The Bloodline System - Chapter 401 - E.E Uses A New Skill

Chapter 401 - E.E Uses A New Skill

Chapter 401 - E.E Uses A New Skill

-"Did he just end the fight in less than ten seconds?"

The crowd of cadets spectating was shocked as they noticed the fight end so soon in ring three.

Even the invisible dome covering the edges of the ring to prevent the attacks from affecting the audience rippled when Falco slammed his opponent's face to the ground.

The equipment covering her body had merged itself back from the crack Falco's alter ego cause. However, the girl had been knocked out cold.

Blood trickled from her forehead as Falco straightened himself and turned around to leave the ring.

The cracks that extended all across the ground also began to mend.

-"Was Falco always this strong?"

The cadets were still quite surprised because they had never really seen Falco getting taken over by his alter ego.

They noticed the dark tattoos all over the exposed parts of his skin begin to retract as he moved towards his sitting position.

The gigantic black orb floating above displayed Falco as the winner of the match as the medical team moved towards the platform to pick the girl up.

"I told you to be less brutal," Falco mumbled underneath his breath as he climbed up.

On the other rings, battles were still going on, however from the looks of things, no normal cadet had leverage over the special ones.

One of the battle rings was covered in sticky diamond-looking goo. As massive pillars shot out from one part of the ground.

The normal cadet battling this special class cadet was formerly gliding through the air using a flying board when he was encircled by these pillars. He was able to dodge a few, but in the next second, he was encompassed by two massive ones that slammed into him from behind and in front.


A massive shield suddenly appeared around him, protecting him from the attack.

However, the special class cadet didn't relent and kept on attacking.

The normal cadet only managed to pull off, manifesting a few attacks, but he was still being pushed back.

On the other rings, the normal cadets were also being pushed back by the special class cadets regardless of their gadgets.

In a few more minutes, all the special class cadets defeated their opponents and were headed to their seats.

The spectating cadets were wowed by the performances they had just witnessed. Especially that of Falco's. Falco was only ranked around the top fifty strongest, so a lot of them targeted him based on his rank among the special class being low.

They had no idea that the ranking boards only updated their information based on what the hidden cams within the camp had recorded.

So only based on the performance of the cadets were the rankings updated. This was Falco's first time battling any other cadet or showing just how powerful he could be.

The cadets realised that battling the special classes would not be so simple even though they had also improved during this one month.

The gigantic orb above displayed that the first turns had been completed and proceeded to start shuffling the images of the cadets once again.

In the next few seconds, it displayed the turns of the next ten.

The cadets that were next moved towards the platform.

Fifty minutes went by in a flash, and within this time frame, about four turns had been completed, and so far, not a single normal cadet had been able to defeat a special class.

Only one normal cadet came close to winning.

This battle was quite intense, but they had both practically ran out of energy after using very powerful attacks repeatedly, causing a lot of destruction to the battle ring.

However, due to endurance, the normal cadet became unconscious after receiving a very little hit with barely any damage power.

At the moment, E.E had his first battle, and it was with a particularly rich kid who was buffed up with so many gadgets and super defense.

He was currently finding it difficult to inflict any damage on the cadet due to the fact that after he broke through a particular layer of defense, another one would come up.

"Hehe I'm gonna keep tiring you out till you run out of bloodline energy... Once you do, your loss is certain," The kid voiced out from the other side.

His entire frame was hidden within a massive twelve feet mechanical frame powered by a little bloodline energy. An energy shield surrounded his figure, and this prevented E.E's vortexes from phasing through.

E.E shook his head with a look of pity, "You're only gonna make me end up putting in more effort than I'm not supposed to," He responded with a smile before stretching out his right hand.

'Arcana Accelerator Membrane,' E.E said internally with a calm look as a violet circle of light surrounded his right arm.


A massive vortex suddenly opened up behind the cadet with a huge suction force coming from it which immensely affected the surroundings.

The cadet's eyes widened slightly as he felt the pull of the vortex from within the energy barricade surrounding him.

It was pulling the mechanical suit he was hiding in specifically while the energy barricade surrounding him was unaffected.

E.E's eyes suddenly glowed a dark violet color as he snapped his fingers.


The instant that happened, the suction force from the ring increased exponentially.


The cadet screamed out as his entire frame with the twelve feet tall mechanical suit got lifted into the air and pulled backwards.


He slammed into the energy shield, which gave way due to him being the one that put it up.

In the next instant, his frame was pulled into the vortex.

Troooiinnn! Trrroooiinn! Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn!

About seven more vortexes appeared in mid-air, scattered across the place.

Zwhhiiii! Zwhhiiii! Zwhhii! Zwhhiiii!

The cadet appeared from one with his entire frame moving very quickly and entering into another vortex.

He appeared from another one and got flung into another.

He kept flying all across the place, getting pulled into one vortex and appeared from another one and getting pulled into another again.