The Bloodline System - Chapter 398 - [Bonus ]Accumulating Syrrhavo

Chapter 398 - [Bonus ]Accumulating Syrrhavo

Chapter 398 - [Bonus ]Accumulating Syrrhavo

Officer Briant fingers ran across the middle of his back twice and tightly pressed against the cadet's spinal area.

Then he moved to his shoulders and poked them twice before giving the cadet a chop at the back of his neck.

All this time, the cadet had been screaming because his body had been going through excruciating pains.

The instant Officer Briant's palm slammed into the back of his neck, he felt a sharp stinging pain from the middle of his chest.

It was so painful and peppery that the cadet groaned loudly.

"Now hold that energy in your chest area... Prevent it from moving or dissolving. Let it keep accumulating, the higher it accumulates, the more you can use this technique to improve your strength," Officer Briant instructed before moving onto the next cadet.

The same scene played out again as officer Briant performed the same action with the former one.

His assistants were also doing the same thing to other cadets in different places.

After ten minutes, he got to Gustav's position and started performing the same action on Gustav.

The moment Officer Braint's finger poked into his back, Gustav understood why the other cadets had been screaming in pain the whole time.

It was truly excruciatingly painful. Gustav moaned in a low tone as Officer Briant ran his pointed fingers across the middle of his back.

'Just what is this thing... I can feel a kind of energy building up in my chest area,' Gustav sensed.

The moment Officer Briant's palm collided with the back of his neck Gustav felt his vision darken as the energy gathering in his chest area increased immensely.

His whole body, at this point, was in pain as his chest heaved up and down.

"Hold that energy in your chest area,"

Although his senses felt woozy at the moment, he heard Officer Briant words.

Gustav wondered if others felt as intense as he did.

He bore the pain and held onto the energy within that kept accumulating as seconds passed.

Every cadet that had gone through that had their chest perked out and could be seen breathing in and out profusely.

About an hour later, every cadet had undergone the same thing and was holding whatever energy they had gathered within their chest area.

A lot of them were already close to releasing it because they couldn't hold on anymore.

"Pay attention... That energy gathered at your chest area is called Syrrhavo. It can only be harnessed at the peak of your growth stage which is now. And it can only be harnessed once throughout the lifetime of a mixedblood, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity." Officer Briant announced.

"There are two ways it can help you... The first is that it will help expand the arteries and veins connected to your bloodlines, which in turn causes a chain reaction where you can channel your bloodline half twice as fast or twice as fast as before. The second is that it draws out a hidden potential within your bloodline, unlocking a powerful bloodline ability. The effectiveness is based mostly on how much you can hold on to it and stop it from dissolving within your body prematurely.

For it to work, your bloodline has to be in a dormant state, which is the reason for the seal. Also, to gather the energy, your body must be ordinary like that of a human, which is another reason for the seal and the daily routines.

If your bodies hasn't undergone training while your bloodlines were sealed, a lot of you will have passed out while I was imparting it, which would have made everything useless," Officer Briant explained.

The cadets now understood after listening to his explanation, but they wondered if the morning routine would continue after today.

"Now if you cannot hold on to it any longer, you need to pass it from place to place across your body for it to dissolve without sending your body into a state of shock," He added and began to explain the procedure with more details.

Those that couldn't hold on any longer did as they were told, and In a few seconds, the energy had dissolved within their body.

They had looks of relief as they felt the pain on their bodies lessen.

Officer Briant went on to unseal their bloodlines, and every one of them had looks of astonishment as they observed their body.

Officer Briant permitted them to dismiss themselves after they were done since there was nothing left to do here today.

Some cadets who had the action performed on them later than the others were still able to hold onto theirs.

A few strong normal cadets and the special class cadets still held on to theirs, waiting for the energy to accumulate more than the others to achieve maximum effect.

Gustav was drenched in his sweat at this point but still held on.

He put himself in a posture where he was able to manage the pain his body was experiencing by breathing properly.

Another hour passed, and the number of cadets still holding on had dwindled to around thirty.

Even special class cadets had dropped out at this point and unsealed their bloodlines.

Currently, there was only one non-special class cadet in the midst of twenty-nine special class cadets.

Angy and Falco had dropped out some time ago, but Matilda and Glade were still holding on.

Gustav, E.E, and Aildris were also holding on.

Elevora had a sweat-soaked face, but her expression was like that of Gustav's, unbothered.

In fact, she even looked more like she wasn't in any pain, unlike Gustav, whose forehead would occasionally crease like he was in the toilet trying to pass a hard shit.

More and more of them began to drop out, and in a few more minutes, only eight cadets were left.

Gustav, E.E, Aildris, Chad, Elevora, Endric, Chutlu and Deitrick.

Chute was the number four ranked cadet before Gustav, while Deitrick was not even a special class, yet he had held on for this long.

This amazed a lot of them that were watching from the sideline.

They were waiting to see who would be the last.

"Ah, I ca-n't ho-ld on anymore... I'm signing out guys," E.E voiced out as he performed the procedures necessary to finish up.

Just as he dropped out, so did Chutlu and Chad.

At this point, only Gustav, Aildris, Elevora, and Endric were the special classes left.

Endric seemed to still have a lot of spunk in him as he held on with a proud expression on his face.

("Hey, I can help you double the effect if you want,") Gustav suddenly heard the system voice out internally.