The Bloodline System - Chapter 425 - Ending With More Curiosity

Chapter 425 - Ending With More Curiosity

Chapter 425 - Ending With More Curiosity

Gustav started walking on this pathway which he could see leading to a dark tunnelway up ahead.

Gustav walked through it and kept on walking for a few seconds before he arrived at the end of the tunnel way, where there was a massive outline of a door.

However, the metallic door-shaped structure constructed on the wall gave Gustav a kind of sense of crisis, so he stopped several ten feet away to observe it properly.

God Eyes had improved so much at this point that Gustav could practically see through anything as thick as fifteen inches.

However, even after activating God Eyes to stare at this massive metallic door, Gustav couldn't see a thing.

Other objects or structures in the vicinity still had some kind of colors, but this particular metallic door didn't have anything like that.

It was just dark through and through, almost like it wasn't made of any material that existed on earth, which made Gustav feel a little strange.

Gustav decided that his investigation had come to an end at this point and decided to head back before he would trigger anything or arouse any suspicions.

He dashed back towards the platform that led to the four different stairways.

Gustav identified the stairway he was coming from and climbed a few stairs up, but then he thought of something.

'Where do the other three lead?' He wondered as he stared at the three other stairways.

Gustav dashed towards the stairway on the left first as this thought came to his mind and started climbing upwards.

[Silent Advancement Has Been Activated]

He decided to activate Silent Advancement, which caused his footsteps to become practically silent as he bolted upwards.

After about a minute of climbing, he arrived at the end of this particular stairway which happened to be similar to the top of the one he was coming from.

Just like that one, there was a dead-end, and the ceiling area was only a few feet away, with many of the glowing orange crystals embedded in the walls around.

Gustav already knew what this meant and dashed downwards again.

Arriving back at the platform, he climbed another stairway upwards, which led to the same similar scenario.


Minutes later, Gustav was on his way out of the mountain through where he had come from.

'Turns out all these stairways lead to different parts of the mountain,' Gustav didn't know if the information he had gathered here was useful or not, but at least he was glad he had cleared his doubts.

If he didn't do this, he would still be curious. Although now sating his curiosity had brought about a new one which had him wondering what the purpose of all that was.

Finding out the answers for this one was a risk Gustav wasn't willing to take.

He just decided to be careful and sealed the wall he broke through the other time when entering in the morning.

'There's no point to the morning routine if I cheat... Well, this morning was kinda needed,' Gustav chuckled lightly as he moved out of the hole.

[Half Kilapisole Form Activation]

Gustav's entire body turned greenish as furs came out of his skin, and he grew an extra pair of legs and arms.

This transformation was from the alien creature's form he took during the final test phase. He hardly made use of it because he was bothered about people recognizing the look of an alien, but now that he could take half the form of any creature he had the power to transform into, Gustav could hide the true look of that creature.

Gustav spread all four arms and slapped four positions surrounding the large hole created on the body of the mountain.

Sshiiinn! Sshiiinn! Sshiiinn!

Diamond-like looking walls appeared within the holes and covered the opening all through.

After that was done, Gustav leapt down from the mountain.


He landed on the ground, causing dust to scatter across the place.

After straightening his body, he moved towards a fragment of rock on the side and lifted it up.


He leapt upwards again, soaring across the air before landing back at the spot he was standing on earlier.

Gustav placed the rock fragment down in front of the initial opening, blocking the view.

After all, was said and done, he decided to finally leave the area.


Few minutes later, Gustav was back in his apartment channeling his bloodline.

Due to the weather issues today, they had spent a longer time finishing the morning routine, so at the moment, it was almost eleven in the morning.

Gustav still had about three hours of free time before the next training session, so he decided to Channel his Bloodlines in the meantime.

Two hours into it, Gustav decided to take a pause and check on a certain part within.

His senses dwelled on a pinkish flame that happened to be swaying like it was alive.

'It is bigger now...' Gustav noticed his Yarki had increased in size.

'But I still haven't had the chance to try it out since I arrived here,' Gustav was a bit disturbed about this.

He didn't want to try it during a battle or on one of the cadets just like that. He was a bit skeptical about even revealing it because he felt that the MBO instructors would recognize it.

His plan was to train it by repeatedly trying it out on mixedbreeds like he used to do within the border. The problem was, even though the MBO camp had a location where they could train with live mixedbreeds, it was off-limits to year one cadet mixedbloods.

Only the seniors had the authorization to visit there for training.

There were a few more places that were off-limits also.

'How far can it cover now?' Gustav wondered before deciding to activate it.


A pinkish glow suddenly spread out from his figure, covering the entire environment.

It spread out of his apartment and covered the entire building as a whole.

However, it didn't stop there.. It kept going till it covered the entire eight buildings in the residential area.