The Bloodline System - Chapter 395 - Checking Out The Challenge Requests

Chapter 395 - Checking Out The Challenge Requests

Chapter 395 - Checking Out The Challenge Requests

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"So once the hole is blocked you have practically ruined thier chances although whatever you must have used in repairing the hole has to also be sturdy which is the part where you failed Gustav.

I give you a pass for the effort and improvisation but the body parts of the AI being merged together will be way easier to blast aside. Although you might just have enough time to save the spacecraft before that happens," She voiced out.

"Are there other ways of infiltrating the spacecraft besides blasting a hole through one of the walls?" Falco asked.

"Of course they are... We'll be going into that in the next class your time is up," Officer Mag said with a solemn tone.

"Now everyone of you, get out and tell group C to get in here," She said with a bossy tone before proceeding to sit.

Gustav and the others moved out of the simulation room and arrived on the outside where many other cadets could be seen waiting their turn.

-"Damn, they were amazing."

-"Did you see how Gustav performed? He literally has multiple abilities,"

-"E.E and Falco are also pretty strong,"

-"The special class are always in the spotlight,"

Some cadets voiced out from the background as Gustav and his group walked out.

There was a projection hovering in mid air that displayed the simulation room.

Gustav could tell that the cadets waiting here must have been watching their performance.

The next group started moving towards the simulation room after being informed of office Mag's instruction.

Gustav passed by the side of a green haired handsome looking youngster who was also heading in with the rest.

As they passed by each other's side it was as if time slowed down as the green haired kid's eyes moved to the side to stare at Gustav.

"I hope you're ready for next week," A smile appeared on his face as he voiced this out while passing Gustav's side.

Gustav paid him no heed almost like he didn't even hear his words and walked past him.

However the green haired kid kept smiling knowing that his words were heard as he disappeared into the simulation room along with the others.

'Hmm, he seems to have gotten quite stronger...' Gustav said Internally as he kept walking forward.

'Not like it matters,'

("Better don't get too cocky... I can sense something off with that kid,") The system suddenly warned from within.

'Hmm? For you to suddenly say this then I have to be careful,' Gustav responded internally.

("Good... You had better stop underestimating people like that,") The system reprimanded.

'Sure sure... Stop nagging like a mom already,' Gustav said with a slightly annoyed tone internally.

("As a mum I would be way better than the one you used to have...")

Gustav; "..."

The system response got Gustav speechless again.

'I'll just make sure to end the fight as quickly as I can,' Gustav decided as he headed back to his room.


Just like that another three days went by again and it was weekend.

Today would make it one week that the cadets had arrived in camp.

Gustav felt like time was flowing a lot faster than he expected since he could still recall the day they arrived here like it was yesterday.

He noted his improvement to be the fastest he had ever improved in a single month even when he used to be weaker.

Tomorrow would be the day where points would be given out based on evaluation of the month.

Tomorrow was also the day when the special class cadets would have to accept the challenges of three normal cadets out of all the challenge requests they had gotten.

Gustav had a box full of requests for challenges delivered to him on this day and was currently browsing through them.

Apparently sixty nine normal cadets had requested for Gustav to accept their challenges.

He had expected them to be a lot in number but he didn't expect this many.

"Looks like being labelled as top five strongest cadets didn't scare anyone away..." Gustav muttered with a look of pity.

He looked into the information of these cadets one after the other with curiosity.

Gustav noticed that the ones he had checked out so far were mostly rich kids and they had one similarity.

They attended Matilda's celebration party.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

While checking through, Gustav heard knocks on his door.


He gave the command for the door to open which it did.

E.E, Falco and Aildris walked in. Each of them had the same type of white box in Gustav's hand.

They greeted Gustav and moved to the sofa area to also go and check on his box.

"Wow, this many people challenged you? Such guts," E.E voiced out the instant he spotted the requests in Gustav's box.

"Apparently some of them are using this opportunity to test out my current strength due to the issue at Matilda's party," Gustav replied.

"Oh yeah I totally forgot about that. Those lame rich kids," E.E responded with a snicker.

"Falco how's... What the f*ck?" E.E shouted out as he turned to stare at Falco's box.

There were over a hundred requests letters stacked within.

"How come these many people decided to pick you?" E.E voiced out with a look of disbelief.

A wry smile appeared on Falco's face as he saw their reactions.

"They must have labelled Falco as one of the weakest Special class... These must be the ones who have no idea about the capabilities of the other you," Aildris analysed with a look of contemplation.

"Such disrespect! I'll murder those bastards!" Falco's alter ego suddenly voiced out causing Falco to cover his mouth quickly.

"No killing," Falco said with a soft voice after regaining control.

"Mine are only around twenty," E.E said while pouring out the contents in his box.

E.E's were lesser than Gustav' and Falco's.

"Aildris what of yours?" Falco asked.

"Just these three," Aildris scratched his temples as he picked up the three challenge request letters from his box.

"As expected of a top five..." Falco fawned.

"Dude, Gustav's also a top five," E.E reminded.