The Bloodline System - Chapter 376 - Elevora's Most Powerful Attack

Chapter 376 - Elevora's Most Powerful Attack

Chapter 376 - Elevora's Most Powerful Attack

The tech installed here was capable of creating structures so outlook of things in the environment could change based on command.

The officer in charge of this training session was a man with a bear head and a humanoid-looking body structure.

"This training session is only for the purpose of you creating the most destructive attacks using your bloodlines... I will have you all break your attack power limits before the end of this year or I will break your heads myself!" He voiced out with a loud voice.

He started calling out cadets to line up in front of a round black ball that was created out of thin air.

Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn! Troooiinnn!

These black balls all had the same looks, but they were arranged in front of the cadets lined up in the middle.

More black balls appeared after the ones in front, and the cadets found themselves standing in front of about twelve of these balls.

"Each of these balls have different levels of toughness... They are arranged in an ascending order from the weakest to the toughest. Now do your best to destroy them each one at a time with your strongest attack ability," He explained.

The cadets standing in front did as they were told and started by attacking the first ball with their strongest attack.

Fire, electricity, blueish energy beams, and other different kinds of attacks were sent flying forward.

Even though the first ball was very tough, all the cadets in front were able to obliterate it with their most powerful attack.

Then they moved to the next and then the next.

Just as the officer had said, each was truly tougher than the previous, and as they reached the fourth, they were unable to destroy it at once using their most powerful attacks.

According to the officer, they were meant to attack a ball just once.

The officer stopped them at this point and came forward.


The balls disappeared as he stepped forward.

"Now your tasks for the next six months would be to create a very powerful attack that would destroy the twelfth ball in one go... Right now a good number of you cannot get beyond the fourth ball," He voiced out.

"Excuse me officer Cole, you can't just come to that conclusion without testing everyone of us first," Elevora voiced out from the crowd with a confident expression.

"Hmm?" Officer Cole turned to stare at her as he exclaimed.

The atmosphere turned tense for a few seconds as they stared at each other, but Elevora wasn't backing down and kept staring back at him.

A smile appeared on his face a moment later before he responded, "Alright then, everyone shall be tested. However, you get to do twice the work if you fail to go beyond the fourth ball," He said while pointing at her.

She shrugged without responding verbally.

Officer Cole decided to pick a hundred cadets at a time to try.

He lined them up, and the balls once again appeared in front of each cadet.

Elevora was among the hundred cadets with the black balls floating in mid-air opposite her.

Seven of the solid black balls were arranged in front of one another a few feet from her standing point.

Officer Cole gave the go-ahead for them to attack. Different kinds of attacks were being sent forward again, and those mixedbloods with close combat attacks moved forward to attack the first ball with their mightiest attacks.

Among everyone, Elevora was the only person who hadn't attacked yet.

Gustav stared at her from his location within the crowd of cadets waiting their turn. He had a suspicious look on his face as he felt powerful energy oozing from her standing point.

Elevora closed her eyes and untied the purple head tie covering her forehead.

This was the first time anyone saw her take it off, and they were astonished by what they saw.

Instead of a smooth forehead or a scarred forehead like they had imagined, a long line could be seen with eyelashes.

In the next moment, the line opened up, and a massive circular pitch-black eye could be seen in place of her forehead.

The atmosphere instantly turned weird as an oppressive aura filled the place, and a black energy started surrounding her.

Officer Cole was quite surprised as he sensed the oppressive energy.

Vvvrrrrhhhhhhhh! Booommmmmmm!

A pillar of pitch-black energy shot out of the demonic-looking eyeball, obliterating everything in its path.

The first, second and third balls were destroyed in an instant.

The beam kept pushing through and destroyed the next ball and then the next one after that one also.

In a manner of ten seconds, all seven balls had been completely obliterated.

The beam thinned out and stopped shooting out as the eye closed up. Elevora wrapped her forehead with the headtie again and moved away from her standing position amidst the shocked stares of every other cadet.

Everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing and had even stopped theirs after witnessing that.

"Looks like I have to reevaluate due to special classes such as yourself," Officer Cole voiced out with a look of astonishment.

He urged everyone to continue, and others also came to display their prowess, but none could compare to Elevora destroying all seven balls with just one attack.

Gustav also went when it was his turn. He attacked the balls one after the other, making use of punches.

He was unable to destroy the seventh ball with one attack. Unlike the other six, even if he managed to destroy it using his most powerful attack, it still wouldn't be like that of Elevora because he had to attack them one after the other.

Some other special class cadets also did theirs, and everyone managed to destroy at least five balls.

Aildris, E.E and Chad were able to destroy all seven balls using their most powerful attacks.

This was when Gustav realised just how powerful E.E's vortexes were, but whenever he made use of the attack he used, it also affected him, which was why he didn't like making use of it.