The Bloodline System - Chapter 379 - Stage Two

Chapter 379 - Stage Two

Chapter 379 - Stage Two

Three more groups of flying birds appeared on the southwest, west, and east sides of the sky.

Gustav quickly picked up more of the cubes, causing them to transform into spears before throwing them upwards with speed.

Puchi! Puch! Puchi!

The spears flew upwards with speed and stabbed into the bird with a different color in the midst of the flying birds one after the other.

The score on the projected scoreboard began to increase in number as the spears stabbed into the birds.

The group of birds appearing in the sky one after the other began to move at a faster speed as time passed, and the bird with a different color in their midst became harder to spot.

However, Gustav was able to easily pinpoint them using God Eyes. The next issue would be your throwing speed and accuracy.

If a person was fast enough with good arm strength and accuracy, they'd still be able to hit the birds regardless of the speed of the group.

And with each targeted bird shot down, speed increased, making the difficulty of the game harder.

It was like a game, and a person's data and scores were recorded to check out their improvement and make comparisons every time they came to try it out.

In the camp right now, this particular training was regarded as a game, and cadets used it to compete against one another.

The person said to have the highest recorded score was a cadet whose bloodline gave him super arms.

His score had reached as high as three thousand on the first try when other cadets were unable to go beyond eight hundred to a thousand before he lost and had to start again.

Of course, this cadet being hailed as the best in this game/training had bragged about his score, unlike special class cadets who didn't mention anything whenever they came here to train.

Due to this, no one really knew if his highest score right now was more than theirs or not.

Gustav kept picking up the cubes with immense speed and throwing them up after they had transformed into spears.

In the next thirty minutes, he was moving like a blur, and the group of birds in the sky that appeared after the last set were now a staggering amount of two hundred and thirty.

[Dash has been activated]

Gustav grabbed onto seven cubes at a time in his right and left palms before throwing them up.


Fourteen blueish glowing spears appeared in mid-air surrounding his entire figure.

Due to his increase in speed, everything has slowed down in motion, including the birds in the sky and the spears surrounding him.

Gustav zoomed in with God Eyes on different spots above and noted the locations of several birds with different colors from the group.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

His palm slammed into the butt of three spears in front, sending them flying upwards.

He didn't waste a moment extra before spinning around and throwing his leg towards the butt of several spears, sending them into different directions in the sky.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

In a manner of two seconds, all fourteen spears were hit and travelled through the air before piercing through the birds he noted earlier.

Gustav had grabbed more cubes and threw more spears upwards.

He turned his head towards the back with speed as he noticed the last group and the bird with a different color within their midst.

Even though Gustav had been very fast, these birds were already fading away, which meant he would fail to get the unique colored bird in their midst if they faded away completely.


Gustav slammed his foot on the ground, causing one of the cubes to bounce upwards.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

The instant the cube started floating in the air, he activated sprint, grabbed onto it with intense speed before throwing it upwards with force.

The cubes were still in the process of transformation when they flew out of his grip.

It completely transformed into a spear-like the rest while flying across the air and stabbed through the differently colored bird before the group faded.


The group of birds in the air all disappeared an instant later.


"Twelve thousand eight hundred points,"

"Stage one complete,"

The AI voiced out.

"Hmm?" Gustav had a confounded look on his face as he heard that and turned to stare at the scoreboard.

"Initializing Stage Two,"

"Initialization Complete,"

"Does player wish to continue to stage two?"

"Advised to achieve the Gilberk rank before resuming,"

The AI voiced out in successions.

"Oh so there were different stages..." Gustav voiced out with a look of realisation.

What he didn't know was the senior cadets also did this type of personal training, and they set higher stages since they were already beyond stage one.

No first cadet had gotten to this point yet, which was why Gustav hadn't heard about it yet.

One would be reluctant after seeing that it was advised to be at the Gilberk rank. Still, Gustav totally overlooked that and proceeded to give the go-ahead to start stage two.


Bam! Bam! Bam!

In a small space with dark floors and a human-shaped board protruding out of the ground, a kid with black curly hair repeatedly sent out attacks towards the board.

Heavy kicks to the throat, chest, and gut area.

His legs were already red due to hitting over and over again, but he continued.

He leaped upwards and spun around before slamming another heavy kick on the head of the humanoid-looking board, causing it to vibrate repeatedly.

His eyes looked fierce as he repeatedly attacked the board over and over and over again.

A man in an orange-colored uniform stood a few meters away from the boy and observed him with a conflicted look.

"That's enough already," He voiced out.

"I'm not done," Endric voiced out with an intense look as he kept attacking.

A person's image came to his head as he repeatedly struck the boar.

"Hyyaahh!" He voiced out and threw another kick.


His leg pierced through the chest of the formerly sturdy humanoid-looking board.

'This kid... Sometimes his original strength leaks out of the seal placed on him,' The officer noticed as he started moving forward.

"I said to..." Before he could voice out completely, an opening appeared on the east side of the wall.


A man in a blue-colored business suit walked in.

Endric and the officer turned to the side to stare at who had just walked in.

"Huh? Sir Yung, what brings you here?" The officer voiced out with a respectful tone.