The Bloodline System - Chapter 393 - Space Simulation Training

Chapter 393 - Space Simulation Training

Chapter 393 - Space Simulation Training

'This must mean they used to have a peace treaty signed with earth before but now it is no longer valid,' Gustav's face shone with a look of contemplation as he got to this point.

He recalled the princess mentioning that they asked for help from earth severally, but they were met with different excuses of why earth couldn't send troops to help them.

'But why would they decide to turn a blind eye and end the treaty?'

This made Gustav feel like there was something more to this than meets the eye.

Gustav decided not to overthink it because he obviously couldn't figure it out by himself.

He had decided he would ask one of the officers here about this later.

He continued digesting information about everything.

'I'll have to meet with Matilda later,' He thought.


Hours later, Gustav left the library after reading through the information on the galaxies treaties and two more volumes of the book he was reading earlier.

Officer Mag had recommended some books from the library for them to get and digest the information within.

This book, of course, had to do with the inner workings of a spacecraft.

She had told them she'd be asking them about it in a week's time.

Gustav decided to take these recommended books back to his room.


Just like that, another two days went by.

On this particular afternoon, they were being trained within the spacecraft simulation room on combat during space travel.

Everyone was dressed in their spacesuits as the spacecraft piloted through the endless space.



A hole was suddenly blasted through the left side of the spacecraft, revealing the endless dark space.

The wind was sucking everyone towards the hole with intensity as the gravity of the surroundings instantly changed.



A few cadets screamed as they were sucked through the hole in nearly a second, finding themselves displaced in space.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Gustav and many other cadets had already tapped the button on the left side of their suits which happened to be an anti-gravitational field activation button.

Instead of being sucked away like the unlucky ones, they were able to get off their chair and walk across the small hallway-like area where they were strapped in.

Gustav felt his body becoming immensely heavier as he moved forward with caution.

Zhooommm! Zhooommm!

Several humanoid-looking bots could be seen moving with speed towards the spacecraft from the hole blasted outside space.

They infiltrated the spacecraft in no time, and a battle ensued.

Boom! Bam! Gbam! Thhrrhhhyyyy!

Different blasting sounds rang out as they battled the cadets engaged these humanoid AIs.

Gustav refrained from jumping across the place at this time due to the gravitational issue.

His suit expanded as his body increased in size.


He swept his arm across the place, blasting a humanoid AI backwards and sending it slamming into several others.

The other cadets also showed their prowess as they battled the AIs properly, pushing them back.

However, no matter how many AIs were destroyed, the place was still being flooded due to their massive numbers.

Gustav slid forward as his body descended with his back almost touching the ground before he did a three-sixty degree speed sweeping three AIs off their feet at the same time.

Falco's Alter ego had taken over at this point. He dashed forward with immense speed and swiped his right finger forward, causing a dark moon-shaped energy beam to slice forward.


The three AIs were smoothly cleaved into two as Gustav kept running forward.

"E.E get me towards the opening over there," Gustav voiced out as he punched a hole through the chest of another AI.

The number of AIs swarming his line of sight numbered in two hundred.

"On it," E.E shouted out from behind as he conjured a purplish vortex and threw it forward.


Gustav grabbed onto three AIs at the same time and smashed them together before dashing into the vortex.

He appeared a few feet away from the massive opening on the wall of the spacecraft.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav scrutinized and calculated the size of the hole on the wall of the spacecraft in a few milliseconds.

'Although I can't breath in space, I have to do this,' Gustav held his breath after breathing in before taking off his helmet.

His head was already transforming into that of the serpentine mixedbreed as horns protruded out his head.

A purplish beam gathered in front of his mouth before shooting it towards the three AIs he smashed together earlier.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He joined their bodies together and merged them using the heat of the beam he was shooting out.

He blasted more AIs apart in the vicinity and joined their bodies to the ones he already had.

The other AIs in the vicinity had crowded him and were about to attack him while he was busy with that, but they couldn't understand why their body had turned extremely sluggish.

This was due to the fact that Gustav had activated Gravitational Manipulation, which was currently affecting his surroundings.

However, the AIs were only delayed by this for a few seconds. They were already about to attack him while he was merging the bodies of the destroyed AIs together.


Falco and E.E appeared by his side out of a vortex E.E had just created.

Bang! Bang!

They attacked the AIs in the surroundings, protecting Gustav.

Gustav lifted up the merged bodies of the AIs a few minutes later, and they had been flattened into a kind of wall.

Gustav dashed towards the opening on the wall while carrying the merged bodies of the AIs and slammed it into the opening.


The wall he created with the bodies merged perfectly into the hole, covering it completely.


Gustav grew in size, becoming up to twelve feet tall as he pushed his left palm against the wall to block the AIs behind from pushing through.


He shot out the purplish beam from his mouth again, using it to trace the lines at the edges, smothering them together.

In a few seconds, he was done, and the hole was blocked.

Gustav turned around and joined the rest of the cadets to battle against the AIs that were currently within the spacecraft.