The Bloodline System - Chapter 384 - Damon's Disappointment

Chapter 384 - Damon's Disappointment

Chapter 384 - Damon's Disappointment

"Yeah, I do... Is that what this is? I actually thought you were messing around," Gustav said with a look of realisation.

("Why would I mess around like that..? Anyways... I scanned your entire internal structure and found nothing on that day, but I remain cautious about it. When you were in close proximity with that Vera girl a while ago, your body reacted...") The system said with a disturbed tone.

"She's responsible for whatever is inhabiting my body right now?" Gustav said with a tone of annoyance.

("Yes... She planted a pseudo parasite within you when she kissed your neck,") The system explained.

"How is that even possible? And you didn't notice?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

("That's because it's different... I never expected we would meet someone like this here...") The system's tone sounded more and more mysterious as it spoke, piquing Gustav's curiosity.

"Meet someone like that? What are you talking about?" Gustav questioned.

("That pseudo parasite is one that could turn a living being into a puppet the moment it matures inside the body of the living organism it inhabits... Of course there are some beings with abilities similar to that, but only one type of being exists that can deploy such parasitic strain into the internal anatomy of another living being without any form of detectability no matter how powerful that living being is... They are the most dangerous and feared even across galaxies due to this. The host would be taken over without ever suspecting a thing, neither would the people around them even be able to suspect because the parasitic strain would be able to mimic the host's character, attitude, goals and practically everything that makes them themselves causing no suspicion. The only difference would be that, the host would start exhibiting loyalty to the person who planted the parasitic strain within them,") The system explained lengthily.

"What the..?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of wariness as he heard the explanation.

("Gustav, that girl is not an earthling... She's a Xinophilbia!")

"I'm guessing that's a term for an alien, right?" Gustav responded.

("That's an alien race that is many galaxies away from here... What makes this even more puzzling is the fact that their planet is under a universal seal that was put in place by many powerful planets collaborating with one another due to the sense of danger they felt towards the Xinophilbias... Earth happens to be among one of those planets that assisted in the sealing. The Xinophilbias are unable to leave their planet to other planets due to this powerful seal, so how did that child get here? And from the looks of things she seemed to have grown up here,") The system stated with a tone of suspicion and curiosity.

"Vera is an alien? And one that's not even supposed to be outside of her planet? This doesn't make any sense," Gustav said with a contemplative expression.

He couldn't wrap his head around this due to the thousands of theories that started to formulate in his head.

"Can you get rid of the parasitic strain she planted in me?" Gustav asked.

("I can but... Although it's still in its infancy stage, because I didn't sense it earlier on, you'll take serious damage if I get rid of it myself.

The best way would be for to get rid of it herself, which should be relatively easy and safe,") The system explained.

Gustav sighed with a look of relief. He was glad the system was able to get rid of it regardless of whether it would cause damage or not.

However, he was even more glad that Vera was not a villain. At least not yet. He had decided he would give her the chance to do the right thing, and if she failed to, she would suffer the consequences of her actions by his hands.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav turned around and dashed forward with speed back in the direction he came from.

He arrived back in the library a few seconds later and started looking around for Vera.

To his disappointment, she was nowhere to be found anymore.

He checked around the place twice, ignoring the rules of not using abilities within the library but still didn't find her.

Gustav moved out of the library and started dashing from place to place, but even after an hour went by, he still couldn't find her.

He was thinking about visiting the female dormitory areas, but he didn't even know where to start from.

Even if he did check there, without consent from one of the girls, no male was allowed entry into any of the female buildings.

'Looks like I'll have to hold off this search for later,' Gustav decided and turned around to leave when he noticed a green spiky-haired youngster up ahead.

"Gustav?" The youngster recognized Gustav immediately, and Gustav also recognized him.

"Hmm Mr Gon's grandson and Vera's cousin... What was your name again?" Gustav asked as they approached each other.

"It's Damon... I'm a huge fan of yo..." Before Damon could complete his sentence, Gustav interrupted.

"I need to find Vera, do you know where she is?" Gustav asked with a tone of urgency.

"Erm, ye-ah , I mean no but I have her contact information right here so you can connect to her," Damon said while bringing out a triangular device from his storage device.

Cadets were still allowed to use their devices since they couldn't communicate with anyone outside the camp.

Whatever barrier was set up prevented calls from going beyond camp.

Gustav quickly collected the information he needed and dashed off into the distance without exchanging another word with Damon.

Damon scratched his hair with a slightly embarrassed look, "That wasn't how I imagined our second meeting would go," He muttered underneath his breath before turning around to keep heading towards his initial destination.

Gustav arrived back in front of the library, where he met Vera and made a call.

The moment Vera heard his voice on the other end of the phone and his desire to meet up with her, she started being on her way.