The Bloodline System - Chapter 411 - Devastating End

Chapter 411 - Devastating End

Chapter 411 - Devastating End

[Sprint + Dash]

The instant he reached out and took a step forward, the place vibrated.

He grabbed onto Deitrick's head and raised his body high before slamming it into the ground and dashing forward.

Bang! Krrrhyyyrrrhhh!

The ground was being split open as Gustav ran across the place while burying Deitrick's head in the ground.

He reached a part of the ring and leaped upwards.

He arrived at over five hundred feet in the air while still holding onto Deitrick's body.

As he reached the limit in the air and started free falling, he held Deitrick's head and pointed it downwards as they fell.


He brutally slammed his body into the ground creating a three feet deep crater.

Dust and debris scattered across the place, reducing the visuality of the environment around the battle ring.

The spectators couldn't see through the dust and debris. They were curious since they couldn't hear any more sounds.

After a few seconds, the dust covering everywhere began to reduce.

They noticed a silhouette walking out of the dust-filled area, and as expected, it was Gustav.

He was currently moving towards the other end of the battle ring.

The dome covering the ring had been deactivated.

When the dust cleared completely, everyone could see Deitrick's unconscious body buried at the bottom of the three feet deep craters.

His body was covered in bloodstains, and his mouth was wide open with only a few visible teeth and many gaps left.

Deitrick was actually very suave and handsome-looking, but at the moment, no one was able to trace his current look to his initial look.

He also happened to be quite popular among the cadets due to his high ranking and magnanimous behavior.

They had expected that he would be defeated but not in this particularly disgraceful manner.

However, when they thought about it, they realised that every cadet Gustav had fought today was defeated in the most brutal and disgraceful manner.

Gustav was the type that wouldn't stop until he was sure he had totally destroyed whatever was standing in his way. His determination to utterly crush his opponents made his battles brutal. Even after his attacks had caused a lot of damage, he would still continue until he was sure that whatever he was battling with would stay down, leaving it or them in a state of inability to battle.

If this was a real-life scenario, everyone could tell that Deitrick and the others would be dead by now.

Gustav arrived in his seat later on. He made use of atomic disintegration to remove the bloodstains on his hands and some parts of his body.

Of course, the medical team had started treating Deitrick, who happened to have the most serious injuries among all the cadets Gustav had battled today.

Because Gustav took a lot of time fighting Deitrick because other battles had already ended.

Aildris also won his duel as expected and didn't take as much time as the others.

Everyone that fought Aildris today realised that the power of their attacks reduced in his presence. None of them knew exactly what his bloodline ability was. Still, the reduction in power of their attacks was something they realised.

He still didn't open his eyes when fighting anyone. His attacks were usually gentle and less brutal like that of Gustav. However, they always packed quite the punch.

The last opponent he battled was laid out in three hits.

Minutes later, Falco also had his last duel. As expected, his alter ego totally ended the battle in a short duration.

Since this was literally the last bout and some cadets had already fought their last duel for the day, the event was slowly ending.

However, Elevora still hadn't had her duel yet.

Among all the other duels with the special class cadets, asides Gustav, Falco and Chad were also quite brutal to their opponents, soliciting fear in many of the normal cadets' minds.

Chad didn't even activate his bloodline throughout the battles. He defeated his opponents quite easily.

Right now, he had just left the battle ring after the last opponent failed to show up.

Gustav was particularly focused on this turn because Angy was battling a tricky opponent.

This normal cadet was able to turn any part of the ground into an explosive.

Angy had been speeding all across the battle ring for a while now because wherever she stepped on was like a landmine and would instantly explode.

So the moment she stopped running and stood in one spot...


The force of the explosion would blast her across the place.

What made things even tougher was the fact that this particular cadet could also phase into the ground, so he was currently hiding underneath the ground of the battle ring, which made it harder for Angy to get to him.

He could also change spots while being under the ground, so Angy wanted to be sure of the spot he was in, particularly before making her move.

Booom! Boom! Boom!

Three more explosions occurred within the battle ring as Angy dashed in a zig-zag manner across the place.

Her fast silver-like figure dashed straight right out of the explosions unscathed.


Even though the explosion was fast, it was only happening in slow motion in Angy's line of sight.

'The pattern of the explosion... Sometimes when I change locations from end to end, it takes time for them to start blasting again,' Angy noticed and dashed towards the far west of the battle ring.

She arrived at around two thousand feet away from her location, and just as she had noted, the explosion didn't happen for the next three and a half seconds before it started blasting out again.

She would purposely slow down her speed and go faster again. All this was so she could confirm her theory.

'Whenever the explosions doesn't happen the instant I change locations leaving a distance of over a thousand feet behind, it means he is within that vicinity and will be affected by the explosion,' Angy thought as she dashed in a zig-zag format across the place once again.