The Bloodline System - Chapter 397 - Officer Briant's Technique

Chapter 397 - Officer Briant's Technique

Chapter 397 - Officer Briant's Technique

Practically all the cadets were already awake before the alarm rang out and were gathered at the field for the morning routine.

No one was interested in going two laps for the morning routine, so they made sure to arrive earlier.

Everyone was looking energetic this morning. They were looking forward to how the day was going to turn out.

Those who had issued challenges most especially were hoping they had been picked to battle the special class cadets they issued out their challenges to.

Gustav arrived on the scene with E.E, Aildris, and the rest before the alarm even rang out.

"Everyone arrived quite early today. You maggots seem to be in high spirits..." Officer Briant voiced out with a burst of laughter.

"Good! As you all know, the Special class cadets duel challenge is taking place today.

By ten am, those involved are to gather in Battle arena #7. Everyone else can decide to come and spectate if they want to.

Besides the morning routine, all other training sessions are canceled for the day.

Your points will also be allocated by the

end of the day." Officer Briant announced.

The cadets nodded in response as they voiced out, "Understood Instructor,"

"All special class cadets are expected to be in attendance," He added.

"Well except for the new one that just arrived... Since he's just arriving no challenge was issued out to him so, Endric Oslov is exempted," Officer Briant voiced out, causing all the cadets to look around with a look of contemplation.

This was when some of them noticed the new youngster in their midst.

Although it was impossible for all the cadets to know each other due to their numbers which were over a thousand, they would still recognize someone that they had seen before.

And this kid was someone who they were just seeing here for the first time.

He had curly black hair, was about five foot six in height, and was handsome but extremely haughty.

He looked at everyone around him like they were lesser creatures.

-"Hey, who is this kid and why is he just arriving?"

-"Hmm Endric Oslov? He's also a special class... Why does he look so familiar?"

-"He looks quite strong... Maybe be might make to the top fifty cadet ranking board,"

The chatters of the cadets could be heard as everyone focused on Endric's current position.

'Endric has arrived?'

Cadets from Plankton city had widened eyes as they spotted Endric's figure.

Those who had passed the first test initially but were unable to become special classes remembered how much of a bully he was.

Some of them who ended up being his victims swallowed saliva as they subconsciously shrank back.

Angy, who happened to be not too far away from his position with Glade and Matilda, stared at Endric with a conflicted expression.

Silent rage started building up in her heart as she stared at him, intensely remembering everything that happened in the neighborhood.

Endric turned to the side and made eye contact with her.


A smirk appeared on his face as he winked and turned back to look forward.

'Why does it look like he didn't learn his lesson?' Angy thought.

Gustav stared in the direction at which everyone was looking from the corner of his eyes, 'The brat has finally arrived...'

"Hmm looks like the little one has arrived... I heard from an anonymous source that he was serving penalty for some misconduct," Aildris said to Gustav.

"Yeah he was, apparently..." Gustav responded.

"Apart from the reduction in body width I'd say there's nothing different about him. Maybe he didn't really serve any penalty," Falco said with a look of uncertainty.

"Hey what are y'all whispering about? Do y'all know that kid?" E.E was the only one lost here.

"Yeah, he is Gustav's little brother," Falco revealed.

"What? That arrogant looking runt is Gustav's kid brother?" E.E subconsciously shouted out, causing others in the vicinity to stare in their direction.

"Will you fucking lower your voice?" Falco cussed after hearing E.E shout out.

-"What? That kid is Gustav's little brother?"

-"Now I understand why he looked familiar,"

-"Oh my Gosh we have two special class siblings. They'll be unbeatable,"

-"But why do they not share the same last name?"

"Why didn't you tell me you had a little brother?" E.E said with a look of excitement.

"Because I don..." Before Gustav could respond, Officer Briant stomped his feet on the ground, causing everyone to concentrate on him.

"This morning, you all won't be running round the course like usual," He said with a look of mysteriousness.

The cadets had looks of confusion as they heard that, wondering what Officer Briant had in mind.

"Your everyday morning routine with your bloodlines sealed was only to increase the strength of your bodies for the technique I'm about to pass down today," He explained with a profound look.

"I will be sealing your bloodlines again before imparting this technique to you all," He added before gesturing for everyone to sit on the grass field.

The cadets did as they were told and sat cross-legged as Officer Briant dashed across the place, sealing their bloodlines again.

"Sasha, Ibrahim, help me with the impartation of the technique," Officer Braint called out to his assistants after he finished sealing the bloodlines of every single cadet.

He initially paused in front of Endric earlier, contemplating whether his body could bear it. Still, Endric assured him that there were no worries.

Officer Briant recalled that his report said Endric had been in secluded training with his bloodline nearly sealed completely. Hence, he figured there wouldn't be any issues.

The three officers began from three different positions in the crowd of cadets that were currently sitting cross-legged on the field.

Officer Briant squatted behind the first cadet in front and poked out two fingers from his right hand before stabbing it into the cadet's spinal area.

The cadet moaned in pain, but Officer Briant asked him to stay still.

Swhhii! Swhhii!

Officer Briant's fingers ran across the middle of his back twice, tightly pressed against the cadet's spinal area.