The Bloodline System - Chapter 412 - Powerful Incineration

Chapter 412 - Powerful Incineration

Chapter 412 - Powerful Incineration

Her third horn suddenly grew from her head as her speed increased exponentially.


Her speed was causing air splits across the place.

Whitish energy gathered around her body in a circular format as she moved across the place.

The cadets spectating had widened eyes as they noticed her speed and wondered what the whitish energy gathering around her was.

As she arrived at the southeastern side of the ring where the edge was, she prepared herself to dash towards the far north side of the ring.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions were still happening around her here, 'He should be somewhere around there right now,' She assumed as she dashed forward with speed.


Still carrying the circular mass of whitish energy surrounding her as she moved, Angy arrived at the far northern side of the ring.

The instant she noticed the explosion delayed for one second, she released the whitish energy gathered around her figure.

Thhhwwiiihhhhh! Shhrroouummm!

It was like an epitome of destruction as the whitish energy spread across the place, destroying the entire vicinity around her.

The grounds were split open and disintegrated as the whitish energy touched them.


There was a loud scream in the vicinity a moment later as the body of a person was sent flying outwards.

The whitish energy covered the entirety of the battle ring before it disappeared.

The body that flew outwards earlier had slammed into the barrier, and the person had fallen unconscious.

Angy stood in place as she opened her eyes and looked around.

Where she was currently standing was the only place in the entire battle ring that was still intact.

It was practically like an extended pole at the moment since the rest of the vicinity had been leveled by over seven feet.

Everything around her had caved in, 'It has gotten more powerful?' Even Angy was surprised at the strength of this move because, formerly, it wasn't this strong.

The cadets in the vicinity had wide-open mouths. Most of them had no idea that she could do this. They thought she was just a mixedblood with superspeed.

The cadet she was battling with was laid out on the floor several thousand feet away, naked.

His uniform, along with the protective vest he wore underneath, had been completely incinerated, and he was covered in injury and blood.

The spectating cadets had open mouths as they stared at the destruction.

-"How is she not top ten?"

One of them voiced out with a disbelieving look.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The whole place became quite noisy as the spectators spoke to each other.

Angy, who had won her battle, still stood in place with widened eyes as she stared in the direction of the unconscious body.

Her body trembled slightly as her sight turned a little blurry.

She breathed in and out profusely before falling to her knees.


Angy started vomiting out the contents of her stomach.


-"What's wrong with her?"

-"Hey, is she sick or something?"

The cadets spectating wondered out loud as they noticed this.

Gustav stood to his feet with a worried expression while staring at the platform area.


An officer dived into the battle ring to attend to her.

In a few seconds, he brought her out of the ring with him. It still looked like she was in a dizzy state.

The other cadet, too, was also taken off the battle ring and was attended to by the medical personnel.

They still couldn't believe so much destruction could be caused by a first-year cadet.

The grounds started to mend themselves back as the orb floating above started displaying different images once again.

Gustav sat down back once again.

"Hehe, looks like you still care," E.E laughed lightly and spoke the moment Gustav took his seat.

"What?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of confusion.

"Didn't you say that you would no longer care about her?" E.E responded with a cheeky smile.

"I don't," Gustav denied and closed his eyes before resting his back against the chair.

"Of course you don't," E.E kept laughing.

Minutes went by, and finally, the last turn came.

It was finally Elevora's time to duel. Since she had just one challenger, this was her first and last battle for today.

The eyes of everyone spectating were focused on her as she walked down from the west area of the spectators' corner.

It was as if the others who also had their turns now had turned invisible. Only she hogged the spotlight at the moment.

She arrived in one of the battle rings after a few moments and waited for her challenger to arrive.

In a few seconds, a cadet with spiky orange-coloured hair walked into the stage.

He had a kind of goofy vibe as he stared at Elevora with a smile.

"Don't go easy on me... I believe my rival is stronger than you are," He voiced out.

Elevora raised one eyebrow up with a look of confusion as she heard that.

"Your rival?" She questioned.

Back in the spectators' area, Gustav, Teemee, E.E, Angy, Matilda and Falco had surprised expressions on their faces as they noticed the opponent.


They all voiced out with looks of disbelief.

"That idiot," Teemee's face palmed from his location while shaking his head with a look of pity.

"Out of everyone to challenge, he decided to go for her? What is he smoking?" E.E voiced out loud.

Elevora and Ria gazed at each other for a while before the go-ahead was given.


Ria instantly lunged forward.

Ffwwooommm! Brrrihhiibbrrriihhiii!

The instant Ria stomped on the floor, it parted way and opened up.

Pieces of the ground began to pull towards him and wrap around his body as he dashed forward.

Just as he arrived in front of Elevora, his entire body had been covered by rocky hardness.

"Take this,"

He voiced out as he punched forward towards her.

Elevora touched her headtie, 'No.. that would be an overkill,' She said to herself before smoothly swerving to the side to dodge Ria's first attack.