The Bloodline System - Chapter 403 - Body Slammed

Chapter 403 - Body Slammed

Chapter 403 - Body Slammed

Gustav pulled Billy upwards with speed and flung him towards the side again.


His entire body slammed forcefully into the ground again.

Billy's face squeezed up with a look of humiliation as his body met the ground again.

Just as Gustav lifted him again to fling him across the place, a spherical object suddenly spread across his back and ignited, causing fiery blue energy to shoot out of it.


The immense powered, filled ignition shot Billy's body forward, freeing him from Gustav's grasp.


His body spun several times in the air before he landed several hundred feet away.

His facial expression was one of anguish as he brought out two more of those circular disc-shaped objects and quickly glued them to his thigh area.

His thighs and calves instantly expanded, giving him a more monstrous look, "You're finished!"

He voiced out as he dashed forward with twice his initial speed.

He arrived in front of Gustav and threw out his left fist towards Gustav's face.

[Dash has been activated]

Gustav finally activated dash, which added twenty points to his current speed level.


He moved to the side, dodging the fist that tore through the air with a whooshing sound.

Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing!

Billy threw out his fists repeatedly in a very fast motion towards Gustav's face and body which he dodged with ease swerving all across the place.

At this point, the cadets spectating were very surprised to see the speed at which Billy was moving and was even more surprised to see Gustav dodging them without breaking a sweat.


Gustav leaped backwards by around a hundred feet dodging another attack, but Billy didn't waste a single second before also leaping forward while arching his left arm back to the limit.


He shouted out as he threw his mighty fist downward towards Gustav while descending.


Gustav moved backwards by a few feet, dodging Billy's huge fist, which ended up slamming into the ground in front of him.


Dust and debris were sent flying into the air as his fist punched a hole through the ground of the battle ring. The wind from the collision spread across the place, causing Gustav's uniform to bloat as he stared at the cracks that were currently spreading around a radius of over five hundred feet.

'That packs quite the power,' Gustav said internally.

The cadets spectating were once again astonished by the strength each blow carried.

Gustav dashed towards Billy's side and swung out his left foot towards his rib cage area.


The same rocket-like ignition as before appeared in the middle of Billy's chest area, again shooting him backwards with speed before Gustav's foot could make contact.

Gustav retracted his leg after missing and was about to dash forward when a loud explosion occurred at his position.


Gustav was taken by surprise and blasted backwards by the force of the explosion.

His body did a flip in the air as he landed on his feet a few hundred feet back.

Dust still covered the entire vicinity in front of him. However, the instant he landed on his feet, a hole-like path was cleared in front of the dust as Billy's huge body came flying through it with speed.

He arrived in front of Gustav in almost an instant with his fist aiming for Gustav's head.

It practically took everyone by surprise as they stared at the battle ring with widened mouths as they saw Billy's fist appear in front of Gustav's face.

Everyone was expecting to hear a loud sound of collision next; however…

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Billy's fist slowed down by a little in Gustav's line of sight as he activated sprint.

He raised his left palm with speed and put it in front of his face.


A loud sound of collision rang out after Gustav blocked the heavy punch.


The ground blasted open underneath his feet due to the immense force behind it.

The smile on Billy's face froze as he saw his punch get stopped, "Impossible… I used every speed related item in my arsenal, you shouldn't have been able to stop that," He said warily with a look of disbelief as he tried pulling his fist away from Gustav's grasp.

"Alright it's time to end this. I've messed around for too long," Gustav muttered underneath his breath as he increased the force of his grip on Billy's fist.

Billy groaned in pain as he heard his bones making squeaking sounds. Gustav pulled Billy forward and grabbed onto his wrist area with his right arm before swinging him over himself and slamming him to the ground again.


The already cracked ground of the battle ring cracked even more after the collision. Gustav lifted Billy into the air again and was about to smash him to the ground once more when he activated the rocket ignition gadget.


He had expected himself to be freed from Gustav's grasp once again, but this time, Gustav's grip was so powerful that his body only flayed in the air repeatedly while his arm that was being held kept him in place.

"Not this time," Gustav said with a calm look before pulling Billy down with force again and smashing him into the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gustav kept lifting and slamming him into the ground without stopping.

The spectators had lost count of the number of times Gustav had slammed Billy onto the ground due to the speed at which he was lifting and throwing his massive body all across the place.

Pieces of teeth flew out along with blood as Billy's jaw was smashed along with his forehead that was currently bleeding.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Regardless of that, Gustav didn't mind and continued on with the smashing.

Billy was in tremendous pain as he felt his bones breaking.

"Your opponent has lost consciousness… you can stop now," Officer Cole, who was supervising the battles from the far end of the platform, voiced out.