The Bloodline System - Chapter 368 - Morning Routine

Chapter 368 - Morning Routine

Chapter 368 - Morning Routine

They couldn't go around the line because it extended as far as eyes could see.

The female officer stepped forward as she voiced out, "You're late... Double morning workout for you all," She voiced out while pointing at them.

The ones at the front had no idea what they were going to do yet, but they were sure that double workout wouldn't be difficult for mixedbloods that were already beyond the Zulu rank.

The lady officer in front made sure to mark the faces of the late comers and even remained in front of them.

"Now that everyone has arrived, at the morning workout session..." A bald man voiced out from the front.

"I am officer Briant, your instructor... These two are my assistants, officer Sasha and Ibrahim," He added while pointing at the female officer behind and the male officer beside him.

Gustav recognized this man from officer Briant that he met the other day.

"Now, I want you all to feast your eyes on these images," He voiced out as the projection above changed from a timer into a picture of a landscape.

The first picture was that of the forest up front. After that, it displayed the mountain, and after that, it was the picture of a small river that was over five thousand feet in length. After that was a highland that led to a cliff area in which there were several ropes tied to which led to the top of another mountain.

From there, a route down the mountain could be seen, which led to a plain field, and that plain field led back to where they were standing.

"Now, you see these images displayed are landscapes of the places you have to pass through to complete your morning work out routine," He explained.

"You all have to go round and come back to this same spot," He said while pointing at the forest up ahead.

The cadets stared at one another with a look of delight.

-"So easy, I'll be the first to get back,"

-"No I'll be the first hehe,"

-"I really thought it was gonna be something tougher, didn't we do something similar to this during the test phase,"

Some of them voiced out after understanding the routine.

'Knowing the MBO this probably isn't as simple as it looks,' Gustav said Internally with a suspicious expression.

"Good, now that you all understand..." Officer Briant said with a smirk as he rolled up his right sleeves.


Blueish tattoos started appearing all over his right arm.

"Hmm? What's he doing?" Everyone wondered.


Officer Braint suddenly dashed forward and tapped the first person on the right.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!


The cadets were surprised as they felt his tap on their shoulders one after the other.

No single person, no matter how fast, could escape his hand as he managed to tap every single person.

Angy didn't try to dodge because she could tell he didn't mean to harm anyone. Same with Gustav, although Gustav wasn't even fast enough to dodge.

Everyone noticed the blue round mark that appeared on their right palm afterwards.

In the next seconds, their eyes widened as they felt their bloodlines losing power.

"Yosh, you all must have felt it by now... I just sealed your bloodlines," Officer Briant stated as he arrived back in their front.


Lots of disgruntled voices reverberated across the place as they heard that.

"Hmhm, you all are required to go through this routine everyday without using any form of bloodline abilities or taking strength from bloodline activation... You're going through this as ordinary humans would do," He stated with a smile.

"What? This is absurd, how do you expect us to go through that without our bloodline abilities?" Someone voiced out from the crowd, and other cadets also voiced their disagreement.

"All I know is y'all got three hours, after three hours your bloodlines begins to degrade if I don't take the seal off," He stated.


More complaints could be heard after officer Briant stated that.

Most of them felt powerless without their bloodlines and wondered how they were supposed to perform incredible feats like going through this crazy routine without them.

Asides from this, the sky was still dimly lit because of the time, so some of them were scared of going through the dark forest without their abilities.

Zing! Zing!

Two chairs appeared behind officer Braint, and he proceeded to take his seat before starting the countdown.

He looked unbothered as he crossed his legs, smiled and chatted with his subordinate.

Gustav and two other cadets were the first to break off from the crowd as they started jogging towards the direction of the small forest up ahead.

E.E and Falco wasted no time in following behind him. The other special classes and some cadets broke out of the crowd at the exact same time too and started running in the direction of the forest.

Those who were complaining figured they were just wasting time as they noticed the countdown and quickly started running towards the forest areas also.

In a few more seconds, the place had been cleared up as thousands of cadets could be seen running towards the forest area in front.

Dust and sand spread across the place as thousands of feet drummed on the path that led there.

Officer Briant tapped a few buttons on a controller he just brought out, and more projections appeared above them, displaying footage of the forest the cadets were running towards.

"Officer Briant sure is nice, if it was her she'd have slapped a few of them senseless already," Ibrahim said with a hard tone.

"Haha, I'm not as edgy as she is, but I truly pity these kids... I wonder how most of them are going to survive through her training," Officer Briant rubbed his shiny bald head as he responded.

"Anyways, let's see what they're capable off without abilities," He added as he stared at the footage that displayed the entrance of the forest.

The cadets were now beginning to enter the forest.


Gustav passed by the first tree on the path to entering the forest.

("Should I deactivate the seal?") The system suddenly asked.