The Bloodline System - Chapter 385 - Not Of Earth

Chapter 385 - Not Of Earth

Chapter 385 - Not Of Earth

Gustav could hear her delighted voice from the other end of the call.

He quickly ended the call with a slightly disturbed look on his face.

The cadets moving around would occasionally glance in his direction as they moved about, wondering why someone who doesn't often show himself would be out here.

In a few more minutes, Vera arrived with a bright smile on her face as she approached Gustav.

Gustav activated his combination.

[Sprint + Dash]


He dashed forward with speed and grabbed onto Vera, dragging her along with him as they disappeared into the distance together.

Gustav arrived in front of a secluded area within the camp that was like a garden where trees and flowers were planted all across the place.


He slammed Vera onto one of the trees while grabbing hold of her neck and pinning her back against it tightly.

"What did you do to me?" Gustav's eyes squinted dangerously as he asked.

Even though he was squeezing tightly against her neck, Vera smiled with a look of delight as she grabbed onto Gustav's arm and pressed it against her neck even more.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Gustav voiced out as he pulled his arm back.

'She's gone psychotic again,' He said internally as he stared at her.

"Why did you stop? Getting killed by the one I love would be the most perfect thing in the universe," Vera coughed lightly as she spoke with a look of delight and fell to her knees.

"Love? What are you talking about? I will torture and find a way to end you if you don't come clean right now," Gustav said with a disgusted look as he looked down at her.

"Oh please do. I love you Gustav Crimson... I'll be willing to do anything to experience that from you," She voiced out and looked up to stare at him lovingly.

'This girl is most definitely crazy... I can't communicate with her like I did to the others,' Gustav came to this realisation as he noted the expression on her face.

Gustav squatted and stared at Vera in the eyes.

"Hey, you say you love me right?" Gustav asked while raising one eyebrow.

"Yes yes," She nodded twice while replying.

"Don't you know that trying to turn me into your puppet means betraying that love you feel... Because right now I despise you so much and I'm slowly growing to hate you for what you did," Gustav stated bluntly.

Vera's eyes suddenly turned sad as she heard that. She stared at Gustav with a look of pain, "You hate me?" She muttered.

"Yes, I totally despise you right now... You have proven to be weak by trying to take the easy way out," Gustav replied.

"But I didn't mean to... I- I..."

Gustav interrupted her before she could finish.

"The only way for you to redeem yourself is by getting rid of what you put in me," Gustav stated.

"Does that mean you'll love me if I get rid of it?" She asked with a hope-filled gaze.

"No," Gustav cut her off instantly, causing her eyes to turn red.

"But I'll despise you less if you get rid of it and tell me exactly what you are," Gustav added.

'This is better than him hating me... I didn't mean for it to happen... I was going to get rid of it anyway,' She said internally as she stood up with a conflicted expression written all over her face.

She moved closer to Gustav, who was a little startled by her approach.

"What are you doing?" He questioned.

"Don't move," She said while leaning forward.

Her face travelled towards Gustav's right neck side.

A low sloppy squishy sound was heard from Gustav's neck area as her lips made contact with his neck.

Gustav's body trembled slightly as he felt a jolt of electric-like current run through his body the instant Vera sucked on his neck.

He almost subconsciously moaned out, but he was able to regain control of his senses before he exclaimed in a manner that would leave him embarrassed.

A glowing blue mark appeared on the area Vera was sucking, and in the next instant, it disappeared.

She withdrew her lips and smiled, "You're free now," She voiced out.

'Hey System... Am I clean?' Gustav still decided to ask the system to be sure.

("Yes... I can no longer sense any strand of the parasitic strain. Your body would be reacting to it due to the close proximity between you two if it was still within your internals,") The system confirmed the authenticity of Vera's statement causing Gustav to lower his guard a little.

"So tell me, what are you?" Gustav asked.

"Hmm? What do you mean? You wanna know how my bloodline works?" She asked with a slightly confused expression.

"Cut the act... You don't have a bloodline because you're not a mixedblood... Xinophilbian," Gustav said with a strong tone.

"Eh? Bwhahahahaha!!!" Vera suddenly started laughing.

She turned around and held the tree for support as she laughed for several seconds.

Gustav stood in place with an unbothered expression on his face. He kept staring at her without saying a word.

After laughing for a few more seconds, she noticed Gustav's straight face and realized he wasn't messing around.

"I don't know what you're talking about? What's a Xinophilbian?" She asked.

"Still playing dumb with me eh? Alright then I'll keep despising you," Gustav said and proceeded to turn around to start walking.

Vera's eyes widened as she quickly called out to him, "Wait, wait... Please don't go," She voiced out as she ran to Gustav's front and blocked his path.

"Are you going to spill now?" Gustav asked.

"But I really don't know what you're talking about? What's a Xinophilbian? I'm truly just a mixedblood like you," She said with a sincerely confused expression.

'What's up with this? Does she not know what she is?' Gustav wondered internally as he noted her sincere tone.

("It would appear that way... She doesn't seem to have heard that term before,") The system added.

"Then... Do you know that you're not of earth?" Gustav voiced out while staring into Vera's eyes.