The Bloodline System - Chapter 410 - Fifth Gate

Chapter 410 - Fifth Gate

Chapter 410 - Fifth Gate


His foot slammed into Deitrick's jaw, catapulting him once again towards the far end of the dome.

Pieces of teeth and blood flew out of his mouth as his body spun severally in mid-air before slamming head-on into the barrier.

The crowd expressed looks of pity as they saw the state Deitrick's body was in after the crash. The sound of bones cracking was loud enough so they could understand the state of pain Deitrick was currently in.

Once again, Gustav created an overbearing and majestic atmosphere. Deitrick was someone who lasted longer than a lot of special class cadets in the accumulation of Syrrhavo, yet he was still beaten quite easily.

Gustav turned around and started moving towards the far end of the battle ring.

When he got there, he was about to step forward to leave the ring, but he noticed that the dome hadn't been lifted yet.

He sighed and turned around to see Deitrick suddenly open his eyes from a thousand feet away.

'Turns out he didn't pass out just yet,' Gustav realised.

At this time, the spectators also realised the same thing as they saw Deitrick struggling to stand to his feet.

-"What's the point? Is he just looking to get beaten up again?"

Most of them had this thought in their minds.

Deitrick quickly raised his hands and began to poke his body parts once again.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

'I'm quite curious to see how the improvement in strength will be this time,'

This time Gustav didn't try to stop him. Instead, he watched with an observant look.

'That's a big jump,' Gustav said internally with a slightly disturbed expression.

He was reading Deitrick's energy level God Eyes and noticed that his internal energy numbers increased by two.

'This time I opened gate five... I'll stop here for today... I have to find out just how much of my strength he can handle,' Deitrick said internally as he breathed in air with a look of determination.

'I wonder if he can keep going..? But it will be better to end it this time,' Gustav was curious, but he really didn't want to let his curiosity get the better of him.

Both of them stared at each other from the far ends of the battle ring with looks of intensity before dashing forward with speed.

Swwhhhiii! Swwhhi!

Right now, their speed was at the same level as they sped across the place.

Gustav's head transformed into that of the serpentine mixedbreed as he gathered purplish energy in his mouth area and shot it out.

Deitrick conjured a swirling mass of air and also sent it forward.


Both forces collided and cancelled each other out, blasting chunks of the ground of the battle ring into the air.

However, this destruction did not hinder them in the slightest as they arrived before each other a few moments later.

Swing! Swing!

Gustav's palm and that of Deitrick's collided with intensity, causing both of them to arch backwards a little from the force of the collision.

Gustav pushed himself forward again and threw out a fist.


Now Deitrick was fast enough to dodge his fist and also threw out his fist packed with a swirling mass of air gathering around it.

Gustav moved slightly to the side and used the back of his left palm to slap on Deitrick's wrist, changing the trajectory of the punch before squatting slightly and throwing his fist upwards.


Deitrick quickly shifted back a bit, causing Gustav's fist to miss him by a centimeter.

However, the instant Gustav's fist missed, he pushed forward his elbow, which ended up slamming into Deitrick's nose.


Deitrick moaned in pain, but as his back arched backwards due to the hit, he grabbed hold of Gustav's hand.


His arm was suddenly surrounded by a massive swirling pool of air which pulled him towards the side and slammed him into the ground.

Gustav was taken by surprise with that attack and instantly enlarged his body before the swirling air could toss his body around again.


He kicked out instantly, causing his leg to slam into Deitrick's body.


Deitrick's body was once again sent flying through the air. However, unlike the last time, he didn't seem to have sustained any big injuries as he did a flip in mid-air and landed on his feet several hundred feet backwards.

Gustav's deactivated Size Manipulation after getting rid of the swirling air. Still, now he had lost another one thousand energy points.

'His strength is now very close to mine, without any other added activations,' Gustav noted.

They lunged at each other again, and once more, fierce blows were thrown.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Although Deitrick was holding on better than the previous times, Gustav would still occasionally land hits on him, so ,he sustained little injuries over time.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav finally activated sprint, increasing his speed by two times.


Deitrick was unable to follow his attacks anymore at this point.


Gustav landed a clean hit on his gut with his leg before dashing forward again.


His fist travelled in an upwards motion as he squatted slightly.


More teeth were sent flying out of Deitrick's mouth along with blood as his body was catapulted upwards after Gustav's fist slammed heavily into his jaw.

Gustav leaped upwards again and raised his leg high while in mid-air before slamming it down onto Deitrick's chest.

Deitrick made an 'X' sign with his arms trying to block the hit; however, the instant collision was made...


His arms were smashed apart as the kick slammed head onto his chest, sending him spiralling down as his chest caved in, and he coughed out blood.


Deitrick once again slammed onto the ground of the battle ring.

The instant his body bounced back up from the collision, Gustav landed on the ground.

Everything around him slowed down as he stared at Deitrick's body ascending slowly from the cracked ground after colliding with it.

His mouth was opened, and his eyes slightly widened as blood shot out of different places from his body.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]