The Bloodline System - Chapter 374 - The Assembly

Chapter 374 - The Assembly

Chapter 374 - The Assembly

("Dumbo... You can plunder as many bloodlines as you please, but you can't pair more than that particular amount with yourself,") The system stated.

"What?" Gustav exclaimed with a slightly uncertain look, "Are you saying I can steal infinite bloodlines but can only pair around thirty eight bloodlines with myself?"

("Precisely that...") The system responded.

"Hmm... I see but then what will be the point of plundering bloodlines that I can't make use of?" Gustav wondered out loud.

("What are you asking me for? You have options... To combine or to give them to someone else,") The system voiced out internally.

"Hmm, with the new level up of recreation I can combine three bloodlines at the same time... But what do you mean by giving them to someone else?" Gustav voiced out.

("Sigh, you haven't been paying attention to bloodline Acquisition, have you?") The system stated.

Gustav realised that this was accurate. Since he leveled up Bloodline Acquisition to the point where he could steal A-grade bloodlines, he stopped paying attention to it.

He now recalled that it was at level 5, and from his knowledge about video games, if a skill had reached its highest potential, it would have the word 'max' in front.

Since the system interface was based on Earth's old video games, he figured Bloodline Acquisition was still in the process of leveling up.

Gustav quickly opened the system interface and went straight to check out Bloodline Acquisition.



»Bloodline Acquisition: Level 5

(Ability to force out the bloodline of a mixedblood and pair with host if the right requirements are met.

Ability to pass bloodline to another person if the right requirements are met.)


After focusing on it for a few seconds, Gustav realised that the information under it had been modified.

'Ability to pass bloodline to another person?' Gustav was pleasantly surprised as he read this.

'This is... This is really something,' Gustav said Internally with a contemplative expression.

Different thoughts came into his mind as he imagined what he could create using this new ability.

After a few seconds of contemplation, he decided to ask, "Will there be compatibility issues?"

("Of course... Due to D.N.A and difference in internal structures of earthlings, there are definitely bloodlines that aren't suitable for a person, so just like you always have compatibility issues when pairing a bloodline with yourself, if the bloodline doesn't suit the internal system of the person you wish to pass it to, there will be problems,") The system clarified.

"I thought as much... I'll need to try this out soon," Gustav said as he stood to his feet.

He checked the time and noticed that it was already around twenty minutes to noon.

He tapped his left wrist area, and the dimensional bracelet he got the day before it turned visible.

'Another problem is deciding on the two checkpoints to make use of,' Gustav said internally as he stared at the blue bars on the bracelet.

These five bars indicated that it was currently full of energy.

Gustav walked out of his apartment after checking and started moving towards the MBO weapons vault with his pass to get the three gadgets he was entitled to as a special class cadet.

Gustav also remembered that according to the guidelines, the special class cadets were also entitled to bloodline strengthening, which happened to be a lab session that enhanced bloodline.

This didn't increase the grade of their bloodline like the system could, but it added a plus to every bloodline.

This was something every cadet was looking forward to, but at the moment, they had to wait for a month before they could undergo the experiment.

By month-end, if any of the special class cadets were defeated by normal cadets, they would also give up the chance to undergo bloodline strengthening, which would then be passed on to the new special class who won the battle.


Later, when it was close to noon, Gustav left the weapons vault.

He only picked one gadget due to not having enough time to look around properly.

This wasn't like in the base where they were on a time limit, so he could always come back later to check properly.

Gustav moved towards the main hall like many other first-year cadets.

Everyone swarmed into the large hall that was arranged like a stadium on the inside.

Although the first-year cadets numbered around two thousand, they hardly filled the hall after everyone arrived.

A few minutes later, a lady in the same kind of uniform as Gradier Xanatus walked to the podium in the middle and began to speak.

"I am Commander Cilia," She voiced out.

"I'm sure great Commander Shion has mentioned a lot of things yesterday... I'll just fill in the blanks on some of your confusions," She added.

"You are going to be trained for four years before achieving an officer rank, but for some special ones, you might be good enough to achieve it before then.

Four years in the MBO camp doesn't mean you will never see the outside world during that time frame. Every year, you're given a test to calculate your improvement, and all of these tests are done in real-world scenarios... In other words, you'll undergo real-life missions, and based on performances, some might be good enough to achieve a rank like a certain person here," She explained lengthily.

When she got to the last statement, those around Gustav turned their faces to stare at him for a few moments.

Commander Cilia kept on mentioning a few more things. The do's and don'ts of the place and elaborating on a few more things that they had heard of before.

This was also where they found out that there were no second years. Those who were currently

senior cadets had been training here for two years already and still had two years ahead of them. And this was due to the fact that the MBO only recruited once every two years.

The recruits of the last two years were way more than that of the current year, but according to the MBO, the potential of the latter outstripped the former.

While Gustav listened, he wondered just where in the world they were at the moment.

The MBO camp was very massive, and from Commander Cilia's speech, the only way out of the MBO camp was through the Mission hall.

Which was the same hall they arrived within on their first day here.

According to her, the hall was off-limits to all cadets. There would be consequences if they were found loitering about the environment.

It was impossible to leave the place without going through those mirrors, according to her.

And all this was to increase the protection of the place because since that was the only place out, that was also the only place in.

Her speech continued for the next thirty minutes before she finally dismissed the gathering.

All combat cadets like Gustav had around nine training sessions in total that were like classes they had to attend.

Every day they had three to four of these sessions due to the timetable. Still, for this week, all morning training sessions had been cancelled besides the morning routine.

Gustav moved back to his place to continue bloodline channeling because his next training session was going to begin by two in the afternoon, and this training session was combat-based.

Gustav wasn't the least bit worried or bothered about this session because Miss Aimee had practically taught him everything related to combat. However, he couldn't miss it because he didn't want to get too conceited and slack off. He also couldn't miss it because missing training sessions were unacceptable.


In another room, with a few posters with beautiful models and singers, and a flower-petaled mattress and pillow, three girls could be seen sitting and discussing.

The one in the middle had two small pointy horns on her forehead with silver and pink-colored hair. The one sitting on her left was a beautiful girl with green skin and a long brownish tail, while the one on the right had white flowing hair with a slender looking pretty figure.

"Are you okay now?" Glade voiced out.

"Hmm, I'm good... My bloodline is functioning properly again, so there are no issues," Angy muttered with a wry smile as she cooped herself up and leaned her back against her bed rest.

It was obvious that she was forcing herself to smile.

"Look Angy, I'm sure he didn't mean any harm by saying that... He's just being realistic," Matilda comforted Angy.

"Which side are you on? Tilda? Why are you defending that jerk after seeing the way he acted?" Glade said with a tone of annoyance.

"There are no sides here... I just don't want you to misunderstand him," Matilda responded.

"Huh? From the moment he asked Angy to kill I already considered him a bitch," Glade said as she raised her finger and did a thumbs down.

"What? He asked her to kill?" Matilda voiced out with a surprised expression.

"That little scu..." Glade was about to say when Angy interrupted.

"Stop it!" She shouted out with a strong tone and proceeded to stand up.

"I need to go now... I want to train by myself,"