The Bloodline System - Chapter 416 - Suspicious Observation

Chapter 416 - Suspicious Observation

Chapter 416 - Suspicious Observation

In this way, every cadet will want to improve themselves since they don't want to get left behind by their peers, which would, in turn, allow everyone to improve together.

It was understandable why the MBO had the most powerful force on the planet.

After a few more announcements, the cadets were allowed to leave the battle arena to their residential locations.

Glade later came out of her medical room. However, it was obvious that she was in a very bad mood.

"Don't worry, you'll get her next time," Angy and Matilda comforted her.

Glade really hated losing. As they left, they bumped into Havrina, who still had a happy and playful smile while moving towards the special class cadets' residence.

"Hehe, Greenie, prepare yourself very well for next month... I won't be so nice next time," She said while passing by their sides.

Glade gritted her teeth as her green veins popped out of her skin, "We'll see," She responded with a venomous glare.

Ria, on the other hand, was still wrapped in bandages and kept within one of the medical wards.

"Hey so no one came to see me... How rude of them," He shouted out to the lady in white uniform by the side.

"Maybe if you weren't so much of a loud mouth, they'd do that," She said while administering his medicine and moving out of the ward.

"Tch, I will win next time," He voiced out.

Gustav and the others moved towards their residential areas after the special class duel ended.

It had lasted for over six hours, and presently it was evening time.

Their group was practically a fearsome one as everyone gave way for them while they moved across the place.

Most of them had jittery looks when they stared at Gustav especially.

He may have been ranked below number two, but not only did he get the same number of added points with Aildris, but his battles were also the most brutal ones they had witnessed today.

Gustav, Aildris, E.E and Falco, it was practically a group of powerhouses moving together.

In a few more minutes, they arrived at their residence, and everyone quickly moved towards Gustav's room.

They happened to bump into Endric, who was coming from the other end of the hallway.

"Guess who's your new neighbor," Endric said with a cocky smile as he walked past them.

He suddenly stopped and slightly turned his head to the side.

"I hope you're ready... This time no restraints or disturbances," Endric voiced out before he kept moving.

"Get your head outta your ass kid... Why are you speaking to your big bro like that?" E.E voiced out with an annoyed look.

"Huh? Who's this black bozo? Was I speaking to you?" Endric retorted while turning around to stare at E.E with a provocative expression.

"Yo, looks like this kid ain't got no..." Before E.E could complete his retort, Gustav interrupted.

"E.E, don't bother... I'll handle it myself," Gustav said as he turned around and walked towards Endric.

"Looks like you didn't learn nothing kid," Gustav said while staring into Endric's eyes intensely.


Gustav suddenly placed his hand on Endric's right shoulder. It looked normal, but it was actually a hard slap that nearly popped Endric's shoulder out of its socket, causing him to tremble slightly.

"Alright then, the next time will be the last time," Gustav said before taking his hand off Endric shoulder and turning around.

"We shall see about that," Endric said with gritted teeth before turning around.

"Why the hell is he acting like that?" E.E asked with a disappointed look.

"Long story... Also don't call him my brother anymore," Gustav said before walking forward.

E.E was confused with the way things were and started asking, but Gustav didn't say anything because he was actually speaking with the system in his mind.

'Did you sense that?' Gustav asked.

("I did... Something's up with him. This encounter is not nearly enough to figure things out... I'll scan him more when you make contact with him next time")

The system responded.

"Why are y'all following me?" Gustav asked as he arrived in front of his room door and turned around to stare at E.E, Aildris and Falco.

"I'm hungry," E.E said with a famished look while rubbing his belly.

"Me too,"

"Me too,"

Aildris and Falco voiced out one after the other.

"Well, go cook something in your damn apartments for goodness sake," Gustav said while pushing his door open.

Before he could close his door, all three of them dashed in.

Swwooosshhh! Swwoooooosshh! Swoosh! Bang!

It turned out he had just banged the door for nothing. Gustav turned around to stare at the three of them in his living room.

Falco's alter ego had taken over at this moment, "Go prepare something nice for me in the kitchen you lowly weakling," He voiced out.

"You four are hopeless," Gustav said while shaking his head.


Within a small dark room, a spherical projection displaying the image of a person floated in the middle, making the darkroom a little less dim.

"According to your report... They both lasted more than three hours," The person in the image asked.

"Yes sire... This is the first time any cadet had managed to break the three hours record the young miss set years back... And this time it's two of them," Within the dark enclosed room, the silhouette standing in front of the projection responded.

"Amazing... These two, you have to keep your eyes on them. Especially the boy. Not only is he connected to her but according to Mag, he's also trying to hide the full extent of his capabilities." The person in the projection spoke once again with a mysterious but intrigued and slightly excited tone.

"Yes I will make sure to keep observing him... The green asset has also been doing her own fair share of the observation work. She has given me a lot of exclusive info about him," The silhouette responded.

"Good good... She will do well to continue her task or she will be stripped of her status," The person in the projection said with a condescending tone.

"Now don't forget to send me the medical results after they have undergone the bloodline strengthening session," The person within the projection added before disappearing.

"Yes sire," The silhouette bowed slightly as he spoke before turning around to leave the darkroom.