The Bloodline System - Chapter 394 - Officer Mag's Gravitational Punishment

Chapter 394 - Officer Mag's Gravitational Punishment

Chapter 394 - Officer Mag's Gravitational Punishment

Gustav turned around and joined the rest of the cadets to battle against the A.I.s that were currently within the spacecraft.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Attacks were sent flying everywhere, and in ten minutes, all the A.I.s had been completely dealt with.


A loud alarm rang out as the simulation room returned back to its normal state.

The gravity turned normal once again, and they were no longer in space.


A door on the right slid open, and Officer Mag walked in with the other cadets that were sent flying out of the hole on the wall earlier.

The cadets that were formerly sent flying had looks of shame as they walked in.

"What did I instruct you to do the moment a part of the ship gets blasted apart and a suction force starts pulling you towards the hole!?" She voiced out with a loud tone causing those behind to shiver subconsciously.

"T- tap on the antigravitational field button,"

They answered in unison behind her.

"And where is it located?" She asked with an annoyed tone.

"O-on o-our left breast pocket area,"

They answered again.

"How come twenty of you failed to do that? You had at least 1.637 seconds to tap yet you all failed to do something so simple!" She voiced out.


They didn't know how to answer that.

"Useless! Bunch of useless!" She reprimanded harshly.

"B-but Instructor Mag, it's not our fault... We only had less than two seconds. Why are you being so mean?" A youngster courageously voiced out from behind.


Some cadets subconsciously gasped after hearing that.

"Did you just talk back to me?" Officer Mag questioned while turning around to look up at the six-foot brown-haired kid.

"I'm just..." He couldn't find the words as he noticed her scary round eyes.

Officer Mag arrived in front of him and pointed out her finger to poke his abdomen area.

She was so quick that even the youngster didn't feel her finger until after she had withdrawn it.


He didn't even get to react before he fell flat on his face feeling extreme heaviness on his body.

The others warily moved away from his side and stared at him with a look of pity.

He struggled to move his neck as he raised his head to stare at officer Mag.

Officer Mag squatted, "Now this is a much better height for a convo... What did you say about me being mean? Hahahaha, alright then remain like this till the end of the session." She said before standing straight.

The youngster was unable to speak due to the heaviness.

"Now you lots also deserve punishment... hmm I have the perfect one... Times two gravitational pull as you continue today's session," She voiced out.

The others had looks of fright on their faces, but before they knew what was happening.

Swwiiihhhh! Swoosh!

She had dashed across the place, touching them one after the other very quickly.

The moment her touch connected with their bodies, they felt the weight of their body double.

"Next time you lots will remember to do what is required," She smiled sheepishly before turning around to face the cadets that had just finished battling the A.I.s.

"The rest of you in group B did a nice job," She praised as she walked forward.

There were currently eighty cadets lined up in front, Gustav, Falco, and E.E. included.

Officer Mag had grouped them into eight groups earlier before giving them this assignment.

Gustav, Falco, and E.E. just happened to be in the same group, so they had decided to work together to ace this from the start. After all, they were the only special class cadets in this group.

"Good work sealing the hole Gustav. That was quick thinking. E.E. and Falco, good assist also," She praised.

E.E. and Falco gave each other a fist bump while Gustav nodded.

"The rest of you were only concerned with the number of bots you destroyed... You should know that the enemies you encounter in space could keep increasing in number and end up overwhelming your entire crew." She reprimanded.

"After sealing their entry point, your next step should be to check on the pilot and deploy the supportive battle drones on the ship to assist in clearing the main control room.

If the pilot is out of commission along with the assistant vice pilot, the emergency pilots should take over the steering of the ship and move the ship to safety.

The enemies always attack the pilots first to keep the ship stalled in place till their troops take over the spacecraft." Officer Mag explained lengthily.

The cadets took note of this.

"Instructor Mag, a question," Gustav suddenly voiced out from up ahead.

"Go on," She permitted him to ask.

"Since a part of the ship was blasted open for the purpose of infiltration, what stops them from blasting more places open to ensure successful ambush?" Gustav asked.

"Good question..." Officer Mag said before proceeding to explain.

"There are only a few spots on a spacecraft that can be blasted open without causing severe complications to the ship. If the enemy's purpose is to hijack or infiltrate the ship they would only aim for these spots..."

Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn!

About four different locations in a spacecraft appeared in a projection form in mid-air.

"However, if their purpose is to destroy your ship, they wouldn't mind trying to blast holes in other places." She stated.

The cadets also took notice of these spots she showed them.

"One more thing you should understand is, it's not so easy to blast these spots open no matter how powerful the enemy is because every MBO spacecraft has a very high level of defense across the galaxy. If they eventually do manage to blast a hole through one of these spots, they won't be able to do it the second time because they would have spent an immense amount of energy trying."

She paused for a brief moment as she got to this point before resuming her explanation.