The Bloodline System - Chapter 388 - WatChapter Over Her

Chapter 388 - WatChapter Over Her

Chapter 388 - WatChapter Over Her


He arrived in front of the path that led there in a few minutes and found a place to sit.

He looked around for a few seconds, but he couldn't see anyone that he recognized even though the girls moving around recognized him.

Some of them wondered why he would come here, but there was no rule stating that a male couldn't sit in front of the path leading to the female's residence.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes, causing his irises to glow green and scarlet.

[Life Sign Tracking Activated]

Gustav closed his eyes as different symbols appeared in his mind.

He focused on a particular one, "^+^."

He suddenly opened his eyes as his sight transformed into another place entirely.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

In his line of sight, he could see himself jumping in the air and kicking a massive twelve feet tall rock seven times before landing on the ground.

This was because it wasn't himself that he was seeing. Instead, he was seeing through another person's forehead.

The wall blasted apart, and an officer could be seen standing in front.

He clapped his hands with a look of encouragement.

Then he gestured towards the person Gustav was seeing through.

Tall trees could be seen around this place and a path where yellow-colored water flowed through on the side.

There was a ledge in front where the water was flowing down from. The officer seemed to be leading this person towards the ledge.

Gustav smiled and closed his eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Deactivated]

He stood up and began walking back towards his room.

'She's working hard,' He said Internally.

Gustav arrived back in his apartment a few minutes later.

To his surprise, E.E, Aildris and Falco were still there waiting for him.

Gustav walked towards one of his sofas and sat.


"Master Gustav would you like a can of soda?"

The humanoid bot in his apartment voiced out as it approached him.


"Nah, I'm okay," Gustav responded as he leaned his back against the sofa.

"If you have something to say, say it. Your stares are beginning to prick my skin," Gustav stated.

He could already tell that Falco had narrated everything to the both of them.

The three of them walked towards the living room area and also took their seats.

"Look man I understand why you did that, but it feels like an overkill... She would eventually learn after undergoing one or two missions in the future." E.E started speaking first.

"You can't just ask someone who dislikes violence to kill, it's wrong even though... She has feelings for you," Falco added.

Gustav turned to stare at Aildris, "Your turn," he voiced out and waited for Aildris to speak.

"I'm with you on this one," Aildris voiced out.

"You did the right thing... The only problem is, I feel you went about it the wrong way," Aildris added.

Falco turned to stare at Aildris with a look of confusion, "How is it right to tell her to kill?" He voiced out.

"Being here means you have accepted to becoming a murderer whether you're currently one or not. A person who is not interested in causing another person's death should not be here because when it comes down to it, we'll have to kill to protect those that really matter in the future," Aildris stated.

Falco turned to stare at the front with a complicated expression.

"Just one thing man. It would be better you watch over her, so she doesn't lose herself when that happens," E.E suggested.

"That's true... From what I have heard about her, someone like her is likely to turn mad after doing something that goes against her morals. Except she changes those morals, you will have to watch over her," Aildris added.

"No, this is her journey... She has to do this on her own. As we are now, she's neither a friend nor a foe, an accomplice nor an opposition... Things will remain like this until she successfully completes the challenges," Gustav voiced out before standing up.

The three of them stared at Gustav's face, which looked completely serious, just like it used to. They figured he wasn't messing around, and from what they understood about his cold attitude, they could tell that changing his mind would be near to impossible.

'Why does he give off such a strong commanding vibe... Gustav will really turn out to be something great within the MBO in the future... But he also has to learn to be a little softer at times,' Aildris said Internally.


Later during the night, Gustav sat in his personal training room channeling his bloodline.

Today's events replayed in his mind as he started making plans for the future.

Earlier during the day, the three of them had failed to convince Gustav to watch over Angy.

The truth was even if they didn't mention it, he still would. However, he didn't want them to know that he would be doing this because he wanted Angy to remain with the impression that he had completely discarded her and wouldn't have anything to do with her until she completed the task.

After a few hours, Gustav opened his eyes and smiled.

"Step two," he said while standing up.

He had just achieved a minor breakthrough, reaching step two of the serial rank.

It had only been two weeks since they arrived here, and Gustav could feel himself improving at a fast rate.

He couldn't imagine how fast he would develop in the next two years of being here.

Gustav decided to head towards one of the training centers to gauge his improvement.


Within a dark space, Endric sat down cross-legged and breathed in and out softly.


An opening appeared on the west side of the wall, and a man in a business suit walked through it.

"Have you considered my offer?" He asked while approaching Endric.

"Can you get me out of here in two weeks time?" Endric asked while opening his eyes.