The Bloodline System - Chapter 427 - Vera's Task Accomplishment

Chapter 427 - Vera's Task Accomplishment

Chapter 427 - Vera's Task Accomplishment

"No more restrictions," A smile appeared on Gustav's face again as he voiced out, and a particular thought appeared in his mind.

He got to the library after a few minutes. Just as Officer Briant mentioned to him earlier, there were no restrictions.

Normally, at the entrance of every library, their pass would be scanned to confirm if the owner was eligible to go in or not.

A year one cadet pass would be declined at the entrance of this library, but Gustav's was given entry instantly.

The library was very massive with several layers and arranged in columns and rows of light.

There weren't a lot of cadets within, but every face here was very unfamiliar because they were all seniors.

Some of them stared at Gustav with looks of confusion, remembering that he was just a first year. Not everyone knew Gustav was already an officer.

"Hey, aren't you a first year? What are you doing here?" A masculine voice was heard from the side as Gustav passed by a group of cadets sitting together.

Gustav paused his footsteps up ahead and turned to the side to stare at the person that had just spoken. It was an olive-skinned cadet with red braided hair.

"Same as you... Oh wait, not the same as you since you seem to be here for the sake of companionship," Gustav responded before turning around to keep walking.

"Hey, who do you think you're talking to like that?" The cadet stood to his feet as he heard that with a displeased expression.

Gustav ignored him and kept walking to the front.

"Hold it kid, you don't just talk to your seniors that way," He voiced out as he walked forward and stretched out his hand to touch Gustav's shoulder.

Gustav turned slightly to the side, dodging the grip, "Stupid questions, blunt answers..." Gustav voiced out.

Chatter! Chatter!

-"Such a cocky first year,"

-"Oh yeah that's Gustav Crimson, he's ranked among the first years top three,"

-"Ah no wonder... Doesn't give him the right to be disrespectful though,"

-"From what I heard Freeman is close to being Echo ranked,"

"You little... Do you realize I'm a senior and can punish you for acts of disrespect, everyone here is a witness," Freeman voiced out.

"Stop with your pitiful act of validation, I don't have time for this," Gustav said as he continued moving forward.

Freeman wasn't expecting this kind of response from a junior cadet. Gustav's unbothered manner of speaking and responses triggered more of his displeasure.

He suddenly dashed forward, but then another senior cadet appeared in front of him.

"What are you doing Viru?" Freeman said with a tone of annoyance.

"Stop. He's an officer, so he's not restricted entry into this place even though he's a first year," Viru voiced out to everyone's hearing.

Those who had no idea about this information had looks of surprise on their faces.

-"He's what?"

-"Don't tell me you didn't notice the star on his left chest area?"

"Stop messing around, him?" Freeman voiced out with an expression and tone of disbelief as he pointed at Gustav.

"Did you think about how his pass was not declined at the entrance when he's just a first year?" Viru asked.

Freeman's mouth opened slightly as he realized this. He looked ahead and noticed that Gustav had already reached the far end of the area.

'How is that possible? He's just a first year,' Even though Freeman couldn't believe it. He had no choice but to accept it.

In a few minutes, Gustav had finally found the next volume of the Galaxy peace treaties he was looking for.

It was time for him to digest more information now.


In the evening, after the second training session of the day, Gustav found his way to one of the personal training rooms where Vera was already waiting for him.

She had an excited expression as she noticed Gustav.

"Now, have you done what I asked you to?" Gustav asked with a contemplative expression.

"Yes, I manage to put one within Endric just as you asked," She responded.

"Good. How long were you able to maintain touch with him?" Gustav asked.

"Less than two seconds... Endric pushed me away before I was able to complete the empowering process," Vera answered.

"Which means it will take longer for it to mature?" Gustav asked.

"Yes... Two to three months," She responded.

"Hmm, that's not too bad... When it is fully functional don't let him get taken over instantly... I'll tell you what to do when the time comes," Gustav instructed.

Vera nodded in understanding.

"Now, we just need to focus on the timing of your contact... I will let you use my body to train like before," Gustav said while walking to her front.

Vera had an even more excited look on her face as she heard that.

"Don't go out of control and do something you're not supposed to," Gustav warned.

Vera nodded like a little child before proceeding to reach out her hands to touch Gustav.


Just like that, another two days went by, and it was finally time for the special class cadets to go through bloodline strengthening.

The instant they were done with the morning routine, Gustav and the others moved towards the Science Block.

Gustav also wanted to make use of this opportunity to check on Mara. He only saw her once or twice every two weeks. She was also quite busy because she was working on a particular project.

E.E and Falco were the most excited to see how the process of bloodline strengthening would go.

There was a new person in their group as they moved towards the lab.

In a few minutes, they arrived there and were asked to wait for their turn like the other special classes.

There were about seventy in number in the waiting room. According to the reception desk, only two bloodline strengthening machines were available, so they could only go in two at a time.

They had no choice but to wait for their turn.