The Bloodline System - Chapter 414 - She Is Stronger Than I Am

Chapter 414 - She Is Stronger Than I Am

Chapter 414 - She Is Stronger Than I Am

Elevora's arms suddenly emitted a mysterious purplish glow as she pushed her palms forward.


Ria smiled as he imagined the rock crashing into her from his point of view since it kept moving forward with speed even after arriving before her.

Meanwhile, Elevora was currently sliding back as her legs dug into the ground, causing a line of cracks to appear due to the immense force of the rock, which was still pushing her backwards.

Elevora, seeing that this wasn't working, raised her right leg up as she slid back and stomped it on the ground with force.


Her leg broke apart that part of the battle ring, digging three feet into the ground as she clenched tightly into the hot building-sized boulder.

She firmly stood her ground and raised the boulder up above her head, preventing it from going further forward.

Ria's eyes widened as he stared at Elevora up ahead, lifting the massive building-like boulder he created.

He was filled with frustration as he raised his hand and made a falling gesture.

Elevora suddenly felt the weight of the rock multiply by two, pressing down on her immensely.

Her legs buckled a bit as she was surprised by the sudden weight increase.


The battle ring was being leveled due to this, causing cracks to spread all over the place from her position as her legs began to sink into the ground since it was giving way.

The cadets witnessing the battle realized that Ria was also quite strong since he could manipulate rocks however he felt.

To everyone's surprise, Elevora raised her right foot and put it forward before raising her left and putting it in front of her right.

She walked out of the ditch, still carrying the massive building-like boulder. However, due to the weight of the rock, which was still increasing by the second, her legs once again sank into the ground as they gave way.

Ria stomped his feet on the ground once more, causing the ground to wrap and tighten around Elevora's legs.

Elevora was once again trapped with the massive load she was also carrying.

"This time... I will land a hit," Ria voiced out with a tone of determination before dashing forward.


Elevora stared at his frame as he made a beeline towards her.

Ria had his right arm arched back to the limit as he prepared to land a heavy hit on Elevora.

The instant he arrived in front of her, he swung out his fist fiercely.

However, at the same moment, Elevora also started bringing down the heavy building like boulder she was lifting with force.

The boulder descended with heavy pressure upon Ria as he swung out his fist.

It was so unexpected, and the speed at which it descended was also unprecedented.


A massive sound of collision rang out as the entire battle ring was suddenly covered in debris and dust.

The cadets witnessing the battle could feel the tremors from their sitting position, which shocked them immensely.

They couldn't imagine just how much force Elevora used in dropping the massive boulder that would cause them to feel the tremor from their sitting position.

As the dust cleared up, everyone could see pieces of rock fragments scattered all across the place.

Ria and Elevora were standing about a hundred feet away from each other.

They gazed at each other with weird expressions.

Ria had parts of his rocky armor broken apart again, and blood could be seen dripping down exposed parts of his body.

He was fortunate that his bloodline ability lay in the manipulation of rocks. If this wasn't the case, he would have been way more injured than his current state.

He realized just how much of a monster Elevora was pulling that off.

She used such a massive and heavy structure as an attack source, yet her attack was still faster than his fist.

"Just give it up," She said as she pulled her legs out of the ground entrapments once again and started walking forward.

"Don't tell me what to do," Ria shouted out and dashed forward with an angry look once again.

Elevora shook her head with a look of pity as her right arm emitted the purplish glow again.

Ria arrived in front of her as he transferred all the rocks on his body to his fist area, causing it to increase in size immensely.


He swung it forward with force.

Elevora arched her arm back gracefully after sliding to the side and squatted slightly.

Ria's fist glided over her right shoulder as she swung her palm forward.


It sounded like an explosive went off as Elevora's palm slammed heavily into the middle of Ria's chest.

A chain effect was created, as his sternum fractured instantly and cracks spread from that part of his chest to his ribs area, and then other internal organs around that part of his body were also affected.

His back caved out as he spat out a jet of blood while the force shot him straight into the air.

Fwwooossshhhh! Bang!

Ria slammed into the dome on the other side, and to everyone's surprise, his body broke through it.

The people on the west side of the arena quickly shifted away as they noticed his body flying in their direction.


He slammed into the seating area, causing a cloud of dust to spread across the surroundings and destroying a bunch of chairs in the process.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The entire place erupted in chaos after witnessing this incident.

Elevora stood in the battle ring and stared at the direction in which Ria's body was sent flying.

She shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to walk out of the ring while dusting her uniform.

The medical team quickly swooped into action and went to attend to Ria.

Teemee shook his head from his seating position, "That idiot... Just what did he aim to achieve with this," He muttered underneath his breath with a look of disappointment.

"Well this was pretty much expected," E.E voiced out besides Gustav.

"Yeah... Why did he do that though?" Falco wondered out loud.

"Hmm, maybe he was looking to prove himself," Aildris said with a low and mysterious tone.

They stared at him with a slightly confused look, but before they could say anything else, Gustav spoke.

"She is stronger than I am,"