The Bloodline System - Chapter 409 - Deitrick Vs Gustav

Chapter 409 - Deitrick Vs Gustav

Chapter 409 - Deitrick Vs Gustav

Deitrick made use of that opportunity to dash to the side as he slashed towards Gustav's left rib area, causing a blade-shaped air pressure to form, hacking towards him with intensity.

Gustav turned towards the side and quickly sent out a kick in response. His muscular leg swung forward, ripping through the blade-like air pressure before colliding with Deitrick's palm.

Bam! Krryyhhhkk!

Low bone-cracking sounds rang out as Deitrick's arm was sent swinging backwards forcefully after the collision.

On Deitrick's face, a slight look of pain was evident as his body slid backwards. However, Gustav wasted no time chasing after Deitrick and reached out his hand to grab him.

Deitrick stretched his hand and created a ball of air in his palm.

Everything within the vicinity started being sucked into this ball as he shot it out, causing the ground to be split open due to its traction force.

Gustav felt the tugging force from the ball of air pulling him towards the side as he dashed forward.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav's arms that were being tugged suddenly increased in size, becoming as thick as trucks.


Gustav drove his fist through the ball of air, destroying it in one fell swoop, sending it forward.


The ground split open as his massive fist travelled forward, causing the air to ripple.

Deitrick, who thought he had managed to escape from Gustav's range due to the initial stunt he pulled, was surprised when he noticed the massive fist, with the size similar to that of a truck headed for his face.

The winds surrounding him turned fiercer as he tried to use a wall of wind to block the massive fist. Unfortunately for him, the fist ripped through the wall of air easily and slammed into his body, catapulting him backwards.


His body was tossed hundreds of feet across the air like a rag doll as he slammed into the barrier on the other end.

[-1000 EP]

[Size Manipulation Has Been Deactivated]

Gustav quickly deactivated Size Manipulation after noticing how much energy he had lost from increasing his arms to that size.

Although Size Manipulation helped in increasing his strength by a wide margin, he refrained from using it because of the way it drained energy.

Deitrick slammed into the other side and landed on the ground. He wiped the blood leaking down the corners of his lips.

'I opened the second gate right off the bat yet he wrecked me in less than thirty seconds... If I didn't have my protective vest worn underneath, I'd have received more damage than this,' Deitrick was astounded because the last time he battled Gustav with the second step opened, he wasn't defeated so easily.

'And what the hell is with that ability? He can increase the length of any part of his body?'

Deitrick wasn't the only one dumbfounded by this. The spectating cadets were as well because no one had ever seen Gustav use this ability.

Deitrick noticed Gustav up ahead and headed for him quickly. At the same time, Deitrick started poking different parts of his body again.


The wind surrounding him increased immensely, blowing his hair upwards as he stood to his feet.

The blood leaking from different parts of his body earlier stopped, and immense energy radiated around him.

At this point, everyone figured that whenever he poked different parts of his body like that, he would have something similar to a level up.

Both of them dashed out towards each other with speed, and it was obvious that Deitrick's speed had become way more than before.

He sucked air into his mouth and started shooting them out like bullets.

Pum! Pum! Pum! Pum! Pum! Pum!

The wind was practically invisible, but Gustav was able to sense the disruption in the space around him, which was why he was able to dodge them as they bolted across the air.

Booom! Booom! Booom!

The small round compressed air exploded outwards with intensity the moment he dodged the first one.

Gustav had already expected this and finally activated dash.

[Dash Has Been Activated]


As he sped past the area of effect, the ground behind split open as cracks appeared all over the place after the wind explosion.

Gustav dashed past every single one of the compressed wind that was shot outwards and arrived right in front of Deitrick while stretching out his right palm.

'I've always wanted to create this...' A milky glow suddenly surrounded Gustav's palm.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

It suddenly brightened immensely as a two-foot-long whitish blade formed in his grasp, which he swung out with force.

Deitrick sensed danger coming from the milky colored blade that was suddenly formed in Gustav's hand and reacted by sending slashes out with his palm in a chop format.

A powerful wind/like blade was created from that which collided with that of Gustav's.


To his surprise, not only was his wind blade divided into two halves, but it also disappeared the moments after Gustav's slashed through it.


The remnant of the energy after Gustav swung it kept travelling through the air and slammed into Deitrick's chest, cutting a thirteen inches gash all across his chest in a diagonal format.


Deitrick vomited out blood once again as his body was sent flying through the air as blood poured out of the cut.

'My protective vest was torn through, just like that?' His eyes widened in realisation and pain as he flew through the air.

Gustav dashed forward and jumped up with speed as he arched his left arm backwards.


He leaped upwards with immense force and threw his fist up towards Deitrick's back.


His fist slammed heavily into Deitrick's back, sending him flying upwards before he crashed into the protective dome.


His body started free falling again after he slammed into it, and Gustav once again jumped upwards before doing a three hundred, and sixty-degree spin with his right leg stretched forward.