The Bloodline System - Chapter 369 - Sealing All Bloodlines

Chapter 369 - Sealing All Bloodlines

Chapter 369 - Sealing All Bloodlines

("Should I deactivate the seal?") The system suddenly asked.

'Hmm? You can?' Gustav asked with a slightly surprised look as he kept running.

("With not much effort, yes,") The system responded.

'Hmm... Nah, I think this is a good training method,' Gustav declined after a brief moment of contemplation.

Gustav could feel that only his original bloodline was sealed, but he still had strength streaming in from the other bloodlines, which was why at the moment, he was way ahead of everyone.

'I'll like for you to also suppress all my other bloodlines too and restrict my stats in the meantime,' Gustav decided.

("Are you serious? You really want me to do that?") The system was a bit surprised that Gustav would ask for such.

'Yes or this training will end up being meaningless,' Gustav responded internally.

("Oh, alright then,") The system replied.


[Sealing usage of Bloodlines]

[Bloodline Sealed Successfully]

[Restricting Host Stats]

[Stats Restricted Successfully]


Gustav suddenly felt his strength being sapped as those notifications appeared in his line of vision.

His speed slowed down, but he still kept running.

'So I'm currently making use of my original strength without the bloodlines and system added stats...' Gustav thought as he jumped over a fallen tree log and kept running.

His jump over managed to get him across seven feet.

'It's not as bad as I thought it would be,' Gustav said internally.

He current strength and stamina without any ability or system stats was still higher than that of any athlete in the past before bloodlines were a thing. This was mostly due to the fact that the abilities and everyday training had already impacted his body so even if he lost it he wouldn't be as weak as he used to be.

His chest was heaving up and down as he ran across the forest.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed as he felt his footstep on a panel.


In the next moment, a three meters tree came flying out of nowhere, arriving in front of him in almost an instant.

Gustav still had quick reflexes, but right now, his speed was lacking. However, he still managed to grab hold of the tree before it slammed into him.


Gustav's entire body was sent flying backwards as he slammed into a tree behind.

"Grrhh!" Gustav felt so much pain as his back slammed into the tree.

Swhii! Swhii!

Two of the other cadets that dashed out of the encirclement at the same time he did, passed by his left and right side and kept running forward.

Both of them turned their heads to the side to stare at Gustav as he remained in his position.

'So it was him,' The girl with pigtails and a purple-colored hair tie around her head said internally as she spotted Gustav.

This was the same girl known as the strongest first-year cadet to some participants, Elevora.

The other person was a guy with light blonde hair. Gustav recognized him to be the same guy that talked down on him in the corridor the day before, Chad.

Chad made a low hmph sound as he turned to look forward and kept running.

Of course, Elevora also didn't slow down for a second and also kept running.

Gustav continued sitting there for a few seconds letting others overtake him.

E.E and Falco arrived a few moments later, along with Angy and the other girls.

"Don't worry about me, keep going I'll just rest here for a bit," Gustav said to them.

They all stared at him with a look of uncertainty.

"Go, I'll be right behind you guys," Gustav said to them once again.

They had no choice but to listen since Gustav wouldn't budge. A few moments later, Gustav picked himself up.

'So that's how pain without defense feels like... Hmm, there are also traps set all across the place. Lots of people will fall to it which will end up decreasing the amount of traps left. I don't have to hurry since it's not a competition of who arrives first, I just need to get there before three hours are up,' This was Gustav's line of thinking as he started running once again.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sounds of feet tapping on the forest ground full of leaves, broken branches and fallen trees reverberated across the place.

Gustav just kept running at a moderate speed without the intention of overtaking anyone.

"Oh that's Gustav, I must surpass him," someone voiced out from behind and started chasing after Gustav.

He arrived on Gustav's right side a few moments later, but Gustav didn't even spare him a glance.

"Looks like without your bloodline you're just so so," He laughed lightly as he started overtaking Gustav.

Gustav didn't bother replying; he just kept looking around. He noticed something off up ahead and moved further towards the side.

The person who was currently overtaking him kept running forward, and the instant he arrived in between the two trees up ahead, massive webs appeared out of thin air.

His body got wrapped in the webs, and it pulled backwards, trapping him within before shooting him out like a catapult.


The cadet screamed loudly as his body was sent flying through the air.

He was being shot backwards.

Gustav had already passed by the side of the tree on the left. He showed no expression whatsoever to what had just happened and kept running forward.

After a few more minutes, he could see the steep rocky slope up ahead.

Some of the cadets had already begun climbing with their hands and legs as support.

There was no equipment whatsoever, and the rocky mountain happened to be up to a thousand feet tall.

"Huff! Huff! Huff!" Gustav panted as he arrived before the rock and looked up.

Just as he thought, Elevora was; first, Chad and Aildris were in second, only about five feet beneath her.

And some other special class cadets were not too far off. Some of them had already climbed higher than seventy feet.

'This one definitely has traps too,' Gustav said internally as he squinted his eyes.

Just as that thought came to his mind, someone who had reached a height of twenty feet, placed their hand on a rock.


An opening appeared, and a pole shot out of the hole. The cadet was hit in the guts and sent tumbling down the steep rocky mountain.