The Bloodline System - Chapter 391 - Officer Mag Suspicion

Chapter 391 - Officer Mag Suspicion

Chapter 391 - Officer Mag Suspicion

Elevora, Aildris, Chad, E.E and Falco had managed to be among the top twenty.

The top seventy spots were dominated by special class cadets mostly, but there were still a few smart, normal cadets that managed to outdo them.

Angy, Glade and Matilda were amongst the top fifties who managed to get around six hundred points.

Those who managed to get up to five hundred points rejoiced. This way, they knew they had finally stepped onto the path of intergalactic travel and had higher chances of being among the officers who get sent out of earth for missions.

-"Hey, what is Gustav's score? I thought he would be among the top five at least,"

Someone whispered from behind, not wanting to be spotted, but his voice was loud enough for others to hear.

This prompted others to look up and check. Not only could they not find Gustav among the top ten, but he also couldn't be found among the top hundred.

-"There, check number four hundred and ninety eight,"

-"Oh, I see it.... five hundred and one points? That was way lower than I expected,"

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

They had expected a higher score since he finished first, but now a lot of them realized that Gustav might have just been picking any answer.

-"I guess he's not truly an all rounder like we thought,"

This exclamation was on a lot of their minds.

Gustav ignored the voices of these gossiping and busy body cadets in the background. He had achieved his goal of meeting up with the five hundred points, and that was all that mattered to him.

Angy, Glade, E.E and the others stared in Gustav's direction with a surprised look. They knew Gustav well enough to understand that there was no way his score would be this low when the rest of them managed to reach six hundred.

Knowing Gustav, they figured he was probably up to something again, but they couldn't read him, and since he was so tightlipped, they figured he probably wouldn't tell them what he was up to either.

"You scums did just as I expected. Those of you below my cut off mark can kiss your future in intergalactic travels goodbye. The Intergalactic squad won't be needing idiots like you. You are better off staying on earth," Officer Mag voiced out without a single shred of mercy in the tone of her voice.

"Those of you who wish to redeem yourself in the future can continue coming for this training but the next one is going to be two times harder than this, so think twice about whether or not you want to remain here," She added.

"You have ten seconds to decide. If you don't leave within ten seconds I will assume you have resigned yourself to fate and the torturous training that comes after," A devilish-looking grin appeared on her cute small face as she got to this point.


The atmosphere suddenly became tense when she started the countdown. The cadets with lower scores had looks of uneasiness and conflict on their faces.





At this point, about a hundred of the cadets gathered here were zooming out of the simulation room. These were mostly cadets with scores around hundred and two hundred. They didn't have the confidence to continue, especially after remembering Officer Mag's statement about how the next was even going to be tougher than this.





At this point, only around eight hundred cadets were remaining out of the close to two thousand cadets.

The simulation room was currently even more spacious now.

"Ah, a breath of fresh air. It doesn't stink as it used to," Officer Mag voiced out with a delighted look before raising her head to stare at the rest.

"Good, I see that you lots have balls... The suffering will begin from the next training session," She laughed lightly.

Officer Mag went on to mention a few more things and how they'd be going into lessons on battling within a spacecraft before dismissing the bunch.

As the cadets left, Officer Mag stared at them leave with a suspicious look, "Reveal Gustav's answer projection," She muttered underneath her breath as she moved towards a secluded part of the simulated spacecraft.


A small square-shaped projection appeared in her front, showing Gustav's answers to every question.

She scrolled down across the projected screen quickly.

As the answers were showed along with a green bar that stated whether they were correct or not, Officer Mag noticed that every answer from one to three hundred that she checked so far was correct.

Her left eyebrow raised slightly as she got to the five hundredth and one answer. From five hundred and one, Gustav started to get the questions wrong till the last one.

The last one was the only correct answer from number five hundred and one.

"Something is up with that kid… could he have failed them on purpose?" She wondered out loud.


Gustav arrived back in his room in a few minutes and started channeling his bloodline once again.

He channeled his bloodline for the next two hours before stopping to take a break.

'I still wonder how I wasn't interrogated by the higher ups about how my bloodline increased in grade… Maybe Miss Aimee has something to do with it,' Gustav wondered as he took a sip of the tea he had just prepared.

He realized that after this week, it would clock a month that they had arrived in training camp.

Next week was also when the special class cadets would be given access to visit the labs for bloodline strengthening.

"Oh, I will have to pick three from the challenge letters by next week," Gustav recalled that he would have to fight with three people out of all the normal cadets that had requested to battle with him for the position of a special class.

Gustav was a little surprised that out of all the special class cadets to challenge, some cadets actually picked him, but then he recalled that some of the youngsters after Matilda's hand might have used this as an opportunity to battle him.