The Bloodline System - Chapter 402 - Billy Vs Gustav

Chapter 402 - Billy Vs Gustav

Chapter 402 - Billy Vs Gustav

His vision turned distorted due to the speed at which his body was being thrown across the place. He was already feeling like he was going to empty out the contents of his stomach anytime soon.

E.E had already moved to the corner of the battle ring so as not to interrupt this process. This continued for about thirty seconds more till he opened a vortex a few feet in front of himself.


The cadet appeared from it, moving in his direction without control.

E.E had already arched his arm back at this point.


His palm covered in a small vortex swung forward with speed.


It slammed into the mechanical frame as it arrived in front of him, causing ripples to travelled across it as the vortex in his palm went through and consumed the body of the cadet within.

The mechanical frame flew backwards and slammed into the ground, unable to move again.


Meanwhile, the cadet within appeared on the ground before E.E, kneeling.

"I- I sur-ren-der," He mumbled with a drowsy look before falling face flat and losing consciousness.

E.E smiled with a jovial look as he turned around and started heading towards his seat.

'Looks like I was able to pull it off with ease this time,' He said internally with a joyful expression.

After E.E's fight, that particular turn ended.

Everyone wasn't surprised he took that long to defeat the cadet because they had witnessed just how stacked the cadet was with defenses. They were more astonished to see the variety of things E.E could do with his vortexes.

"Hey man," He gave Gustav a fist bump as he arrived back at their sitting position.

"Good match," Gustav smiled as he pulled his fist back after the bump.

"Nah, yours will be better... Why do I have a feeling that you'll be next?" E.E said after sitting as he stared at the massive orb floating above.

On the orb, the images of the cadets were currently being shuffled through. It was about to pick the next matchup at random again.

"Hmm, I guess we shall see," Gustav said while also staring up.

In a few more seconds, the ten images of cadets that were battling next were displayed.

A smile appeared on Gustav's face as he stood to his feet.

"Looks like you were right," He turned to E.E as he voiced out.

"Haha, my intuition is top notch... Go get em," E.E responded.

Gustav stared at the display up again as he turned to start moving forward, "This won't take long... I'll be back soon," His declaration was with a low tone, but due to the confidence imbued within it travelled across the ears of a lot of cadets in the vicinity.

-"Ugh, he's so cocky,"

-"Well he might not be wrong, he is top five after all,"

-"But Billy has a crazy rich background and a lot of gadgets in his arsenal I'm sure,"

They voiced out from the background.

The whole place turned quite noisy as the cadets spotted Gustav moving down after seeing his picture on the orb.

He was the first top-five battling with a normal cadet today, so everyone was interested in seeing how it would go.

Gustav's opponent Billy was quite popular among the normal cadets due to his background as the descendant of one of the wealthiest tycoons in the world.

Gustav happened to pick him because of this. He picked one rich kid to battle and two that were after Matilda's hand.

He could more or less predict how his first turn was going to play out since it was going to be with Billy.

He arrived within the battle ring, and a six and a half foot tall slim youngster with black braided hair entered into the same battle ring.


"You made a wrong decision by choosing to accept my challenge... I will prove to everyone that I'm better than a top five and take your position," He voiced out while bringing out a black disc structured item that was the size of a thumb nail.

He brought out three more and placed one on his left chest area, one on his right chest area, the back of his left palm and his right palm.

"That's an amplifier... I don't need anymore fancy tools to defeat you," He said while adopting a battle pose.

Grrhh! Grrrhh!

His muscles started bulging crazily, turning him extremely bulky and monstrous-looking mixedblood with visible veins line.



Billy dashed out the instant he heard that. The instant he moved a step forward, his foot had already created a small dent on the ground due to the strength his stomp generated.

The crowd was shocked and wondered just how much strength he had at the moment.

All this time, Gustav had been staring at him with an unbothered look and didn't say a word throughout.

However, the instant that the go-ahead was given, he also dashed out with speed.


A visible line was cut across the air as Gustav arrived almost instantly in front of Billy, who had just moved forward by only a single step.


Gustav's palm travelled in a straight line towards Billy's chest.

Billy's eyes widened as he witnessed the crazy speed of Gustav that wasn't present in the past.


A barrier suddenly appeared in front of Billy's chest.


Gustav's palm slammed into the barrier and got prevented from going further.

Billy used that instant to quickly throw out a fist towards Gustav.


Despite the speed of the fist, it still missed Gustav as he moved slightly to the side.

He wasn't surprised at this defense in the slightest as he had been expecting it, even though Billy said he wasn't going to use any other means to battle with him.

Gustav grabbed hold of the arm and turned around with speed before flinging Billy.


Billy's large body slammed into the hard ground, parting it open.

"Your gadget protects you from attacks from me but it definitely won't protect you from slamming into the ground," Gustav said while still holding onto Billy's arm.

He could already tell that whatever protective gadget Billy was making use of only reacted to attacks like that, but it definitely wouldn't react when Billy's body was heading for the ground.

Gustav pulled Billy upwards with speed and flung him towards the side again.


His entire body slammed forcefully into the ground again.