The Bloodline System - Chapter 386 - Xinophilbian

Chapter 386 - Xinophilbian

Chapter 386 - Xinophilbian

"Then... Do you know that you're not of earth?" Gustav voiced out while staring into Vera's eyes.

"Huh? What do you mean by not of earth?" Vera voiced out with an even more confused expression on her face.

"Did you hit your head, darling?" Vera asked with a worried look.

"I mean, you do know that you don't have earth origins? Your kind originated from another planet," Gustav elaborated.

However, Vera kept staring at him with a confused expression.

'She really doesn't know anything?' Gustav was once again dumbfounded.

("It would seem that she is completely unaware of her true origins... She doesn't seem to even have a clue,") The system responded with this.

"Vera is Mr Gon truly your grandfather? Are you a true descendant of his household?" Gustav decided to ask.

"Of course, grandpa Gon is my father's father..." Vera confirmed instantly.

"Then what exactly is your ability?" Gustav questioned.

Vera explained that she was able to control plants and insects around her by secreting a kind of gas from her body.

She demonstrated this, and a green gas oozed out of her being, spreading across the surroundings.

The tree behind turned a little darker in color, and Vera proceeded to swing out her left arm.


A long tree branch swung forward and slammed to the ground in front, causing dust to scatter across the place.

Vera was able to control the tree to move as she willed like it was an extension of her body. She did the same thing with the grasses and the insects around.

She made a swarm of insects fly around Gustav, forming a love sign in mid-air while also making the grasses on the ground grow taller, wrapping around his feet.

After the demonstration, Gustav asked, "Then what of the ability you used on me? The parasite," Gustav asked.

"That... Grandfather and father warned me never to use it and never to reveal it also..." Vera said with a cautious tone.

"Hmm? Have you used it on someone else besides me?" Gustav asked.

"I only used it when I was still a kid... My former classmates and teachers ended up becoming my puppets... I also enslaved a councilman by mistake because there are times when I can't control it just like when I kissed you back then," Vera explained.

Gustav now had a basic understanding of how things were.

'It would seem her family is hiding the truth even from her... There must be a hidden secret in Mr. Gon's household... She turned a councilman into a puppet...' Gustav couldn't deny that this ability was very dangerous, and if it ends up in the hands of a villain, the earth could be turned upside down.

This was already proof that Mr. Gon wasn't a bad guy since he had told Vera to never make use of it even though he could have used Vera to his advantage, being his granddaughter.

"Hold still Vera, I want to try something," Gustav said as he raised his right hand.

Sharp claws grew out of his fingers, and he grabbed on Vera's neck.


His claws dug shallowly into her skin, causing her to exclaim in pain.

Gustav waited for a few seconds before pulling his arm back.

Vera's neck started bleeding, but she kept staring at Gustav like she wasn't experiencing any pain.

Gustav quickly brought out a healing pill and fed it to her.

'She truly isn't a mixedblood,' Gustav said internally.

He had tried using Bloodline Acquisition a while ago, but it didn't work.

'Mr Gon... Just what are you hiding?' Gustav wondered.

"So... Is Vera less detestable now?" Vera asked with shimmering eyes.

"Hnm, you've been good so far Vera..." Gustav nodded lightly as he responded.

Vera's eyes glittered with happiness as she heard that.

"Just don't act like that again... We'll have to remain in touch," Gustav added.

"Hnm Yes, Vera is at Gustav's beck and call anytime," Vera answered with a beautiful smile.


The day went by just like that.

It was a Sunday which was the only day they had a single training session.

It was around eight in the morning, and

Gustav was currently free due to having a single training session.

He had been thinking a lot about Vera's abilities and had come to an understanding that even her ability to control the plants and insects around her was just a branch of her Xinophilbian abilities.

Only that it was weaker.

The system confirmed that Xinophilbians did have different ways in which they used their abilities, but it mostly focused on controlling living organisms.

"If groomed properly she can become a great and powerful asset to the MBO, but since the MBO has no idea about the true extent of her abilities... She will become a great asset to me instead. I will have Vera become a special class cadet," Gustav decided.

As Gustav came to this decision, he remembered something, "That kid still isn't here... Hmm I wonder how much longer his punishment will last?"

Gustav stood up after muttering that statement and moved over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

While Gustav was in the kitchen making breakfast, he heard knocks on his door.

He shook his head thrice as a wry smile appeared on his face.

He already knew who was at the door before arriving there.


The door slid open after Gustav gave the permission.

E.E, Falco and Aildris strutted into the living room.

"Haa, I can smell it already. Gustav, what's for breakfast?" E.E voiced out with a starving look as he stared in the direction of the kitchen.

"Some male mixedbreed fried ball sack," Gustav responded.

"What? You messing with me, right?" E.E asked with a choking look.

"Who knows?" Gustav responded while shrugging his shoulders.

"Hahaha," Falco started laughing after hearing that.

"Good morning, Gustav," Aildris greeted after laughing lightly.

Aildris was still as tall as ever. He was still close to reaching seven feet and still growing. His graceful and charming looks with his silver-colored hair that was so long that it swayed around his buttocks area.