The Bloodline System - Chapter 415 - Updated First Years Ranking

Chapter 415 - Updated First Years Ranking

Chapter 415 - Updated First Years Ranking

They stared at him with a slightly confused look, but before they could say anything else, Gustav spoke.

"She is stronger than I am,"


E.E. and Falco turned to stare at Gustav as they heard him say that with looks of surprise.

"But the probability of her defeating me is fifty to fifty..." Gustav added.

"I can't really predict how things will end up eventually," Gustav explained.

They realised that Gustav was talking about the physical aspect with this little explanation of his.

'That attack of hers... She barely used sixty percent of her original arm force,' Gustav had been watching the battle between her and Ria with God Eyes so he could practically see how the energy within their bodies circulated.

Aildris wasn't surprised to hear this since he knew firsthand just how monstrous Elevora's strength was.

She was the first special class cadet to reach the Gilberk rank, and it had only been a month since they arrived here, and she was way more powerful than a normal first or second step Gilberk ranked mixedblood would be.

Gustav was interested in sparring with Elevora one of these days. He felt like he might have truly found a peer on his level besides E.E, Falco and Aildris.

Although he decided he wouldn't be the one to initiate it since right now, he had more important things to worry about.

Endric was back. He had to secretly train Vera on the usage of her original ability and was still in the process of doing research about her origins. He found out that her cousins, Damon and Grimm, were true mixedbloods. Which had him wondering why she was the odd one out in the family.

Also, Angy was practically going through some kind of internal issue at the moment after inflicting more damage than intended on her opponent.

'This is the first time she attacked without holding out... She didn't kill but she already can't bear the feeling that comes with inflicting such damage on a person... This might be tougher than I thought but this is a good start,' Gustav said Internally with a contemplative look.

In a few more minutes, the special class duel ended.

It was a really crazy experience because many of the cadets didn't expect most of the scenarios they had witnessed here today.

One normal cadet had managed to become a special class cadet today, and another one had managed to bring their battle to a tie.

At the moment, Glade and Havrina had been treated. They were still out of energy, but their injuries had been treated.

Officer Cole walked up to the platform to address the crowd of cadets.

He mentioned that Teemee would now take the spot of the special class cadet he defeated and also mentioned the new update of the first-year rankings.


<<<Top Four Hundred First Years>>>

»1. Elevora Tuquese +10,000 Points

»2. Aildris Goalding +8,000 Points

»3. Gustav Crimson +8,000 Points

»4. Chad Buruku +7,900 Points

»5. Chutlu Evans +7,800 Points

»6. E.E Emmanuel +7,500 Points

»7. Falco...


The list continued like that, displaying those who had moved up the rankings and those that had gone below.

Chad had a squeezed-up face as he stared at his rank.

"Tch, faulty A.I. calculation," He said with a look of displeasure.

Chad was not happy with this and made a decision in his mind as he stared in the direction of Gustav's seating position.

"Hell yeah! Guess who's number six now! Wooo!" E.E. stood up with a look of joy as he shouted out.


Everyone turned in their direction to stare at them. E.E., who was about to say something else, had his mouth wide open as he noticed the stares.

He slowly sat down with a wry smile, "Uh carry on carry on," He said with a slight look of embarrassment.

Falco facepalmed before bursting into snickers with Aildris. Gustav couldn't maintain his poker face after seeing E.E.'s embarrassed expression. He also laughed lightly.

The crowd soon went back to focusing on Officer Cole's speech.

"Damn, I almost shit my pants... What's with those stares," E.E. said with a light laugh.

"Maybe try keeping your excitement inside next time," Gustav said while shaking his head with a wry smile.

"Nah y'all are just too uptight," E.E. replied before turning to look up at the rankings again.

'Mama, just watch... I'mma make you proud,' He said internally with a smile.

"Now for the tie between Glade and Havrina... The leading board has decided to make Havrina a special class cadet," Officer Cole suddenly announced after he finished speaking on the ranking board.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The whole place turned loud as they heard that.

-"That means Glade is no longer a special class,"

-"Oh well, a decision had to be made,"

-"I think they were both spectacular,"

From her sitting position, Angy had a worried look after hearing that.

Glade had not returned to her sitting position, which was besides Angy due to the treatment they were undergoing.

However, Angy had tried going over to the medical rooms underneath the arena, but Glade had instructed that no one should be allowed in. It would seem she wasn't interested in seeing anyone right now.

"Havrina is now a special class cadet," Officer Cole voiced out.

"However... Glade is also still a special class cadet. They have been placed on probation. They will both face each other again next month and whoever wins, keeps their special class title," Officer Cole announced.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The whole place turned noisy again after the cadets heard that. They hadn't been expecting this, but now they were looking forward to both girls' rematch next month.

It looked like the MBO was really pitting cadets against cadets, which encouraged and created a lot of competition among themselves.

Gustav could understand why the MBO would favor competition against one another here.. After all, competition pushes people to want to do better and get better.