The Bloodline System - Chapter 392 - Galaxies Treaties

Chapter 392 - Galaxies Treaties

Chapter 392 - Galaxies Treaties

Gustav could tell that next week was going to be pretty interesting.

For now, he just wanted to focus on training and finding more information about space.

'I wonder if Miss Aimee has figured anything by now,' Gustav thought.

Gustav shook off the thought because he understood that she would have found a way to send a message if she could.

Gustav was curious at one time, so he tried reaching the end of MBO camp, but just as the Commander of the camp had said, there was truly no way to leave.

There was no way to even get to the end or beginning of camp because Gustav found out that he was just running in circles when he got to a certain point.

Whatever the MBO used in isolating this place from the rest of the world was top-notch.

Their passes had points that they could use in purchasing foodstuffs from different places in camp and also materials used for different things.

Asides from the gadgets that were given for free, it was also possible to buy more gadgets, weapons or any useful tech using these points.

The only issue was, points were given every month based on evaluation of monthly performance, so every new cadet only had very few points, so they couldn't purchase high-cost items.

However, there was a catch. Cadets could make use of real-world currency within this place to buy things if they were out of points.

The downside was every item would be twice as expensive as its usual value.

Some cadets already had flying boards, body shields, and expensive techs that they purchased using real-world currency.

However, only very rich kids in the real world could manage to afford this using real currency.

Gustav wasn't really against this, but it was literally like cheating.

Assume these rich kids purchased powerful and expensive tech. In that case, they could use this to challenge those that were unable to afford such and defeat them using this method even though they were weaker.

Special class cadets that were poorer would be targeted by these rich kids who were normal cadets.

These rich cadets that weren't strong enough would abuse this to become special class cadets.

The only reason Gustav could think of that would make the MBO implement this was the fact that they were trying to make this a bit more similar to how situations would be in the outside world.

In the outside world, no one would care about whether you were more talented or stronger. The opponents would use whatever means at their discretion to defeat you.

So, this would be a kind of challenge for a lot of people.

Gustav could tell that a lot of idiots would assume him to be very poor and also challenge. He wasn't really bothered since he would only have to face three people.

After taking a break for a while, Gustav decided to head towards the library once again.

He was still researching space.

There was a particular book he was reading that was titled "Intergalactic travel theories,"

He had read ten volumes of it already, and according to the librarian, there were around fifteen volumes.

During this time frame, Gustav already learnt quite a bit about space as well as things to be wary of while journeying.

Gustav arrived at the library in a few minutes and started checking floating books and devices lined up in rows and columns for volume eleven.

"Hmm?" A particular book caught his attention due to the first word he saw on its cover page.

"Galaxies Treaties," Gustav muttered with an intrigued look and reached out to grab it.

It was massive in size. At least twice the length of an adult's head. It had a blue and black thick cover page.

Gustav took this book back to one of the seating areas and flipped it open.

This book happened to contain information on the planets Earth had signed peace treaties with

other galaxies.

Not only did it have that, but it also gave information on the planets and what resources they provided earth with.

"Marledork Prime... Orion galaxy, millions of light years away. A foggy purple dust filled atmospheric type of planet. This planet earth has purple grain which increases the speed of agriculture by seven times..."

"Edorkian Vindulus... Marlian galaxy... Atmosphere unconducive for humans and Slarkovs. However, mixedbloods are a different case. Provides earth with advanced mechanical plans for faster intergalactic travel..."

Gustav read these pieces of information one after the other. There was also information about how to journey to these planets, as well as how their ecosystem works and the species that inhabited the planets.

During his one hour of reading, Gustav noticed that throughout, he hadn't seen any place where the information of what earth gave these planets back in return was written.

'Why does it seem more like a conquer than a treaty?' Gustav wondered as he remembered the rock.

He fought with the rock, which actually happened to be an alien back in the underground ruins who explained to him that earth had been conquering planets. This was why Gustav didn't discard the fact that all these could just be a cover-up, so earth wouldn't look bad in the book.

Because it didn't make any sense for only the other planets to give something to earth without receiving anything back in return if it was a true treaty.

Of course, there was also the thought of whether they just decided not to include what earth gave back in return.

All in all, Gustav couldn't discard his suspicions.

"Hmm? Isn't this the same planet Matildas plans to visit?" Gustav muttered as he stared at the imagery of a large purplish and vague greenish planet along with the information written underneath.

"Abruikis planet... Orion galaxy... It shouldn't be here... Wait, why is there a red mark besides it," Gustav mumbled with a suspicious look as he stared at the red 'X' on the side of where the name was placed.

Gustav had a look of realisation as he remembered the princess from the footage.