The Bloodline System - Chapter 377 - Progress?

Chapter 377 - Progress?

Chapter 377 - Progress?

This was when Gustav realised just how powerful E.E's vortexes were, but whenever he made use of this particular attack, it also affected him, which was why he didn't like making use of it.

His most powerful vortex attack was to create a vortex within something after analysing its structure.

Opening a vortex within every single ball caused the integrity and toughness of the balls to crumble.

He only needed to throw a small fist attack to destroy them, including the seventh ball.

But he started vomiting afterwards and passed out.

Aildris and Chad, on the other hand, were quite the monsters among the special class candidates, just like Elevora.

No one really understood what happened with Aildris. All they saw was the fading away of the color of the environment around him as he moved closer to the balls.

The color of the balls turned from black to grey, and a single punch from him shattered them one after the other.

The other special class also showcased their strength, but none asides the four of them were able to destroy all seven balls.

The cadets started doubting Gustav's strength because he partially transformed while attacking the seventh ball, but it wasn't obliterated in one hit.

Gustav was unbothered by whatever opinions they had of him. He was testing his current level of strength, making use of these balls, so he still didn't go all out, but he was satisfied with the amount of force his mid-tier attacks carried.

The training session later ended with Officer Cole stating that the special class cadets' task for increasing the power of their most powerful attack will be increased in difficulty.

The normal cadets still had twelve balls they had to destroy in the next six months; however, the special class cadets had theirs increased to eighteen.

They had this training session about three times a week so they wouldn't be coming here the next day.

However, Officer Cole mentioned that they were allowed to visit this facility anytime they were willing to train their bloodline attacks on their own.

Just like that, five days went by, and more than a week had passed since they arrived here at training camp.

The cadets were slowly starting to get used to the heinous morning routine.

The cadets that used to pass out due to the fatigue on the way were now managing to make it to the starting point, although late.

They found out that Officer Briant's seal didn't actually cause any bloodline to decline after three hours. He had only been messing with them, so they would put in their all.

Even though they had only been having afternoon training sessions due to the morning routine, the cadets could feel their improvements.

At this point, the most powerful first years had become extremely popular across camp than they used to.

This was because the ranking board of year one had been revealed.

There was a place within the MBO camp that was called the ranking ground.

This ranking ground had four rectangular screens with hundred names displayed on each of them.

These were the names of the top two hundred strongest cadets in years one and two.

Those on the ranking board had gained more popularity among their peers, and everyone was sucking up to them.

Gustav happened to be among the top five, but the number one was none other than Elevora.

Their training sessions were always being monitored, so the ranking board was based on the stats it had gathered so far from all the training sessions.

Number two was Aildris, and number three was Chad.

It was very oppressive and overwhelming to a lot of other cadets after seeing that the top two spots were being claimed by two cadets from Plankton city. Another thing was Gustav was also from Plankton city, so that meant three cadets from the same city dominated the top five spots.

So far, Gustav still continued to snub and ignore many people who tried being his friend with the intent of riding on his coattails.

He had met a few senior class cadets during this time who stayed in their building. But only a few because some of them were on test missions given by the MBO.

Factions were already being formed in the MBO camp, and at that moment, Gustav was one of the few special classes who didn't let others fawn over him and create a faction in his name.

Elevora also avoided people mostly. She was also a lone wolf, and although many cadets had tried to befriend her, she rejected them all.

She had also drawn the attention of upper-class cadets.

Although everyone was focusing on increasing strength and becoming a ranked MBO personnel, there were still some that hadn't left their perverted sides behind.

Bullying wasn't tolerated within the MBO camp. Still, there were loopholes due to the training halls where cadets can spar with one another.

On this day, Gustav happened to stumble across an upperclassman beating up a first-year cadet in the name of sparring.

This upperclassman was refused by Elevora after he asked her to become his girlfriend.

He arrived here to lash out and started insulting Elevora. Saying all kinds of vulgar words. The first years who already idolized her were incensed, and one of them asked him to take back his words, and he replied saying, "Only if you can defeat me in a spar,"

Gustav shook his head in pity as he witnessed the beating.

Everyone had gathered around, but in the name of sparring, they couldn't call this bullying.

From Gustav's point of view, it was obvious that the senior was only trying to provoke them so he could get someone to lash out his frustration on.

Gustav decided to turn around and move over to the section he wanted to train in when he noticed Elevora coming over from the other end.

They both shared eye contact for a few moments before she passed by his side and arrived at the sparring position.