The Bloodline System - Chapter 405 - Winning Speculation

Chapter 405 - Winning Speculation

Chapter 405 - Winning Speculation

The instant those words were voiced out, both of them darted towards each other.

The special class cadet crossed his arms and separated them, forcefully swinging them sideways.

Two crossed blades with bluish energy sliced forward diagonally towards Teemee.

Teemee jumped in the air and spun, dodging both blades.

Swwrrhhiii! Screeevvv!

Thirty feet long gashes appeared on the ground behind Teemee as the blades sliced through it with ease.

The instant he landed on his feet, the special class cadet arrived in front of him and swung out his fist towards him.

Teemee bent backwards to dodge the swing, but suddenly a bluish three feet long blade appeared within his swung-out hand.

Teemee was in shock as he noticed the blade slicing towards his head.

A red beam of light suddenly covered his left arm as he raised it up quickly.


The blade sliced through the red beam of light and cut three inches deep into his arm, but the instant that happened, Teemee also punched out towards the cadet.


His fist landed on the cadet's chest, sending him sliding backwards by a few feet.

The bluish energy blade lodged into his hand turned into light fragments and disappeared as blood oozed down his arm.

He gritted his teeth in pain as he tightened his left fist.

The special class cadet stared at his chest area and noticed the dent in the special vest he was putting on.

Both of them stared at each other warily for a few moments before dashing forward again.

The special class cadet swerved left and right, dodging the attacks while also sending out his. Teemee was almost evenly matched with him, dodging most of the attacks.

His palms were still glowing crimson, and at every chance he got, he'd try to make contact.

The special class cadet jumped backwards and shot out a dozen bluish blade-like energy from his body towards Teemee below.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Teemee moved quickly from side to side dodging one blade after the other.

Each of them was so powerful that the ground of the battle ring was now filled with cuts, cracks and lines that extended over hundreds of meters.

As Teemee dodged, two more blades headed for his blind spots.

He quickly turned around and slapped one of them towards the side.


That particular one dimmed as he slapped it away while he grabbed the second one with his other hand.

It cut into his hand a little due to its sharpness, but the longer he held onto it, the more it dimmed.

As the special class cadet landed on the ground hundreds of feet behind, his eyes squinted as he noticed that.

Trrroooiinn! Troooiinnn!

Blueish energy started shooting out of his body, simultaneously turning solid.

Six more blueish arms grew out of his sides. Three on the left and three on the right, as well as four long insect-like arms, grew from his torso area. Next, they made contact with the ground and lifted him into the air.

He was no longer using his normal legs at this point, and his frame had gone up to ten feet.

Thrrii! Thrrii! Thrii!

The legs catapulted him forward with speed as they ran across the ground.

His speed was now two times as fast.

He arrived before Teemee and controlled the arms to swing towards him.

Swwoooooosshh! Swoosh!

Teemee jumped from place to place as the arm slammed into the ground, causing it to split open after missing him.

Two more arms were coming from above, but Teemee jumped up and flipped in mid-air while spinning his body to dodge the attacks.

The instant he landed back, an immensely bright red-like aura suddenly surrounded his entire being as he dashed across the place with speed.

Swwhhhiii! Swwwhiiiii! Pah! Pah! Pah!

His hand made contact with three legs in a manner of seconds, making them dim.

The legs started crumbling in a few seconds, causing the special class cadet to lose balance.

Before he could fall, he conjured another blueish leg to support himself while using some hands to touch down also.

Teemee suddenly leaped up again and thrust his palm forward.

Before his palm could make contact with the special class cadet, a raised arm swung down from above.


The massive blueish energy-like arm and Teemee's palm collided, sending both of them flying backwards.

The cadets spectating the battle at this point were surprised because the instant Teemee body was covered by the reddish like aura, it was as if he received a boost.

The other cadets were also having their battle in other rings at this point, but no normal cadet had been able to clash with a special class cadet on equal terms.

Gustav stared at their ring in particular and muttered, "Looks like we'll be having a new special class today,"

"Huh?" E.E and Falco exclaimed with a slightly confused look.

"Are you saying he might win?" Falco asked with an intrigued expression.

"I'm not saying he might win... I'm saying he will win," Gustav said with a look of certainty.

"Hnm something does seem special about him," Aildris muttered as well.

He couldn't really tell what was up, but his intuition was telling him that Teemee still had more than he had displayed.

'He's barely depleting any energy even after what he has done so far... Because he decomposes the attacks he makes contact with and turns it into a form of energy for himself,' Gustav noticed as he stared at Teemee using God Eyes.

Gustav had seen Teemee battle, so he knew there were still other things underneath his sleeves that he hadn't revealed yet.

The battle continued with them both managing to land hits sometimes and missing. However, the special class cadet was unable to bring Teemee down even after so long.

He suddenly activated a power skill where a bluish triangular-shaped structure phased out of his body and expanded immensely.

He raised it high as it increased to a size of close to five hundred feet.