The Bloodline System - Chapter 399 - Finishing Up And Heading For The Battle Arena

Chapter 399 - Finishing Up And Heading For The Battle Arena

Chapter 399 - Finishing Up And Heading For The Battle Arena

("Hey, I can help you double the effect if you want,") The system suddenly voiced out internally.

'What? Are you being serious right now?' Gustav asked.

("Of course... That is if you meet up...") The system replied cryptically.

'Meet up with what?' Gustav questioned internally.

("5, 4, 3...")

The system suddenly started counting down.

Gustav wondered what it was up to.

("1 and finally 0")

[Hidden Quest Completed: Accumulate Syrrhavo for up to three hours]

This notification suddenly popped up in Gustav's line of sight.

Gustav now realized that this was what the system was referring to when it mentioned meeting up.

At that moment also Aildris and Endric ended their accumulation and stood up to unseal their bloodlines.

Endric threw Gustav a sharp gaze before moving away from the vicinity after his bloodline was unsealed.

The cadets in the vicinity were extremely astonished that Endric held on for this long and realized that he might just end up being among the top ten, just as some of them mentioned earlier.

A lot of them were interested in seeing just how powerful he was. Seeing that he lasted this long, they couldn't help but wonder how both brothers were so talented.

("Are you ready to release what you have accumulated so far?") The system asked.

'Not yet, I can still hold on,' Gustav responded internally while raising his head up to stare at Elevora up ahead.

Elevora also raised her head, and their eyes met. Gustav could see the calmness in her eyes, almost like she wasn't going through any pain.

'Just how high is her mental state… she seems so calm like nothing can break her,' Gustav wondered, not realizing that he was still staring into her eyes.

'What makes him so cold and uncaring? Just what has he gone through?' Elevora had these thoughts running through her mind as well.

'Well let's see who's gonna back out first,'

Elevora and Gustav suddenly smirked as the exact same thought appeared in their minds.

They both focused and kept holding on as long as they could.

Moments turned to seconds and seconds to minutes as another hour went by in the blink of an eye.

The cadets witnessing this in the vicinity were extremely speechless at this moment as they stared at these two monsters. Some of them only lasted for about thirty minutes since the pain was unbearable. Those who lasted for up to an hour even bragged about it, yet these two have been going at it for up to four hours now.

"Alright that's enough you two." Officer Briant suddenly appeared in their midst.

"Any more and you'll damage your body… Never heard the term ``too much of everything is bad?" He added with a serious expression mixed in with a bit of playfulness.

"Oh? So we should end it now?" Gustav asked.

Officer Briant nodded in response, "Don't damage your bodies, this is already enough,"

Gustav and Elevora decided to listen and started the procedure to stop the accumulation.

("He's right, anymore and your body would be damaged but your regeneration is still active at the moment, so you'd heal,") the system stated while Gustav was in the process of ending the accumulation.

'It's better to end it now, so there will be suspicions… besides I'm already exhausted. I'm barely hanging on,' Gustav responded as he continued spreading the syrrhavo all across his internals.

He and Elevora took longer, ending the accumulation process because they had accumulated so much of it.

Gustav's body nearly went into shock because it felt like he was being electrocuted as the syrrhavo dissolved.

("Doubling Effect now,")

The system suddenly voiced out in his head.

Gustav had expected he would feel more pain. However, on the contrary, he felt coolness like his internal organs were undergoing a form of therapeutic massage.

After two more minutes, he was done.

He and Elevora stood up at the same time, and Officer Briant unsealed their bloodlines.

Gustav felt his body become extremely lighter than before as his bloodlines began to function again.

He could feel his entire being radiating with more energy than before. He tried channeling his bloodline for a moment and noticed the massive transformation.

Gustav could tell that he would reach the next bloodline rank in no time with this amount of speed.

'Who knew the MBO had such a technique? No wonder they're the most powerful,' Gustav thought about it and came to this realisation.

Everyone had gotten a massive boost from this. It had increased their channel speed which meant that, unlike regular mixedbloods, they wouldn't have issues breaking through and channeling their bloodlines past the ranks that were tough to scale through.

"Gustav... Good one," Elevora voiced out from up ahead before she started moving towards the path that led out of the field.

Gustav stared at her back for a moment before turning around to the side to go meet up with E.E and the others who had been waiting for him all along.

"Race back to our dorm... Let's go guys," Gustav said with a smile as he dashed forward.


E.E, Falco and Aildris quickly followed after him, dashing forward into the distance.

A cloud of dust was stirred up due to their speed.

E.E dashed forward before he conjured a vortex in front, which made him appear several hundred feet ahead.

Aildris crossed a couple hundred feet just by moving once. At the same time, Falco's alter ego took over and leaped across the air, leaving a blurry black afterimage in his wake.


Minutes later, Gustav was in his apartment channeling his bloodline within one of the small rooms.

At this time, it was only a few minutes to ten am, so Gustav opened his eyes after several more minutes of channeling.

'It's time to go,' He said internally as he picked himself up and moved out of his apartment.

E.E and the others were already waiting.

They decided to head towards battle arena #7 together.