The Bloodline System - Chapter 390 - The Intergalactic Warfare Exercise

Chapter 390 - The Intergalactic Warfare Exercise

Chapter 390 - The Intergalactic Warfare Exercise

Today, they would have to list the functions of the seven hundred plus buttons within the main control room of the spacecraft.

According to Officer Mag, those who couldn't list the functions of at least five hundred out of the seven hundred had no business being in the intergalactic training session.

With this, they could tell that some cadets would be marked as potential failures of this training session today.

Even though they would still be allowed to partake in the intergalactic training session till the year was over, they were probably gonna be among those that would end up being dropped and unable to continue with it by the time the next year began.

After their daily routine, the cadets moved towards the camp's space station.

Officer Mag was already waiting for their arrival just like always, and her appearance had not changed from the childish and grumpy look.

"Get over here," She voiced out before turning around to walk towards the simulation room.

The cadets followed after her entering the simulation room through the passageway that led there.

During their two weeks of training with her, she had taught them a lot of protocols that also involved being within a spacecraft.

According to her, spacecraft was just a higher form of aircraft, which meant that if they could learn this, they would be able to fly any transportation vehicle that works in the air.

Another thing was the proper wear of their flight uniforms. The instant the cadets got into the simulated spacecraft, they approached the changing rooms to pick up their flight uniforms.

Their uniforms were circular-shaped. The moment they placed it on their chest, their entire body would be covered in a black and red jumpsuit-like armor along with a helmet.

"Take a seat everyone," Officer Mag instructed after they had all geared up.

Everyone proceeded to have their seat in the hallway-like area where seats were arranged in a straight line, facing each other with backs placed against the wall.


Holographic projections appeared in everyone's line of sight.

The holographic projections buttons and switches within the spacecraft's main control center would appear, and they would have to input the use of such a button.

This was within their helmets, so the person sitting beside you would be unable to see how you answered the question.

Gustav stared at them as they appeared one after the other in different shapes, sizes, and colors at times.

He didn't spend more than a second on each one giving the answer immediately they appeared.

'Jumper one ignition,'

'Leap accelerator,'

'Swerve fluctuation,'

'Bumper three,'

'Bumper nine,'

'Turbo weapon activation,'

'Glitch mode,'

The instant he sighted a panel of them, he would recognize the name of every single button on that panel and list their uses.

Some cadets had looks of seriousness and tension on their faces as they did their best to recall the usage of these buttons one after the other.

Only a few cadets seemed to be breezing through this due to the look of easiness on their faces.

Gustav counted as he answered these questions one after the other.

The moment he reached five hundred, he started giving the wrong answer to the rest of the questions.

Seconds turned to minutes as time passed.

Just when it was twenty minutes into the task, Gustav submitted the answer to the last question and stood to his feet.

The cadets were surprised at his speed in finishing up. Most of them hadn't even answered up to five hundred, yet Gustav was already done.

They had no idea that he could have finished up earlier if he wanted to.

Officer Mag stared at him with a slightly suspicious look as he walked towards the main control room of the simulated spacecraft to wait.

'This kid... Isn't he the one known as Gustav? I will see what he's capable of today,' She said Internally.

Minutes later, other cadets were also finishing up one after the other.

Some normal cadets who were said to have high intelligence even finished before a lot of special class cadets. This was their turn to show what they were capable of since this test-like exercise practically dealt with intelligence.

However, everyone still wondered how Gustav was so fast and felt that he just might be an all-rounder because everyone had noticed that Gustav managed to stand out in every training session.

He was always coming second place in the morning routines. In combat classes, he was always winning spars. Some of them had even witnessed his prowess in some personal training sessions.

Special class cadets were the cream of the crop among all cadets, but some of them still had courses where they weren't very excellent in while some of them had the ones where they specifically excelled in better than others or on the same level with the best.

However, Gustav was always proving to be good in every training session, which made them wonder if he was an all-rounder.

This had brought a lot of envy and jealousy among fellow cadets, and Gustav had become one of the most debated Cadets in training camp within these last three weeks.

Everyone was eager to see their scores, but they were even more eager to see what he would get due to being the first to submit.

About an hour later, time was up, and everyone had to stop the exercise regardless of whether they were done or not.

Officer Mag instructed the AIs to display the score of the cadets from the best to the worst.

-"Wow, the number one was Gulvich with a total of seven hundred and twenty three out of eight hundred and three,"

-"As expected it's another special class cadet,"

-"The number two isn't a special class though,"

-"Ah yes, the number two is this Vulcan dude that is said to be extremely smart,"

-"He was only off by a mark,."

The cadets voiced out amongst themselves as they stared at the projection of their scores.

At least half of the cadets got below the five hundred cut-off marks, while the rest managed to get that amount.