The Bloodline System - Chapter 408 - A Tie

Chapter 408 - A Tie

Chapter 408 - A Tie

'Looks like I have to use it... So much for fighting with just my strength alone,' Glade said as she brought out a star-shaped fingernail-sized object and placed it on her forehead.

The reddish aura surrounding her was a bit similar to Teemee's, and it increased with intensity after that as she conjured chains in her hands.

Glade dashed forward again towards Havrina, and they clashed once again.

The reddish chains in Glade's possession carried a rippling force that twisted the space around it as she swung it out.

Fwwhii! Fwwhii! Fwwhhiiiii!

Glade had become twice as fast as before and could not get hit due to the speed multiplier she got from the Weapons storage back at the base.

In the blink of an eye, the red chains she conjured had tied Havrina's blade-like hairs together.

Glade pulled the chain with all her might, drawing Havrina to herself as she spun around with her leg swung out.

Havrina managed to block the attack even though she was taken by surprise.

However, the tables had turned at this point. Havrina was no longer able to hit Glade after her speed was multiplied by two.

Glade kept attacking her repeatedly, and despite Havrina's high defense, she would occasionally receive hits.

In a few more minutes, both of them were now in the same state. Both had injuries on their bodies and had almost run out of energy completely.

Blood covered Havrina's face in blood as she breathed in and out profusely, but she was still smiling crazily while Glade's speed multiplier had run out of energy.

Both of them were on their last straws, and neither of them had managed to inflict more damage than the other.

Glade and Havrina separated and stared at each other intensely before activating their most powerful attack.

A massive cylindrical-shaped structure was being formed above Glade as she raised her hand.

Havrina's hair suddenly started increasing in length and quantity, turning into multiple sharp blades that covered a large space as they shot forward.

Glade finished conjuring this massive reddish structure and also swung it forward intensely.


The instant they both collided, the force created sent ripples across the place that slammed into them both.

Bam! Bam!

Glade and Havrina's bodies slammed forcefully into the barrier on the south and north sides before passing out.


There was a brief silence as the cadets witnessing the battle waited for them to stand to their feet, but that didn't happen.

"The Match has ended in a tie due to both cadets knocking each other out," Officer Cole announced.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The place instantly turned noisy after the announcement was made.

After the barrier deactivation, the medical team swooped in to take Glade and Havrina away.

-"I thought Glade was going to win,"

-"They actually knocked each other out? Who knew Havrina was this strong,"

-"Well she was among the top seventy. Even though she's not a special class, she was really close to being one on the rankings,"

-"She should have challenged a weaker younger class,"

The spectating cadets discussed amongst themselves with tones and expressions of disbelief.

This was another match that the cadets wouldn't forget. After today, everyone was interested in knowing what the instructors' decision would be since the match ended in a tie.

The turns continued after this as the next cadets found their way to the battle rings.

Matilda had her second round in the next few turns, and the opponent didn't give her as much trouble as before.

About an hour later, It was E.E's turn again.

However, the same event played out during Falco's second turn.

Since E.E defeated his last two opponents in grand style, his third opponent grew cold feet and decided not to show.

Although a few battles previously had proven that the special class cadets were not undefeatable, most of the normal cadets could not boast of being as strong as someone like Teemee or Havrina.

They knew just where their strengths lie.

E.E left back to his seat after the ten seconds countdown was completed.

After a few more minutes, his turn ended, and it was time for Gustav to head towards the platform again.

Aildris also happened to have his third match at the same time with a slightly popular normal cadet who was a top hundred.

Gustav arrived in the ring after a few moments and waited for Deitrick to show up.

Deitrick showed up after a few seconds and walked into the battle ring.

He smiled at Gustav and nodded, "Let's have a fair match," He voiced out.

"You might want to do those weird pokes before we begin because this time I won't be giving you the opportunity to do so," Gustav responded with this.

"Thanks for the generous offer, then I would be polite and do that now," Deitrick said before he started poking different parts of his body.

The wind surrounding him suddenly turned weird and began to circulate around him.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he stared at Deitrick, 'That's much more powerful than before...' He noted before also transforming slightly.

On Gustav's right hand, sharp red claws phased out of his fingertips as his entire arm expanded and turned reddish with furs covering it while his left arm transformed into a muscular brown one.

His body size increased to over seven feet in height as his thighs and calves expanded with small two inches tusks protruding out of them.


The instant the go-ahead was given, Gustav darted forward without activating dash.

Everything in the surroundings slowed down as he noticed that his speed with transformation and without using dash was now similar to his speed making use of dash without any transformation.

As Gustav punched forward towards Deitrick, he conjured a wall of strong wind in front of him, which proceeded to slow down Gustav's attack.

Deitrick made use of that opportunity to dash to the side as chopped towards Gustav's left rib area, causing a blade-shaped air pressure to form, hacking towards him with intensity.