The Bloodline System - Chapter 406 - First Win

Chapter 406 - First Win

Chapter 406 - First Win

The cadets were shocked as the massive size cast a shadow over the place, covering Teemee's figure.


He screamed out as he flung the massive structure down with force.


Even before it landed, Teemee could feel the massive pressure radiating from it as the ground below vibrated, and the wind blew his hair backwards.


The reddish aura surrounding his being suddenly increased in brightness as he raised both arms up with speed.


The loud sound of the collision rang out as wind blew across the place.

Krryyhh! Krrhhykkk! Bang!

Cracks still continued to spread across the place as the special class cadet continued to push down the massive structure using the arms it conjured.

It still kept pressing down on that particular part of the battle ring and descending for several more seconds.

The dome-like barrier covering the ring vibrated also.

A smile appeared on his face as he was about to let go of it.

Suddenly, more cracking sounds were heard.

And this time, it wasn't coming from the ground. Instead, it was coming from the massive triangular structure.

Krrhhykkk! Bang!

A hole suddenly burst through the middle of the structure as Teemee came flying out of it with his body radiating with an immense reddish aura.

The blueish triangular structure dimmed down and blasted apart completely; however, everyone's eyes were on Teemee, who had arrived in front of the special class cadet.

Before the cadet could understand what was happening, four transparent reddish walls of energy suddenly appeared around both of them.


He felt his energy being drained at a very fast speed as the arms and legs he conjured disappeared.


Teemee swung out his fist at this time.


Although the special class cadet blocked it, he was still sent flying till he slammed through one of the reddish walls and landed on the other side of the battle ring.

He spat out blood as he forcefully stood to his feet and tried to conjure another attack.

However, he noticed that he was practically out of bloodline energy and couldn't use any large-scale attacks due to the previous one.


Teemee arrived in front of him again and punched out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right before everyone's eyes, a special class cadet was turned into a punching bag.

Teemee eventually knocked the special class out after a few more attacks.

Almost all the cadets were in a state of disbelief as the A.I. announced Teemee to be the winner.

A normal cadet had managed to win against a special class.

Teemee started walking back to his sitting position with a confident look.

He was still bleeding in several areas of his body that were exposed due to sharp slashes, but he totally ignored the medical team and said he was okay.

The others battles came to an end several minutes back with no other normal cadet winning.

Everyone realised at this point that Teemee must have been quite powerful since.

Before, he was among the top four hundred even though he wasn't a special class. Now that he had defeated this special class cadet who happened to be placed 49th, their positions had now been exchanged.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The hype and discussions continued for a long time, even after other battles began.

Teemee had suddenly become famous due to this and was now known as the dark horse.

About thirty minutes later, after two more turns had gone by, Gustav finally saw his image again.

At this time, E.E. and Aildris had also won their second fights earlier with ease.

Gustav walked towards the third ring just like earlier amidst the background conversations of the cadets who spotted him.

They wondered if the person who had challenged Gustav would show up or not after remembering how the last battle went.

In a few seconds, a five-and-a-half-foot-tall youngster stepped into the same battle ring as Gustav.

The cadets spectating were surprised that this person didn't forfeit, but Gustav understood that none of the three cadets whose challenge he accepted would even think of forfeiting, no matter how badly he beat up his opponents.

This was because the first one he battled was a spoiled rich kid who was overconfident, while the other two were interested in having Matilda's hand.

There was no way the other two would back down. They wouldn't want to be seen as cowards by Matilda later.

The youngster had white and blue colored dreadlocks that were tied in a bun.

"I love Matilda... Even if I do not defeat you today, I will train better to do so next time," He said with a slightly shaky voice.

"Hmm, alright good luck I guess," Gustav responded with a calm look.


The instant the go-ahead was given, the youngster transformed into a bulky lizard-like creature with the head of a bird.

It has green, white and blue scales, just like the youngster's hair color. However, this lizard-like creature was in a standing position with a twelve feet long and thick tail.

He made a loud screeching noise before charging for Gustav.

Gustav reacted in kind and dashed towards him as his arms increased in size, becoming that of the mutated bull.

[Partial Mutation Has Been Activated]


The youngster suddenly shot out black flames from his mouth before arriving in front of Gustav.

Gustav swerved right and made a beeline towards the youngster with speed.

He arrived in front of him and sent a punch straight to his guts.


The instant the creature received the punch, it tilted forward slightly due to the force. Meanwhile, another punch was already heading for his head.


Gustav slammed his right fist into the creature's head, causing him to fall flat on his face, cracking the hard ground.


Blood scattered all across the place as a small dent appeared on the youngster's head, from which blood oozed.

His body twitched severally as he laid on the ground for a few seconds before stopping.

-"Oi oi oi... What's going on? Don't tell me he just defeated that youngster just like that?"

The entire crowd was in disbelief as they saw Gustav turn around and start walking back towards his seat.