The Bloodline System - Chapter 424 - Following Up With Investigations

Chapter 424 - Following Up With Investigations

Chapter 424 - Following Up With Investigations

Officer Briant went on to praise Gustav and Elevora's performance as he displayed some of their footage.

Especially where Gustav was swinging, making use of the rope. This made the cadets realised even more that Gustav wasn't one to be trifled with since he could practically turn every disadvantageous situation around.

Gustav was surprised that there was no footage displayed of when he found the entrance into the mountain, which made him wonder if that was known or not.

Endric stared at Gustav's position from behind before staring at Arlando being taken away.

'That buffoon... He could never do anything right,' Endric said internally with a disappointed expression.

'Well, it doesn't matter... Time for the next step,' Endric said internally as he turned to stare at a particular position where a girl with silver and pink colored hair sat.

She had two small horns on her forehead and a very beautiful look. From this angle, it could be seen that she was staring in Gustav's direction.

'Hehe, let's see how you'll react after I have dealt with her,' He said with a sadistic expression displayed.

Officer Briant went on to dismiss the cadets afterwards after unsealing their bloodlines.

One couldn't imagine how anyone would even dare to misbehave within the MBO when they had someone like Officer Briant who could seal bloodlines.

Most of them wondered if there were any boundaries to it and if he could seal any mixedblood's bloodline regardless of how powerful they were.

Gustav, after having all his bloodlines unsealed, went through his schedule for the day again.

He was supposed to go for the training session of bloodlines powerful attack creation in the afternoon and meet Vera for personal training together in the evening, so he figured he still had time.

Gustav excused himself from the guys and sneakily moved towards the forest area in front.

[Sprint has been activated]


He dashed through the forest quite easily now that his abilities were back.

Sensing traps from hundreds of feet away was not an issue for him when he used God Eyes.

Gustav arrived before the mountain in seconds and squatted slightly.

The amount of force his feet created as he descended caused the ground to vibrate a little.

The instant he pushed himself upwards...


His body shot straight through the air with speed as he scaled over five hundred feet high in almost an instant.

Gustav landed on the slightly sloppy side of the mountain and kept running upwards.

Rocky parts of the mountain rolled down due to the impact when he landed on it.

He recalled where the location of the opening was and made a diagonal line across the side of the mountain as he ran.

In a few more seconds, he could see the opening about hundred feet higher towards his right.

The mountain seemed to be slightly shaken upwards from his running. A twenty feet tall rock fragment pulled out of the mountain suddenly headed for Gustav.

It was only a few feet away from him.

[Chop Has Been Activated]

A milky glow suddenly surrounded Gustav's right palm as he swung it forward with force.


Gustav's right arm went through the rock in an arc format.

The massive rock fragment was instantly cleaved in two, missing Gustav's figure as they parted ways for him to keep running forward.

Gustav jumped up slightly and descended straight into the hole that led to the inside of the mountain.

"Can you sense that?" The instant Gustav got in, he asked the system.

("Yes... I can sense the energy it emits,") The system responded as Gustav walked forward.

Gustav arrived in front of the opening he created and moved towards the stairway.

("I know what you're thinking... However, I can't absorb this type of energy...") The system added.

"No, not you... Me," Gustav said as he moved upwards on the stairs.


Now that his abilities were back, he could sense the energy coming from the orange crystals properly.

"If I mix this with the energy with Energy Container... It will become ven more destructive," Gustav could sense how chaotic it would turn because his bloodline was already reacting to them.

"The only problem now is, I have no idea if anyone would notice when the crystals go missing so I can only take a little," Gustav said as he moved closer to one of them.

He activated God Eyes and observed the surroundings of the orange crystal on the wall.

Gustav already had so many hidden and powerful attacks that would blast enemies away easily, but no one knew about this.

He still wanted to have more so that when the time came where he had to battle against forces that were way more powerful than he was, he would have alternatives.

Gustav took three pieces of the orange crystals after he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary within the wall.

Gustav decided to check the place out properly after keeping the three pieces of crystals within his storage device.

He already knew where the stairs upwards led to, so he dashed downwards.

The stairways were constructed in a spiralling format, so Gustav was practically running down in a twirling format.

In a few seconds, Gustav got to a point downwards where he could see intertwining stairways.

In a few more seconds, he reached a platform downwards where all the stairs began.

There were about four different stairways connecting to this platform that led to four different directions.

After reaching a certain height, one would be unable to see the rest of the stairways not only because of the massive inner structure of the place but also because of the walls built on the sides of every stairway, which blocked his vision.

Gustav looked around him and figured the whole place was still rocky looking with more orange crystals protruding from the walls.

There was only one pathway that led further down in front of the platform.

It was obvious that this particular pathway was the way forward.

Gustav started walking on this pathway which he could see leading to a dark tunnelway up ahead.