The Bloodline System - Chapter 407 - Havrina Vs Glade

Chapter 407 - Havrina Vs Glade

Chapter 407 - Havrina Vs Glade

The entire crowd was in disbelief as they saw Gustav turn around and start walking back towards his seat.

The cadet looked quite fearsome compared to Gustav after his transformation, yet he was defeated in just two moves.

Gustav's arms returned back to their initial size as he moved towards his initial sitting position.

The medical team rushed to the battle ring to attend to the half-dead cadet who practically had his head torn open by Gustav's punch.

Many of the cadets that watched the brief match had terrified expressions on their faces as they stared at Gustav's nonchalant bearing.

They had thought the battle would at least last longer than this due to how the last one went, but they had no idea that Gustav was just testing out his strength without making use of any transformational ability.

A lot of them swore in their hearts not to challenge him from this day on unless they had a sudden boost in strength.

The other battles continued within the neighboring rings. Gustav arrived back in his sitting position and watched the rest of the fight.

At the moment, Glade happened to be among the other special class cadets that had their turns, and she was battling a regular cadet who looked familiar.

Although Gustav figured that his next battle was probably going to be the toughest since it was with Deitrick, he wasn't really bothered as he watched Glade's duel with an undisturbed look.

This particular familiar female figure Glade battled with had a short frame of almost five feet. She had indigo-colored hair that was so long; it reached the back of her calves. Her look was extremely arrogant and sharp as she and Glade clashed repeatedly.

They seemed to be evenly matched. Gustav recognized this girl to be the same one that was trying to compete with him during the fifth phase within the underground ruins, Havrina.

This girl really loved competition, and the look on her face as she battled Glade made that even more obvious.

Her long hair floated in the air and extended, turning into blades that hacked at Glade repeatedly.

Glade was currently holding onto two scythes made of red energy. She used these scythes to parry the attacks of the sharp blade-like hairs swinging towards her body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The battle ring was riddled with destruction as their attacks collided repeatedly.

Glade formed many other red energy-like blades and leaped on one of them.

Swwwhiiiii! Swwhhhiii! Swhhii!

The red energy blades slashed towards Havrina's figure, violently pushing aside the multiple blade-like hairs swinging across the place.

Glade dashed forward with speed on the red energy blade she conjured, making use of that opening to arrive before Havrina.

She brandished her scythe, tightening her grip around the hilt intensely as she slashed forward towards Havrina's neck.

Havrina was not able to recall her long hair back to protect herself fast enough since they had just parried the rest of the long-range attacks she used earlier on.

Just as Glade's scythe was about to make contact, the tip of the scythe was suddenly met with opposition.


It was stopped a few inches away from her neck by an invisible force.

Glade was surprised as she noticed the smirk on Havrina's face after the attack was stopped.

Before Glade could make another move, she suddenly felt something sharp headed for her and quickly turned to the side.

However, she wasn't fast enough as the invisible force sliced a small part of the skin from her shoulder off.

Blood oozed down her sleeves. However, she was lucky enough that it was only a flesh wound.

'What in the world is that?' Glade wondered as she repeatedly swerved after sensing the invisible sharp force swinging for her.

Havrina still sliced off a part of Glade's hair since the sharp force was invisible.

Havrina dashed forward after Glade and swung out her sharp claws towards her body, intending to inflict serious damage.

Glade now had to dodge attacks of different kinds. The invisible sharp force, the sharp blade-like hairs and even Havrina claws.

Each swing was so powerful that the air rippled intensely.

Although Glade took pride in the toughness of her green body, she could tell that if any of Havrina's attacks hit, she would definitely take a lot of damage.

Gustav watched from his sitting position with God Eyes activated.

He could already see the invisible sharp line that kept slashing towards Glade. It had a strange whitish color, and it was extending from the back of Havrina's head.

'So it happened to be a strand of her hair? Why is it invisible?' Gustav wondered as he figured this out.

As the battle progressed, Glade was eventually riddled with so many cuts and tears all over her cadet uniform.

It was initially white, but now there were red patches all over the place, and the exposed parts showed her injuries.

She couldn't dodge everything Havrina was dishing out at the same time, which was why she was in her current state.

The entire crowd was quite shocked that another normal cadet had such strength and was managing to give a top forty special class cadet such troubles.

Glade was still considered quite strong amongst other special class compared to the one Teemee defeated, so everyone could tell that Havrina would have been a special class by now if she fought with a weaker special class.


Glade leaped backwards after dodging another round of attack and slid a few fifty feet backwards afterwards.

She breathed in and out profusely while staring at Havrina, who also had hurried breathing.

However, Havrina still looked crazy and hyped up as she stared at Glade in front.

"Come on greenie... Don't tell me that's all you got," She laughed with a look of ridicule while speaking.

'This little... I can't afford to lose. My special class title cannot be taken from me...' She gritted her teeth as she thought.

Her eyes looked across the spectators area as she glanced at two familiar figures for barely a few moments.