The Bloodline System - Chapter 389 - Finalizing The Deal

Chapter 389 - Finalizing The Deal

Chapter 389 - Finalizing The Deal

"Yes," Yung Jo responded. "So long as you agree to my offer," he added.

"Alright then, I agree," Endric responded without hesitation.

Yung Jo smiled as he arrived in front of Endric.

"Good, now swallow this," Yung Jo said while squatting and stretching out a yellow pill towards Endric.

"What's that?" Endric asked with a wary expression.

"It's a stimulant that activates itself after four years. You won't be able to say no to my missions while it's activated. Also, it disappears completely from your body system after two years of activation which is also when our collaboration will end," Yung Jo explained.

"Do you think I was born yesterday?" Endric voiced out before slapping the pill away from Yung Jo's hand.

"I won't be so stupid as to believe the words of a total stranger. For all I know that could be a death drug or something that would turn me into a mindless fool upon consumption," Endric stated.

"You can cancel the collaboration for all I care. i'm not consuming no pill," Endric voiced out.

"Hahaha, you see this is why I like you. I was just testing you to see how you would react. I must say, I'm impressed. You are truly not a fool," Yung Jo stated with a praising look.

Endric raised one eyebrow up suspiciously before calming down.

"But then, how can I be sure that you will stick to your end of the bargain after I help you out," Yung Jo asked.

"Why don't we sign a contract? That way you'll have proof of my agreement," Endric proposed.

"Hmm, a contract is a good idea. I will have something tied to it so if any of us goes against our word, that person will lose something," Yung Jo stated before pulling out a device.

Both of them later signed a contract with terms and conditions involving the loss of a huge sum of money if any of them failed to carry out their side of the bargain.

The amount of money involved in this would be one that even a mayor of a city or a business tycoon would be afraid of losing.

Yung Jo started leaving after they were done.

Endric smiled and stared at the front after he had left.

"Fool, I will destroy that contract with my own hands when I become powerful enough," He laughed lightly while speaking.

Yung Jo arrived outside the MBO tower, where a ride was waiting for him.

He got in and smiled while staring at the contract within the device he was holding.

"Erase data, this is unnecessary," He commanded.

The contract data was immediately erased.

Yung Jo's smirk increased even more as he recalled the last time he was here.

Yung Jo picked up a strand of Endric's hair from the floor before he left the last time. Endric had no idea that such a thing happened because his back was faced towards Yung Jo during their conversation.

While he was inside the aircraft that brought him back to his residence the other day, he had asked for them to prepare a particular set of nanites. These nanites could do exactly what he mentioned to Endric.

The moment these nanites entered into Endric's bloodstream, he would be unable to refuse any of Yung Jo's missions.

This was truly what was within the pill he gave Endric to consume.

However, Yung Jo already knew Endric would refuse to take the pill, which was why he made precautions by taking a strand of his hair.

These nanites were designed from scratch again with the DNA from Endric's hair used as a catalyst.

The moment Endric made contact with the pill by slapping it away, these nanites made their way out of the container into his body.

Yung Jo was unaffected while touching it earlier because they would only react to Endric due to his DNA that had been used as a catalyst for creation.

"It should be settling in his bloodstream by now. Gustav Crimson, now I have your brother in my control. You're going to be next," Yung Jo smiled as the ride took off.

Back in the enclosed space, Endric was about to get up when he felt something.


He quickly grabbed his left arm and pressed it tightly, "What is that? It's moving?"

Endric said with a tone of disbelief.

"That bastard... How did he..?" Endric voiced out with a tone of annoyance.

He turned his face around to the side and noticed the yellow pill on the floor several meters away.

"Don't tell me...? Heeeuughh!" Endric suddenly groaned in pain as his left arm started bloating below where he was applying pressure.

"I- I ne-ed my abi-lity to stop this," Endric groaned in pain as he tightened his right hand around his left arm even more.

He wanted to make use of his bloodline ability to uproot and destroy whatever invaded his body. However, he was still weakened due to being in here.

"Help!" Endric shouted out repeatedly, but there was no answer.

He was slowly losing grip on his left arm.

After a few more minutes of holding out, Endric's grip slipped due to lack of energy, and he fell to the floor as the nanites infiltrated his insides.

"Noooo!" He shouted out with a look of anguish and pain.


Gustav suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and looked around.

"What was that?" He muttered with a confused expression.

He placed his hand on his chest.

Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump!

"Why did my heart rate suddenly increase?" Gustav wondered as his heart rate slowly went back to normal.

He stood up and moved to the kitchen before taking a sip of water and going back to bed.

"Today is going to be hectic. I should sleep a little more," Gustav decided after checking the time and noticing that it was still past two am.


Just like that, another week passed.

On this day, the cadets were all feeling the tension in the air due to the intergalactic training session.

Today, they would have to mention the functions of the seven hundred plus buttons within the main control room.