The Bloodline System - Chapter 378 - Flawed Method Of Thinking

Chapter 378 - Flawed Method Of Thinking

Chapter 378 - Flawed Method Of Thinking


The cadet shouted as he swung out a flaming circle towards the senior, who dodged it with ease and dashed forward before throwing a fist at the first-year cadet's guts.

This wasn't the first, second or third time he was receiving a hit. Blood was already oozing down his mouth as he fell to his knees, but he quickly pushed himself upwards again.

Just when he was about to dash out again, Elevora parted her way through the crowd and held his shoulder.

"That's enough, stand down," She said with a solemn tone while staring at the senior.

At first, the cadet tried pulling himself from her grip, but when he heard her voice, his eyes widened, and he turned around to stare at her with a surprised expression.

He realised that her grip was actually so powerful that he couldn't even move an inch forward.

"You should be ashamed of not only sparring with a junior cadet, but also going this far," She voiced out while walking to his front.

"I am disgusted to have such a person as a senior. If you can't even treat your juniors the right way how are you supposed to protect others," Elevora reprimanded mercilessly, causing the others in the surroundings to voice out their agreement.

The senior cadet looked around with an expression of humiliation, "Eh, you think you're a big shot because of your special class title... You're still just a lousy junior who would lose against me," He voiced out with a tone of annoyance.

"I do not pride myself in destroying others' reputation, so if you do not want what transpired between this lousy junior and yourself to be revealed to the hearing of everyone, I advise you to back down now," She said with a respectful but strong and dominant tone.

The senior gritted his teeth as he looked at the crowd surrounding the place. Everyone had looks of curiosity. He slowly backed down and turned around to leave.

"I'll let you off the hook this time," He voiced out.

Everyone in the vicinity started hailing her afterward. The cadet that was beaten nearly half to death moved forward to give his appreciation.

Gustav, who was watching from up ahead, decided to finally leave.

"Hold on, Gustav Crimson," She suddenly voiced out from the encirclement of the crowd.

"Hmm?" Gustav paused his footsteps and turned around slightly to stare at her.

A path was created for her to walk through, and she arrived in front of Gustav in a few seconds.

Both of them stared at each other for a few seconds. Gustav stared at her with a look of slight confusion mixed with nonchalance while she stared at him with mixed expressions.

"Learn to help when you see others being treated unfairly," She stated.

"Huh?" He voiced out with a slightly confused look.

"What are you talking about?" Gustav questioned.

"You ignored your fellow cadet being unfairly beaten," She voiced out with a justice-filled tone.

"Oh, is that what this is about?" Gustav said before turning around.

"I tend to ignore stupidity... Since he knew he couldn't win, why agree to a spar? There was nothing wrong with him getting beaten up since he agreed to it," Gustav stated before he resumed walking away.

Elevora had a slightly opened mouth as she heard that and walked forward.

She arrived before Gustav and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Your way of thinking is flawed... Just because you know you will be defeated doesn't mean you shouldn't fight against something you're not satisfied with or don't agree with,"

Gustav paused for an instant as those words sank into his mind. He recalled trying to jump from the cliff several times to end his life because of his fate that he was unable to fight against no matter how hard he tried.

"What's the point of fighting a hopeless battle? That's just stupid because it will only bring about more despair," Gustav said as he pulled himself from her grip and started moving forward once again.

Elevora could sense the profoundness within his words. She had always sensed that there was more to Gustav than the eyes could see, and this statement made her feel even more suspicious.

"What if someone you cherished was involved? Wouldn't you still fight even if you knew you'd lose?" She voiced out.

Gustav paused his footsteps again as he heard that. The images of a few people popped up in his mind.

"I don't cherish stupid people... Only stupid people make stupid challenges," Gustav responded and continued walking till he was out of sight.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"Why is he so cold?"

-"Are y'all surprised? That's Gustav Crimson for you... You have no idea how many criminals he killed during the final phase. He's so cold-blooded,"

-"I think he even got a little softer, letting some of those cadets follow him around,"

-"I always get the chills whenever he stares,"

-"He doesn't even give a damn about commanders in the MBO, so why would he care about the number one ranked even though he's number five,"

The voices of the cadets in the background could be heard.

'Why does he sound so broken?' Elevora wondered inwardly as she kept staring in the direction Gustav disappeared into.

Gustav arrived in the section he wanted to train in a few seconds later and entered a private room to train.

Elevora's words kept popping up in his mind even though he tried discarding them from his thoughts.

"Hmm... I should find time to check on how she's doing," He muttered underneath his breath as the surroundings in front of him transformed into a clear sparse forest area.

He grabbed onto one of the cubes placed on the ground, and they transformed into a glowing spear.

Green birds could be seen flying in the distant skies. Gustav held the spear in a throwing format as he arched his right arm back and activated God Eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight zoomed in on the birds flying together, and he noticed the lemon-coloured one in their midst.


He threw the spear upwards with force.


It traveled through the air with immense speed and stabbed through the bird, causing it to crumble to dust.

"10 points,"

A scoreboard appeared on the left as the installed AI voiced out.

Three more groups of flying birds appeared on the southwest, west and east sides of the sky.

Gustav quickly picked up more of the cubes, causing them to transform into spears before throwing them upwards with speed.