even though they were also special class cadets was frightening. Now they understood that he wasn't just second place for nothing.

Angy and the rest of the girls were seated in the western corner of the waiting room.

"Angy, have you ever seen Aildris open his eyes?" Matilda asked.

"No..." Angy responded.

"Such captivating eyes... I wonder what they do?" Matilda said with an expression of curiosity.

"Hmm, he has never fought while opening his eyes... I wonder who is stronger between him and Gustav in that state," Glade said with a slightly excited expression.


"Dude turned the visibility of the environment upside down... What else does that do?" E.E. asked.

"The opponent will find out when battling me in that state... Anyways now you guys understand why I don't open my eyes," Aildris said.

They had looks of understanding on their faces as they heard that. After all, no one would be able to come near Aildris if being around him meant they would only see things in black and white.

("This kid is close to achieving Cosmic Superiority,") The system suddenly voiced out in Gustav's head.

'Hmm? You can tell?' Gustav's eyes slightly widened as he asked.

("Of course... Turns out he's more favored by the universe than his cousin over there,") The system added.

'Are you saying Elevora won't achieve Cosmic Superiority?' Gustav asked.

("Uhm are you dumb or are you dumb? Did you forget when I mentioned how hard and practically impossible it is for beings all across the universe to achieve Cosmic Superiority?")

Gustav; "..."

("I'm not saying she doesn't stand a chance of achieving it but Aildris has a higher chance while the rest here... I don't see any signs on them,") The system explained.

'Oh I see... How can you tell though?' Gustav asked with a curious tone internally.

"Gustav Crimson,"

"Angy Vilandrobadia,"

Gustav and Angy suddenly heard their names being voiced out by the A.I. installed within the building.

"Head to the theater for your Strengthening Operation,"