The Bloodline System - Chapter 426 - No Restrictions

Chapter 426 - No Restrictions

Chapter 426 - No Restrictions

Gustav quickly retracted his Yarki as he noticed that it kept spreading outwards.

Gasp~ Chatter! Chatter!

-"What was that?"

-"Hey did you see that energy that covered the entire Dragon residence,"

-"I felt like submitting to that force just now,"

-"What the hell? Was that an officer testing out his strength?"

Both within and outside the vicinity of where Gustav's Yarki spread to, everyone who had witnessed it had confused expressions and thoughts as they wondered what it was.

No one could pinpoint exactly where it had come from, but some of them knew it had to be from one of the buildings within the dragon residence.

While others felt it might have been an MBO officer testing something out.

Well, they weren't wrong when they thought it was an MBO officer because Gustav was practically an officer already.

This suddenly became a topic of debate while Gustav, the culprit, stayed within his room with a contemplative expression displayed on his face.

'Hmm how long would I be able to make use of it now?' Even though Gustav knew his Yarki had improved, he had no idea how long he'd be able to make use of it now since he didn't try using it to control anyone.

After channeling his bloodline for a few more minutes, Gustav decided to head out.

He started moving in the direction of a place on the map, which Bar facility.

This was somewhere Officer Briant was always situated after the morning routine.

Gustav arrived at this black colored three-layered tower-shaped building.

He headed in instantly and asked some of the officers he saw about Officer Briant.

They directed him towards the end of the second corridor, where a door could be seen.

Gustav arrived at the door and was about to knock when he heard a voice from within.

"Come in Officer Crimson,"

It was Officer Briant's voice.


The door slid open, and Gustav walked into the office, which was filled with several shelves and a table on the left side.

Gustav moved in and sat on the chair in front. Opposite him was officer Briant who was seated with a holographic display of a computer in front of him.

"Normally, you'd have to throw an MBO salute when you arrive in the presence of a superior officer, but I won't hold that against you since you're still new," Officer Briant voiced out with a slight smile.

"Oh... How am I being treated like an officer all of a sudden?" Gustav asked with a slightly confused expression.

"During the training you practically don't hold that status, but afterwards you're an officer through and through... You hold power that other cadets don't. I'm quite surprised you haven't abused or used your authority yet," Officer Briant stated

"Oh? Well I didn't know I had any authority," Gustav answered truthfully.

"Now that you do know, what are you gonna do?" Officer Briant asked while squinting his eyes with a suspicious look.

"Hmm nothing... I don't even know what the authority entails," Gustav answered while shrugging.

Officer Briant chuckled as he heard that. This was the first time he was seeing someone so casual about being an MBO officer beside a particular person known as the demon queen.

"So why are you here?" Officer Briant finally decided to ask.

"... There's something I need to ask about the Galaxies Treaties involving earth," Gustav revealed.

"Oh... Ask away then," Officer Briant responded.

"From what I read, Earth is in league with many other planets but I also figured that there was a planet mentioned on volume one that had the 'X' sign besides its name," Gustav explained.

"Is there a reason why the planet called Abruikis is no longer in league with earth?" Gustav asked with a confounded expression.

"Well, there are several other planets just like that who fell out of agreement with Earth and are no longer on good terms," Officer Briant explained with a dismissive expression like it was totally normal.

"Hmm? There are?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, didn't you read other volumes? You'll see more of them," Officer Briant replied.

"Well, the other volumes are in libraries that year one cadets are restricted from entering," Gustav explained.

"Oh, well that doesn't affect you... You're an officer. You're not bound by those restricting rules. You can visit anywhere within camp," Officer Briant revealed.

Gustav's eyes widened with a surprised look.

'How didn't I know of this before?' He wondered.

"By your facial expression, I see no one told you *sigh* What are those guys doing," Officer Briant said with a slightly frustrated expression.

"Hnm, but I'm curious... No reasons were mentioned about the treaties going out of validation," Gustav said while holding his chin.

"Hmm, this planet Abruikis is a bit more complicated than the others... The reason why the treaty was dissolved was not even revealed to we, officers," Officer Briant explained.

"Oh, see," Gustav was a bit disappointed with the response, but a side of him was already expecting this.

"But for the other planets that had their Treaties dissolved, reasons were stated in the other volumes," Officer Briant added.

Gustav nodded and decided not to add more questions on this particular subject so he wouldn't arouse any suspicions.

Even though Officer Briant was one of the nicest instructors, he didn't know whether he could trust him or any one of them yet.

"Alright thank you for your time Sir Briant," Gustav said while standing up.

"My pleasure... Do come next time when you need answers to anything," Officer Briant said with a smile.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded slightly and turned around to leave.

When he got to the door, he slightly turned around to speak, "Are you saying, nowhere on camp is restricted for me?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, as an officer you can visit anywhere," Officer Briant voiced out.


A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he turned around, "Alright,"

He walked out of the office afterwards and started heading towards one of the libraries.

Gustav opened the map on his pass.

"Library #7 the largest," Gustav muttered as he stared at the map.

"No more restrictions," A smile appeared on Gustav's face again as he voiced out, and a particular thought appeared in his mind.