The Bloodline System - Chapter 375 - Combat Training

Chapter 375 - Combat Training

Chapter 375 - Combat Training

"Stop it!" She shouted out with a strong tone and proceeded to stand up.

"I need to go now... I want to train by myself," Angy voiced out as she moved forward.

"Huh?" Both girls exclaimed from the position of the bed with a surprised expression.

"Wait wh..." Glade was about to voice out when Angy interrupted.

"I want to go alone... Please none of you should follow me," She said while exiting through the door.

Glade and Matilda stared at each other, at a loss on what to do...

Angy reached outside the door and recalled this morning routine where she fell from the mountain and had to make her way back up again.

She managed to make it through the second time and eventually past the river, but she passed out on the path that led to the starting point.

Fortunately for her, Falco found her and did what he could to help her regain consciousness.

When she came to, Glade, Falco, E.E, and Matilda had brought her back to the starting point.

At that time she looked around for a particular face but couldn't find him among them. She was happy they came for her, but not seeing Gustav among them left a sour feeling in her heart.

Angy placed her hand on her chest as her body swayed, and she leaned against the wall in the hallway.

"I can do this... I must become better, faster, stronger and less merciful," She muttered underneath her breath and continued moving forward afterwards.

Glade and Matilda came out of her room a moment later and followed after her.


Gustav later attended the combat training session along with the other cadets.

The cadets were divided into a group of five and trained by the five MBO officers in charge of combat training.

They were all required to learn moves without the activation of their bloodlines at first.

They were being taught the basics of hand-to-hand combat and how not to be too excessive with the movement of their body.

Angy focused on combat training properly because she knew she lacked in this aspect.

One of the officers took notice of her because of her flexible movement and asked her to wait after the combat training session was done.

"You have to learn how to properly make use of your legs because, during hand-to-hand combat, your legs are one of your most powerful weapons that can decide the fate of the battle... Your speed, movement change and many other things are based on your legs,'' One of the officers said.

"See this," He said while pulling another officer towards him.

Swwhhi! Swhhii! Swhhii!

The two of them immediately started going at it. The officer who was talking earlier moved his legs around in a funny way like he was dancing. To everyone's surprise, he dodged every single attack of the other officer effectively.

When it was time to squat, he did it perfectly and even started pulling the officer around as they fought.

"Timing is also an important factor... You have to predict the moves of your opponent," He said while swerving to the left and throwing out his hand to catch the fist that was initially headed for his face.

He grabbed the wrist of the other officer and spun around to use his body to hit him while pulling him forward.


The officer spun several times in the air before landing at the front.

"That's it for demonstrations," He said before starting to pair the cadets against one another.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Gustav exchanged fists with another special class. Although they were grouped separately and scattered into different sets with both normal cadets and special classes, Gustav was still grouped with another special class, coincidentally.

Everyone grouped together was trying to make use of the information they had just taken into battle their opponent, so it was proving difficult to defeat the other person.

Their bloodlines were not activated, but the spars were still fierce.

Gustav was against a female cadet with braided brown hair.

However, even though the girl was quite skilled, Gustav didn't take very long to defeat her.

He could see through every one of her attacks and dodge them with ease even when their bloodlines were not activated.

Gustav's right palm rubbed across her outstretched arm and pushed her arm down before sending forward his left palm towards her stomach.


His palm fiercely pushed her back after making contact.


After getting hit violently, the girl spat out a mouthful of saliva as she knelt on the floor and held her stomach.

One of the officers moved towards her to help.

Gustav was paired with another special class cadet for a few more moments and ended the spar in about two minutes again.

In the next twenty minutes, Gustav had ended up beating up about four special class cadets and eight normal cadets without taking a single hit.

The special class cadets that had witnessed his spar had to admit that his combat prowess was truly nothing to scoff at.

The only person that was comparable to him so far was Elevora.

Elevora was also cut above other special class in terms of combat prowess.

"Hmm?" Elevora noticed Gustav a few meters from her position and started walking towards him.

However, before she reached his position, the main officer in charge of the combat session, "That's enough for today... You all have showed good potential. We will continue tomorrow,"


The next day the cadets had to go through the vigorous morning routine, and just like the day before, many fell to traps and even passed out due to fatigue.

Gustav made sure to complete his daily tasks after the morning routine and also channel his bloodline.

Since the camp had a training facility where all kinds of equipment and scientific feats were possible, Gustav visited this place to complete his daily routine and have personal training.

Today they had a training session that had to do with the usage of their bloodline abilities to create the most destructive attacks.

In the afternoon, they met at training facility 05, a large field constructed underground.