The Bloodline System - Chapter 387 - Breakfast Together

Chapter 387 - Breakfast Together

Chapter 387 - Breakfast Together

His two closed eyes added an air of mystery to his being.

This was someone who didn't need charm points to be charming.

Gustav nodded at the both of them before proceeded to head back to the kitchen.

"If a male mixedbreed ballsack smells that good, then count me in..." E.E voiced out as he proceeded to sit in the dining area.

Falco and Aildris had their mouths open for a few seconds as they turned to face E.E.

"Ok that came out wrong," E.E laughed lightly as he added.

"You really would eat anything wouldn't you?" Falco started with a burst of light laughter.

In a few more minutes, Gustav came out of the kitchen and served them with some of the dishes he had prepared.

The four of them piped down and enjoyed the hot and delicious meal.

Gustav's place had been their go-to place every weekend in the last two weeks.

When Aildris tasted one of Gustav's dishes the last time he visited with E.E and Falco, he couldn't help but admit that Gustav was an extremely talented cook.

Since then, he had been longing to visit once again with Falco and E.E.

"This peasant, I have to admit you best me in this aspect," Falco's alter ego suddenly took over and voiced out after munching a mouth full of juicy meat.

"You idiot get back in," Falco said as he slapped himself before gaining control back.

"Sorry about that, hehe," Falco laughed lightly after gaining control back.

"It's cool," Gustav responded before grabbing a bowl-sized fried batwing and munching on it.

"Your alter ego is quite a handful, isn't he?" Aildris said with a slightly worried look.

"Don't worry I have him under control," Falco smiled while responding.

"You do not you li..."


Falco slapped himself again before his alter ego could complete the sentence.

"By the way Aildris, I've never seen you open your eyes..." E.E voiced out with a look of curiosity as he stared at Aildris sitting on the opposite side of the dining.

"I heard your eyes are related to your bloodline..." Falco added.

"Hmm, that is quite true... Although I can activate my bloodline without having to open my eyes, opening them enhances my abilities and has an effect on the surrounding environment. I mostly do not open them unless necessary so as not to affect those around me," Aildris explained.

Gustav, E.E and Falco had looks of understanding on their faces as they heard this.

"Then how do you see?" Falco asked.

"I can envision my surroundings within a radius of sixty feet because my senses are enhanced," Aildris answered before he continued eating.

'He has quite the perception,' Gustav said internally after listening to that explanation.

He could also walk around without opening his eyes, and this was all due to perception. The only downside was being unable to tell the color of things around you.

"Must suck to not be able to see colors," E.E said the exact same thing on Gustav's mind.

"No, I can actually sense colors even if I can't see them... Colors speak to me," Aildris responded with a smile before pointing at the table.

"White," He called out the color of the table, "Brown sofas," He pointed at the living room area next.

"The comb in your hair is green in color," Aildris said while pointing at E.E.

'How did he know there was a comb in my hair? And the color when it's hidden?' E.E had a surprised look on his face as he wondered.

'Good thing he didn't mention the other thing,'

Aildris went on to point to different other objects calling out their colors to the astonishment of them all.

"That's quite crazy. We should have invited the girls over," E.E said with an astonished look.

Gustav heard that and remembered something, 'I said I was going to check on her... *Sigh*.'

"By the way man, what's up with you and Angy?" E.E finally decided to ask since this had been on his mind for a long time.

"Nothing... We're just minding each other's business and training to become stronger," Gustav replied before sipping some water.

E.E had a look of suspiciousness on his face while Falco's face turned slightly dark after hearing this.

"Why?" Falco voiced out as his forehead creased.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed.

"Why did you ask her to kill?" Falco asked with a dark look.

"Eh?" E.E had a confused expression on his face after hearing that.

He stared at both of them, repeatedly waiting for an explanation.

"It's not a request. It's a challenge... And it's for her own sake as well as those she will get affiliated with in the future," Gustav shrugged as he voiced out casually.

"Still... It's wrong to manipulate her feelings like that," Falco said with a disappointed look.

"What are you two talking about? What kill? Who's asking who to kill?" E.E voiced out with a confounded expression.

"Gustav told Angy to kill, unless he'll never accept her feelings," Falco revealed.

"Wait... What?" E.E's mouth was left open as voiced out.

He turned to stare at Gustav, who had just finished the meal in front of him and was casually cleaning his mouth before taking a sip of water.

"I'll be back. I need to check on something important," Gustav said as he stood up and walked towards the door.

"Wait man we need to talk about this," E.E voiced out, but Gustav ignored him and kept moving till he was out of the apartment.

The three of them sat there with conflicted expressions on their faces as they waited.

'Knowing Gustav... There must have been a good reason why he would decide to do that,' E.E thought.

"What really happened? Tell me everything," E.E said to Falco.

Aildris was all ears, too, because he wanted to understand what was happening so he could assist in any way possible.

"This is what Glade told me..." Falco started narrating.


Gustav arrived outside in a few seconds and started dashing towards the direction of the female residence.