The Bloodline System - Chapter 404 - Forfeiting The Match

Chapter 404 - Forfeiting The Match

Chapter 404 - Forfeiting The MatChapter

Gustav smashed Billy's body to the ground one more time and let go of his arm.

"Oh, my bad I thought you were stronger than that," Gustav muttered as he noticed that Billy had truly lost consciousness.

His right arm had popped out of its socket and was currently twisted at a very crazy angle. His mouth was wide open, displaying his incomplete set of teeth, and his face was smeared in blood along with the hole he was currently lying in.

-"He's so ruthless,"

-"I'm happy he didn't accept my challenge, look at that ridiculous strength,"

-"Just my type of man, he's so dreamy,"

The cadets that had spectated the battle had different opinions as they discussed amongst one another.

Gustav dusted his palms in a cool way and walked out of the battle ring.

Their battle had lasted around five minutes. It was longer than expected, but he already had a grasp of his current strength without making use of transformation and other bloodlines.

'Such massive improvement from accumulating srryhavo,' Gustav said internally with a look of satisfaction.

Other cadets were also performing better than before in their battles today due to the same reason.

However, their improvement was incomparable to those who lasted longer in accumulating srryhavo.

Gustav wondered just how much Elevora had improved since she lasted as long as he did.

He arrived back in his seat and sat down with an undisturbed look like he didn't just flatten an entire battle ring using someone's body.

The other battles in other rings were slowly coming to an end, but none of them caused as much destruction as Gustav and Billy's clash.

In a few more minutes, the sixth turn ended, and still, not a single person had been able to defeat a special class cadet.

In the next one hour, another six turns were over, and all the special class cadets had battled at least one of their opponents besides Elevora.

Aildris battle with a normal cadet ended in about thirty seconds due to the immense gap in strength.

It would have been shorter, but Aildris decided to give the opponent the chance to show what he could do.

Glade's fight also didn't take very long since when she used her ultimate move to conjure red energy like a massive structure and crashed it onto the battle ring.

Half of the battle ring was blasted apart due to this, along with her opponent.

Glade was among the top thirty strongest, after all. Matilda took quite some time to deal with her opponent due to their ability to increase the temperature of the surroundings.

Her bloodline, which gave her the ability to conjure silver armor and weapons, almost failed her because the silver armor covering her body was melting due to the immense increase in temperature of the surroundings.

She eventually won the battle before her defenses burnt up completely.

Angy's battle was also quite intense, and Gustav made sure to pay attention to gauge her improvement.

To his surprise, she had truly improved way better than he expected. Although he could still see slight hesitation when attacking.

She won by knocking the opponent out of the battle ring, which resulted in immediate disqualifications.

Some other special class cadets had won their battles quite easily. Now everyone realised that the special class cadets were not just given their special privileges for nothing. They were truly the best.

Currently, it was Falco's turn to have his second battle. However, he had been waiting in the battle ring for a while now.

"The countdown will begin for Galusec to come forth,"





The Voice of an AI reverberated across the place as it counted down.

On the other battle rings, the cadets had started battling with their opponents.

A few more seconds later, the countdown ended, and Falco's second opponent failed to show up, resulting in his disqualification.

This was the first time someone was throwing in the towel by not arriving in the ring to fight.

Falco shrugged and turned around to leave after he was announced as the winner of the battle.

A lot of cadets were not surprised about this development after remembering how his first battle went. The girl who was knocked out cold had a look of humiliation written all over her face as she stared in Falco's direction.

The battle with the others continued, and Gustav with the others awaited their turns again.

Several minutes more passed, and it was time for the next turn.

The massive black orb floating above the place picked the next turn.

This time Gustav noticed a familiar face among the ten.

He had aqua-colored shoulder-length hair and two red lines extending from his forehead to his left eyebrow.

This was Teemee, and it would seem he also challenged a special class cadet who happened to be ranked among the top fifty.

Teemee approached the platform beneath along with others who noticed that it was their turn.

His short frame was oozing with so much confidence as the red lines extending from his forehead to his left eyebrow glowed up.

"Isn't that one of the dudes from Matilda's party," EE mentioned after noticing him.

"Hmm? that's Teemee," Falco, who wasn't present at the party, was a bit confused by EE's statement, but he recognized Teemee since he was also among the circle of the rich.

"This might get pretty interesting..." Gustav muttered underneath his breath as his eyes glowed green and scarlet.

'He seems to have really improved in strength,' Gustav said Internally while zooming his sight on Teemee.

He had activated God Eyes, so he could see that Teemee was now way stronger than he used to be.

He arrived within the battle ring where the special class cadet was awaiting him.

His palms glowed crimson as he adopted a battle stance.

The special class cadet could sense that this was no ordinary, normal cadet, so he also adopted a battle stance with a cautious expression while waiting for Officer Cole to give the go-ahead.


The instant those words were voiced out, both of them darted towards each other.